Monday, 10 November 2008

A catch-up with the Drapers

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Well, here's a cheery scene to start the post. Angelica died about 17 days into Sullivan's run. She'd done a great job with the boys, who had all aged to teen by this point.

Jonah (with the curly hair) and Elias both wanted to go to college and support their family, so they got working on that dance scholarship. Jonah had already gained entrance. Elias was still working on it at this point. Isaac had no interest in college at all.

I make my teens work to be granted entrance to university. They need certain amounts of scholarships and their parents also need to pay tuition fees. More tuition fees mean less scholarships needed to get in but all Sims need a minimum of 4.

And here's Elias with his girlfriend Nathalie Gottlieb. Isaac is dating Nathalie's twin sister, Petra.


  1. OMG! Poor Angelica! I wasn't expecting her to die THAT quickly.

    And the twins look good all grown up!

  2. Well, you have to remember this is 3 rounds in one update! I wasn't as good at remembering to take pictures back then so these pictures are probably all from Round 4. Angelica lasted about as long as a CAS elder can, I think!