Friday, 28 November 2008

About this blog

Sullivan is my attempt a having a TS2 hood with some kind of cohesiveness. Previously, I enjoyed my hoods but once the kids moved out of home, they focused on their own families and there was hardly ever any contact made with siblings or parents. I frequently had those relationships drop to zero, just through neglect. That wasn't realistic to me: most people keep in contact with their siblings and parents. I wanted to change the way I played and I'm trying to do that with this neighbourhood.

The ease with which Sims make money and build immense amounts of wealth has also always bothered me. Free private school, free university tuition, no taxes - I wish real life was like that but I found it boring for my Sims. Inspired by some of the economic hoods around (which I've linked to in my sidebar), I decided to make up some rules for my game. My system is nowhere near as detailed as some I've seen but you have to make these things work for your gameplay style or else it will fall by the wayside.

So as in real life, some Sims in Sullivan have struggled quite a bit financially (the Lachances, for instance) and others have never had to give money a second thought (the Clarkes, for example).

I will probably write a post detailing some of the rules later on but I just wanted to give you an idea of what I'm trying to accomplish with Sullivan first.

All entries here before 25th November, 2008, were previously posted in N99's picture section. I've changed some of the text but the basics are the same. The entries will probably get a bit longer from here on in. At N99, I posted all the pictures for each rotation in one or two threads, so what I said about each family was quite short by necessity.


  1. buffy, I'm so slow sometimes. I had no idea you were Carla, and furthermore that your Sullivan was the same one I was reading about over at N99! LOL! It all comes together now!

    I'm sooo happy to see you with your own blog, and things are moving along so fast! I wish I could play Simmington Hills as fast, but I get so easily distracted with my site updates and Forum contests around the community. LOL!

    Great job and please continue! I LOVE to read about your families!


  2. Ha, I felt for sure you'd know it was me so I didn't mention it! LOL!

    Thanks for visiting and for the compliments. I'm still going pretty fast but blogging has slowed me down a tad, which is probably a good thing!

  3. Hi Buffy :) I am completely in love with your hood and especially your sims. It has inspired me so much! As I already said at N99, I'm definitely going to "borrow" some of your ideas :)

  4. Feel free to! If you decide to blog it, definitely leave me the link - I'd love to follow your hood.

  5. Your city is such an inspiration! I love to read about your families, and you have so much helpful information. Keep up the great work!

  6. Thanks, Denise! I'm glad you like Sullivan. :)