Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Drusilla makes a "friend"

Round 7: Days 31-35

Meanwhile, just across the road, Nelson and Gina's daughter Drusilla has moved into her own apartment. She's actually living downstairs from Steffi and Anton Collins.

She finds money to be much tighter than she expected, so she places an ad for a roommate. She randomly (or, I randomly) picked Floyd Lane. Here's another instance where I'm glad I take notes because I'd completely forgotten this guy's name. Hey and there's Steffi heading off to work in the background.

Drusilla and Floyd become friends very quickly.

Poor old Curtis Marley isn't so lucky. Floyd does this all the time, and they're now enemies. I expect a dust fight any day now.

It doesn't take long for things between Floyd and Drusilla to become romantic.

Coming back from his errands one day (in his PJs), Floyd finds that Curtis has decided to stand up for himself.

And that the landlord isn't too happy about Floyd harassing his tenants.

So once Drusilla asks Floyd to officially move in, they decide to get away from it all with a trip to Cape Elizabeth. Floyd brought $9000 with him, so they could afford it easily by then.

Sunburn aside, they have a great trip and return much more relaxed.

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