Monday, 17 November 2008

Kristina moves house

Round 5: Days 21-25

Kristina got a promotion to waitress, so she was able to move into one of the townhouses with her son and their cat.

There is now definite physical evidence of Kristina's affair with Sacha, in the form of a telling bump under those pyjamas.

She's a Pleasure Sim though, so she didn't let a little thing like being pregnant with an illegitimate child of a married man stop her from living her life. This is one of her neighbours, Harry, who moved into Cedric's old townhouse.

The arrival of Alexandra Novak. I've just started playing my 8th rotation (this is the 5th rotation) and Sacha still has no idea she exists. He hasn't seen Kristina since the night they conceived Alexandra. By the way, that's Kristina's best friend Alyson in the pic with her - she lives in another townhouse on the same lot and they've been friends since she lived in the trailer. They met at work.

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