Saturday, 3 April 2010

You say it's your birthday, Autumn 2023

It's finally time for the newest little Lachance to enter the world! Tatiana has done this three times before but she's still glad she has her husband Jonas around to lend moral support.

And it's a beautiful baby boy!

Welcome to Sullivan, Brendan Mark Lachance!

  • Brendan has brown eyes and brown hair, so he's going to look at least a little different from his older siblings. When I checked him with the SimDNA cheat, he's also got a redhead gene in there, which would have come from Tatiana's paternal grandmother, Gina Clarke. I love those crazy recessive genes!
  • So glad Tatiana had a boy! If the babies always came out boy/girl/boy/girl, I'd be very happy.


  1. Yay! Brendan Mark Lachance... beautiful name, and I'm sure he'll be great!

  2. Welcome to the world, Brendan!

    I love those crazy recessive genes too! It's always great to see a kid inherit their hair or eye color from their grandparents or even great-grandparents as it is in Brendan's case.

  3. I was so surprised Brendan ended up with brown hair! Galen had black hair, as did Arianna so when Dominic, Audrey and Edward all came out with black hair, I assumed Tatiana only had two black haired genes (Jonas would have to have a brown-haired gene, from Pascal).

    I wonder if the other three kids are carrying brown or red genes as well. Must check!

  4. How do you check that? I assume it's in the character file? I have to check out my sims too!

  5. Oh, yay a boy! Although I would have loved to see another Lachance girl...
    I like the name too.

    And the same question, Sari asked, how do you check those genes?

  6. Tanja and Sari, that would be with the wonderful SimDNA cheat. You can use it on any Sim on the lot - just type SimDNA [Sim's first name] You then get a pop-up telling you what genes the Sim is carrying for eye colour, hair colour and skin colour and also which of their facial features are dominant.

    You need to be running your game in debug mode to use it though, which I do all the time so I can use the allmenus cheat. Another really useful one to use in debug mode is debugsocial, which lets you decide whether social interactions will be accepted or rejected (it's how I had Josie reject Will's proposal last round).

    You can find out how to turn on debug mode here.

    I highly recommend it!

  7. Welcome, little Brendan! You are part of a terrific family.

    I love those red hair genes! Maybe one of Brendan's kids will get red hair!

  8. Francesca, I hope so but I also hope I get some more red hair before then! I'm kind of short of redheads. The last one I had before Caitlin Romilly was actually Victoria (unless you count Jack Benton, who was adopted)!

  9. Aw, welcome little Brendan! :)

    Thanks for posting the info on the SimDNA cheat. I haven't ever used it, but now I'm very curious to find out what genes my sims are carrying, lol!

  10. Shana, you're welcome, have fun with it! I check simDNA compulsively now. It's easy to do in SimPE and SimEnhancer but I like doing stuff in game, where I can.