Monday, 17 November 2008

The Clarkes get lucky

Round 5: Days 21-25

I have been exceedingly lucky with genie lamps in Sullivan. I suppose it's as a result of me pretty much only directing the Sims to do something if they have the want for it, so aspirations are generally high.

Anyway, so the Clarkes were the latest lucky family to get a genie lamp. Nelson's LTW was to marry off 6 kids (keep dreaming) and Gina has zero ambition to skill in order to get promoted above Family Law Attorney, so two of the genie wishes give them lifetime platinum. Drusilla uses the final wish to get some more cash for the family, which they really don't need.

I love shy dancing! Drusilla is a hilarious dancer - she dances all shy like that for a while and then she busts out all the crazy moves.

Galen grows up to teen. You can't see him properly here but I hadn't even given him his final look yet anyway. He's Romance and he wants to be a Rock God. His first power want was to get his first kiss. Petra happened to be walking by, so I had her help out in this capacity. It fills the 3 Makeouts want for her too. Double yay!


  1. I just read Galen page and he has such a unique face!

    1. Galen had very strong genes! I honestly don't even know where some of them came from.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!