Thursday, 12 February 2009

You and me

Round 13: Days 61-65

Post college, Filippo got a job in the gaming industry and moved into a little house in Sullivan. He had to take out a substantial loan to buy the house. To pay off his mortgage (low level gaming jobs didn't pay enough), he planned to fix up old junker cars and sell them.

He told anyone who'd listen about his plans and luckily, the local gearheads were all too happy to listen.

Corrinna Wolfe, an old friend from Filippo's dorm, invited Filippo downtown to celebrate his graduation. Along for the ride were Cathy Barton the gearhead and his cousin Augustin.

Filippo had always had a little crush on Corrinna and asked her if she'd like to make the outing a date instead.

She agreed and they shared some gossip about a professor they both had classes with...

...and danced to a little boombox someone had set up on a picnic table.

Apart from those two encounters though, Corrinna spent the rest of the evening talking to kimono-clad townies, leaving Filippo to look on in the background.

There was one person who was romantically interested in Filippo though.

Mina and Filippo had been involved in a little fling when they were both at college and Mina was keen to start it back up again.

And as Mina usually did, she got her way.

While heading t0 work the next morning though, Filippo felt guilty. Flings with married women were not really his style and he resolved to avoid Mina from now on.

Instead, he focused on restoring the car in his driveway and managed to get it into working order, complete with a new coat of paint. He made over $5000 from the sale, all of which he put into paying off his debt.

Mina would not be ignored though. She'd taken to showing up outside his house (with her husband. WTF?!?) to see if she could catch him unawares.

She almost caught him one morning but Filippo saw her out of the corner of his eye, closed them and pretended he was enjoying the fresh autumn air.

No, Filippo was going to focus on the single women in Sullivan (who admittedly seemed few and far between). There was always Maria Collins though. Maria was 12 years older than Filippo but they got along like a house on fire and the age difference didn't seem to matter.

She seemed to like him a lot too.

Maria took a little bit of convincing from Filippo to take their relationship any further. When it came to romantic relationships, the age difference did concern her a little bit.

Filippo turned on all his charm though and managed to persuade Maria into at least one date.

  • I almost paired Filippo up with Corrinna but I want to avoid townies wherever possible (yes, I'm doing a fabulous job of that, having already married/moved in several!)
  • Maria is quite a bit older than Filippo. As of day 65, Filippo is 28 and Maria will be 40. I'm planning to progress this relationship into something more serious but I think she's nearing the end of her fertility, so we'll see what happens with kids. Filippo is Knowledge/Family and will want one. They only have two bolts, if you're wondering (I think it's 89 ACR, but I'd have to double check) but Filippo doesn't have 3 bolts with anyone, the poor boy.
  • Filippo's house was decorated country style, which is not the style I picture for him. So I almost completely gut it and replace it with more modern stuff (except the bedroom, because he can't afford that yet). Then he gets the 10% discount network benefit from a townie. Thanks. He could have used that before I started decorating.
  • He must have really hated the clothes I picked for him because he constantly had the "buy new clothes" want, which is fairly unusual for a Knowledge Sim in my experience (apart from Collette the Clothes Horse).


  1. LOL, maybe Pascal came over to kick his ass! :)

    Hey, 89 ACR isn't bad, that's almost three bolts. I think it starts at 90 or something. How are their turn-ons and offs?

    And Maria's coat is really pretty :)

  2. You know, I'm not sure. I should check that out. Maybe changing them will bump them up to 3 bolts, if 89 is borderline.

  3. Oh, boy! I tried to stay away from townies, too. Now I can't avoid them if I try. :( Who cares if they are cousins? Marry, dang it! Pretend it's medieval Britain! LOL

    I'm with Laura, maybe Pascal came over for a beatdowwwwn. "How dare you ignore my hot, unfaithful wife!"

  4. Ha ha - sims clotheshorse! Yeah, he prob thought his first shirt was just waaay too busy. His blue sweater is much nicer! Maybe now he'll stop bugging you! and good for Fillipo for avoiding married women!

    I really like the beat up car restoration - the anims are awesome for one - but the sims earn so much money (and I'm all about them earning less money) with it - I capped those with only Mech skill +5 to be able to restore cars.

  5. Mao, cousins marrying would make things so much easier sometimes, wouldn't it? I'm just glad they don't consider cousins by marriage family. Augustin and Hanna would be considered cousins by marriage (Augustin's aunt is married to Hanna's uncle).

    Simstate, he rolled another want to buy new clothes soon after I bought him the blue jumper and jeans but it wasn't as persistent as it was the first time!

  6. I know this is waaay after the event, but a persistent want to buy new clothes just means that there is a Townie they want to meet!

    1. Hmmm, really? Where does that info come from? I'm sort of scratching my head about that one, because "want new clothes = want to meet a townie" doesn't really compute to me.