Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Isaac and Petra get married

Round 7: Days 31-35

Last update: Isaac/Petra

I still don't quite know what's up with a Romance Sim and a Pleasure Sim being so eager to get married but Petra and Isaac tied the knot. Just about everyone turned up for the wedding. They own a little house downtown now so they got married in their backyard.

It was a bit of a family reunion, as all the Gottliebs (none of whom are still Gottliebs, apart from Petra) and Drapers were there. The Draper boys still love to dance, evidently.

And Petra is still a good big sister to Mina. They talked on the phone every day when Petra was at college, so Mina is thrilled to have her home again. Notice the bed is unmade - they successfully tried for a baby mere minutes before the wedding. Weirdest Romance and Pleasure Sims ever.

Petra feels her first pangs of morning sickness when she arrives home from work the next morning. By the way, this is what Petra wears to be a golf caddy.

Isaac loves Sports so Petra often has to indulge him, even though he's a little rough.

He's gentle sometimes though.

I cannot believe this is the only picture I have to prove Petra gave birth but it is. I fail at blogging. She had twins though, Adam and Hanna.

They haven't slowed her down though.


  1. Petra's wedding gown and yellow dress are both very pretty!

  2. I haven't used Petra's yellow dress again because it seems so very "her" (although Megan Kirby could probably carry it off too).

    Petra's wedding gown though - that's a family heirloom now. Her daughter-in-law wore it and then her grandson's wife (granddaughter-in-law? LOL) wore it too.

  3. Hey it's Danielle (drenee99) from N99! *waves* It's kind of slow at work so I've been reading your blog from the beginning. It's very interesting and you make me want to do it too LOL! I have to get better at taking more pics though. I really like that the wedding gown was being passed down. That's a great idea. Consider yourself stolen from (again) LOL... off to read more...

  4. Danielle, hey! I wish I could read Sim blogs from work but I usually have pesky kindergarteners hanging off me!

    Glad you're enjoying it, although I'm a bit embarrassed about these early entries!

  5. Aww don't be embarrassed! I'm reading them so I know a little of the back story and who is who's father/brother/sister etc. I really love how each family is unique. And I love seeing the genetics :)

  6. Thank you! I see a lot of people going through the older entries when I check my stats and I always want to tell them "I get better at this, I swear!" LOL. I find it really flattering that anyone wants to go back and read all the old stuff and that they persist and read everything all the way to the present.

  7. I love Petra & Isaac! Maybe I'm a hopeless romantic, but I love it when Romance & Pleasure Sims find true love!

    1. I really love that too, especially when they stop rolling wants for other Sims. It's very sweet! <3

      Thanks for reading!