Monday, 17 November 2008

The Morettis hit Cape Elizabeth

Round 5: Days 21-25
Chiara Moretti decided to celebrate winning the mayoral election (another LTW achieved) by buying a holiday house at Cape Elizabeth and taking her family there on vacation. Even Simona came, seeing she had a break from college. Here they are at the boardwalk, with Raffaella being the typical pouty teen. It hailed for almost the entire first day - this pic was taken the minute the sun came out, at about 5pm.

Raffaella cheers up later on when she gets to chill out in the hot springs, without her mum and dad hanging around.

Because she's awesome, Raffaella fixed all the witch doctor's stuff and got Mr. Mickles. Which I'm sure she will use only for good, and never evil.

The whole family learnt the hula when they were on holidays too. I think they've taught it to just about everyone in Sullivan now, including a few townies. Heh, Raffaella's got total crazy eyes in this picture.


  1. Mr. Mickles the Voodoo Doll? :)

    1. Yeah, I don't know but I didn't make that up! That's seriously what he's called in game!