Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Sacha's philandering worsens

Round 6: Days 26-30
Back at the Lachances, Georgette proves herself a true lady, mere seconds after aging to teen. I love how Vivienne looks disgusted and Sacha and Leontine are giggling. It's very dark because it was night and they can't afford lights yet!

Disagreements over the hilarity of flatulence notwithstanding, the Lachance kids actually get along very well. All my Sim kids seem to. I wonder how other Simmers seem to have siblings at each others' throats all the time. I guess that activity table in the living room really helped them bond as little ones.

Tut tut. That doesn't look like Emmy, Sacha. Emmy was working nights at this point and this is what Sacha did once he got all the kids in bed. I went ahead and gave him Romance as a secondary aspiration, seeing he and Kristina started that affair all on their lonesome. I guess he must have always had it in him.


  1. I think kids aging up poorly causes fights. I've noticed with twins, if one ages up poorly - they're more likely to pick a fight with their sibling. *clears throat* Not that I've let ANY of my toddlers age up poorly...

    1. You're probably right! I've always been a bit of a motives cheat (although I've never been as keen on money cheats), plus I follow my Sims' wants, so my Sims usually age up well. I can only think of one Sim in the whole hood who's aged up badly; her grandfather died right before her toddler-to-child birthday. :(

      Thanks for reading!