Saturday, 21 February 2009

Take me down

Round 13: Days 61-65

Narrated by Araminta Benton.

I wouldn't say this week had been the most exciting week ever. The sky has been grey almost every single day and it is so depressing. I miss summer - it's so far away.

Iit was kind of funny to walk in on Dad in the bathroom, horrified by his new wrinkles though!

I think he's been going through some kind of midlife crisis. He kept "hanging loose" at me, insisting it's something all the "cool kids" are doing. Pfft. It's just that thing those Cape Elizabeth locals seem to have taught every damn person in Sullivan.

Mum and I think he's lost the plot.

My little sister Zelda is growing up so fast! A bit too young to learn to read yet but she grabs at every book she sees and is constantly asking for stories. Mum and Dad take care of that, usually.

I have more important things to do! Magdalena and I have long phone conversations almost every night. So what if we "saw each other all day at school"? A lot can happen between 1pm and dinner time!

I don't know what's going on with that landlord of ours. He started a fight with Aphrodite right out there on the street, in front of everybody.

Her husband Charlton was so pissed off and he told the landlord where he could go.

Aphrodite seemed really impressed by her husband defending her honour. Who can blame her? I hope I can find a guy willing to do that for me one day. No luck yet though.

Remember how I said Magdalena and I are on the phone almost every night? Well, if we're not on the phone, it's usually because she's over at my house again! I visit her house just as much.

I'm going to miss her so much when she enrolls at Suffolk. I hope we can still hang out. Mags really wants to go and she's already got 5 scholarships. I've had no trouble getting scholarships either but I've only considered going to college in passing. I'm not sure why I need to. All I want to do is get married. I don't really have any particular career aspirations.

My aunt Drusilla has been sick with the flu lately and Mum was worried about her. This flu was no joke! Magdalena told me her aunt Alexandra had died of the flu when Mags was still a baby. She was only about our age when she died, so it's definitely not something you want to mess with!

Anyway, so Mum didn't want that to happen to Aunt Drusilla, so she invited her over and made a batch of Comfort Soup, one of the few known cures of the flu.

She and Dad both ended up catching it from her anyway though. So they had to eat the leftover soup to cure themselves.

Zelda is even bigger now and she's a total bookworm! I think we could all see that coming. She was probably lucky she had the book to focus on here - who wants to see their parents making out?

Anyway, if she wasn't in the living room reading, she was in her bedroom. Reading.

The landlord has started hassling Mum again. I'm sure Dad will leap to her defense.

Oh wait. I forgot Dad was a total wuss who runs inside or hides every time he sees the landlord.

I guess all that reading paid off because Zelda came home from school the other day with an A+. Charlton doesn't see what the big deal is, obviously. I have to confess, neither do I! I get A+s all the time!

So I finally sat down with Mum and told her I wasn't planning on going to college. I thought she'd be okay with it, seeing she's a Family Sim herself but she worried I wouldn't find a good job and tried to convince me to go. Neither she or Dad were very career-oriented but they both went to college and surprised themselves with how well they did in the jobs they ended up in (Oceanography for Dad, Architecture for Mum).

In the end though, she agreed that it was my choice and she wished me all the best. She said I could even keep living at home if I wanted but I'm not sure where I'll live yet.

I admit though, I did have some pangs of regret once I headed back upstairs. Too late now, I guess. Applications have closed. I'll get over it!

  • I don't know how often I'll write in this style but I really enjoyed doing it! I'll definitely try to do it with these sorts of updates, where nothing much happens, because I think it makes them a bit more interesting (or I hope it does anyway). So we'll see, I guess!
  • Araminta very briefly had the want to go to college (as she hinted at in this update) but it spun away pretty quickly once she fulfilled something else.
  • Araminta has aged to adult and you can see her adult portrait in her profile. She looks fairly similar to how she looked as a teen though.


  1. A lot can happen between 1pm and dinner time!"

    This is so true of all teenage girls! lol

    I like hearing Araminta's voice - it's good to get her POV.

  2. I like this sort of update :) It's nice to hear the sims' thoughts on life.

    I'm sorry to be doing this again and feel free to ignore me but may I ask where you got Stan's wrinkles? I haven't been able to find a mask that looked that good.

  3. I'm glad you both liked it!

    Simstate, it was certainly true of me between the ages of 10 and 16. The phone was permanently glued to my ear!

    CissieMae, you know I don't mind anyone asking where my stuff is from! I especially don't mind in this case because these are awesome wrinkles. They're not masks, they're layerable blushes. All my Sims over 45 will wear them from now on. You can get so many different combinations with them.

    You can get them for yourself here:

  4. Thanks Carla :) My oldest sims are turning 45 this round and I want them to show their age. My sims won't get botox! Well expect maybe Stella Harris in the future since she's an actress LOL

  5. Yeah, some Sims would be just the type to get botox! Georgette gives off that impression to me, in my hood!

  6. Having a sim narrate is always fun to read or write! I really hope you do more, though I like your commentary, too. :)

  7. I think I will do more like this. I actually think it would have been easier to write some of my previous entries like this too. It's much simpler to phrase things conversationally sometimes.