Friday, 2 April 2010

City trash

Round 26: Summer 2023
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Caterina Nihill is 68, Max is 36, Zaria Royce-Nihill is 35, Josh is 9 and Jessica is 3.

Narrated by Max Nihill

The honeymoon we were planning on taking last winter ended up being delayed over and over - Zaria's work, my show, flight bungles. But finally, we were able to head off this summer and we couldn't wait.

We're really lucky that Mum is around to watch the kids. We offered to hire a nanny so she could go about her business but she insisted on minding them herself.

We had an amazing time and the wait probably made us appreciate it even more.

Everything was great, except maybe Zaria's insistence on jogging every morning. This is supposed to be a vacation!

Other than that though, we just lazed around all day! We had planned to do some sightseeing, as last time we came down, we had to cut the trip short after Zaria's father died.

I guess it's because we so rarely get time alone but we ended up just hanging out at the cottage the whole time. Why exhaust ourselves sightseeing?

It's not like we had any real reason to leave the house. We've got our own private beach so we can do all that stuff without worrying about kids running all over screaming and making sandcastles.

And some people don't even get to stay in hotels as nice as our house.

Oh, I lied though! We did leave the house once. Late one night, we were feeling kind of daring so we went to go and find a photo booth. As soon as we were done though, it was right back to the house.

Looking back, it seems really dumb that I was so terrified of getting married for so long. I'm glad I got over it. And this trip was a pretty awesome start to married life.

We left for the airport feeling much more relaxed than when we arrived. When Jessie is a little older, we're going to come back and bring the kids.

When we came back, Jessica was suddenly all about school - it was all she'd talk about! I guess Mum was telling her about where Josh goes every day.

Zaria keeps talking to Josh about watching out for his little sister next year when she starts pre-school. She's jumping the gun a bit, seeing that's almost a year away yet.

Plus, I don't think we need to worry about that. Josh is pretty good with Jessica and while I doubt he's going to be falling over himself to hang out with a pre-schooler, seeing he'll be in Grade 5 next year, I also think he'll stick up for her if he needs to.

Not long after we got back, we organised a play date for Jessie, so she could meet the kids she'd be in pre-school with next year.

Some of the kids were a little shy and either stuck by their parents, or played by themselves.

Our Jessie was not one of them. She seemed to be the leader of the pack most of the time - she had Timothy Lane copying everything she did.

She and Emma Gottlieb were best buddies before the morning was through.

It was a social opportunity for us parents as well as the kids. I've been friends with Eliot since college, so we got to catch up a little.

Vanessa Gentry brought her twins along and while Edmund seemed to get along great with the others and Louisa kept to herself, most of us found Vanessa to be a little abrasive.

Most of us except for Zaria, that is. Vanessa and Zaria got on like a house on fire.

At least twice a week now, I come home to find them chatting in the kitchen together. So I guess I'm either going to have to learn to like Vanessa or put up with her, because it looks like I'll be seeing a lot of her.

  • Title is from City Trash by Magic Dirt. The real video isn't on YouTube but this one was filmed really close to where I grew up. Bonus: the plane going over at the end which is so characteristic of that area of Sydney!
  • I decided to send Max and Zaria on a honeymoon on camera, even though I said I wouldn't. I forgot to send them last winter and Zaria really wanted to go! My Sims are a little spoiled.
  • The play date was pretty adorable, and not as insane as I thought it would be. I might do another one when I play Emma's house, at least just for her and Jessica. They got along so well!
  • I don't know why no one got along with Vanessa except for Zaria. Maybe it's a meanness thing? Amelia, Eliot and Max all have only one nice point.


  1. The playdate looks adorable!

    I'm glad Zaria finally got her honeymoon. How convenient for them to have their own private beach and a luxurious house.

    I was shocked when I read that Josh will be in 5th grade next year. I had to scroll back up to the beginning to see if he really is 9! Where have all the years gone?!

  2. It looked like they really enjoyed their honeymoon, it was certainly well deserved!

    Jessica is sooooo darn cute! I know, every time I read one of your posts I'm all "Awww _____ is soooooo cute!" But it's true, so ha!

  3. Your graphics are amazing, I couldn't believe the shadows ^_^

    I'm glad they had a honeymoon and the playdate does look like fun. I love how little Jessica is already a leader amoung the little ones.

  4. Playdate is super cute. Who is the little tyke playing alone? I really like her hair and clothes.

    Glad they had a good honeymoon. It's all quite gorgeous.

    I'll check on that outfit for u and let u know. :)

  5. Thanks for reading, everybody!

    Sari, it really was! Toddlers together - I'm dying of the cute!

    Zaria and Max live a pretty swanky lifestyle. Zaria grew up quite poor but she's got quite comfortable with all this luxury.

    I had to double check Josh's age too! It seems like only yesterday that Zaria got knocked up while a little bit tipsy after her birthday party.

    Tessa, Max and Zaria have waited long enough for a honeymoon - 21 years together!

    And I don't mind squeeing...I have some pretty adorable toddlers and I squee over them all the time. Jessica is one of the cutest, I think.

    Apple Valley, I'm glad my graphics card can take full advantage of the beach lots. They are really stunning!

    I can't wait to see what Jessica will be like at school.

    Maisie, the little girl on her own is Louisa Gentry, Vanessa's daughter. The little boy who's not Timothy is her twin brother Edmund. The Gentries are playable NPCs.

    And thanks for checking that outfit for me. I can tell you that Louisa's outfit is very likely by fakepeeps7 at MTS. The hair is probably by Rissa Styles.

  6. Do you need to move the toddlers in temporarily for play dates, then move them out later? When I simply teleport them in, they could not interact with any toys, except the rabbit head. The adults can't change diapers for them neither....

  7. I love playdates! The toddlers always look so cute playing together. :)

    I'm glad they finally got their honeymoon and had a great time.

  8. Oooh! I love the playdate!! All those little toddlers together, that's so sweet! And Jessica is such a cutie! I absolutely love her!

    Zaria and Max seem to have had a great time at their honeymoon.
    By the way, there's no need to go when you're on your honeymoon, just enjoying one another is all a honeymoon is about!

  9. lepifera, no, I didn't move the toddlers in. I just made them selectable with InTeen. They can use all the toys then. Not sure about diaper changes, because none of these kids needed to be changed while they were over. I only had them there for about 3 hours.

    Shana, I'm going to have to do more play dates - it's just so adorable. I usually only do it with cousins.

    Tanja, Max and Zaria have the same philosophy on honeymoons too! ;)

  10. Your graphics really are striking!

    What fun are Sims if you can't spoil them sometimes? I'm glad they got their honeymoon. And honeymoons are for being together, not running ragged, in my opinion. By the way, they looked so sexy in their swimsuits.

  11. Francesca, I'm glad too. They're very sweet together.

    And they're a pretty sexy pair, I agree. LOL, I just realised Max is shirtless in almost all of the honeymoon shots! He swam all the time, plus he's sloppy, so he wasn't inclined to shower and get dressed until he was actually smelly!