Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Everything hits at once

Round 26: Summer 2024
Last update: Gordon/Lia (+ wedding mini-update)

Gordon Nott is 28 and Lia is 27.
(Jace is 67, Magdalena is 60, Steve is 29 and Olivia and Ione are both 28)

Narrated by Lia Nott

I was absolutely desperate to get married but I have to confess that I didn't have much of an idea what to expect after the wedding. I mean, I spoke to Ione and to Mum about what it was like for them but that didn't give me much of a clue. Gordon and I didn't live together before marriage, so we sort of went into this blind!

It's working out really well though. I love having a partner who I know will always stand by me, and I like knowing that I'm that person for Gordon too.

Shortly before I got married and Gordon moved in, Olivia moved out with her boyfriend Steve. She was excited for me when I got engaged but I know she was sad that our time as roomies was over too. But we've hardly even had a chance to miss each other. We've both been busy setting up house and Olivia and Steve live in the townhouses right next door anyway.

Steve was one of Gordon's groomsmen at our wedding and a very good friend of his. He and Gordon work together and he's over almost as much as Olivia is.

Getting pregnant on our honeymoon has made things a little difficult, even though it was also very welcome. Everyone told me I could expect to be extra tired while pregnant but I never expected to be almost falling asleep in my plate.

I don't think Gordon is quite used to seeing me sleeping so early. I'm carrying around two extra people so it makes perfect sense to me that I'd be a little sleepy but I guess it never occurred to him. I'm not usually the napping type.

Thank goodness Gordon has learnt to fend for himself! When he was living with his room mates, I was cooking for him half the time and I don't know what he did when I wasn't there because he had no clue in the kitchen. But he's got a lot better, which takes some pressure off me.

As well as being really tired, I'm also really hungry, so it's nice to have someone to cook for me for a change!

Gordon is talking about wanting to get a girl dog and have Paddy breed with her.

Uh, not in this unit he's not! This is our entire yard right here and the unit is going to be crowded enough with us, Paddy and the twins when they arrive!

Our babies are due to arrive any day now and it still doesn't feel real! We were both so excited when we found out I was pregnant after our honeymoon and to then find out we were having was unbelievable!

Eventually, we're going to have to move. We've scanned the real estate listings week after week though and our finances might shut us out of the market for a couple of years yet.

So we'll have to stay put for a while. Already we have trouble paying the rent some weeks so I don't think we're ready for a mortgage yet.

The idea of raising a family in this tiny unit made me feel a little bit panicky at first, until Mum reminded me that she and Dad managed with me and Maia, in the very same building we're living in now. That made me feel a little better.

I'm very close with both my parents so they come over to visit all the time. At the very least, they're here a couple of times a week.

Gordon is still a bit wary of my dad. Dad doesn't really do anything to dissuade Gordon of the notion that he's completely terrifying, so it's understandable. He's relieved Dad usually comes on the weekend, when he has to go to work at 11am anyway.

I think Dad's sort of pleased that Gordon is nervous around him.

Mum really gets along wonderfully with Gordon though. Once I forgave him, that was good enough for her.

I actually spoke to Mum about Dad, to see if she can get him to lay off a bit. Gordon and I are married now and that whole thing with Jaime was 8 years ago. I've moved on but seeing Dad glaring at Gordon just brings up bad memories. I spent years thinking about that and I'm done with it now.

Mum said she'll talk to him but she didn't look too confident that he'd ease off. She thinks Dad might soften a bit when the babies come.

I hope she's right. Dad is so excited about becoming a grandfather. He wants the twins to know his voice, so he's always talking to them through my belly.

My belly is pretty popular lately. Everyone wants to rub it and feel the babies kicking. I don't mind it when it's my parents, or Gordon, or other people I'm close to.

I draw the line at random old ladies in the supermarket though. I was just picking out some fruit when all of a sudden, I felt this hand on my stomach!

I went a bit Mama Bear on her, I think!

We figure that once the babies come, there won't be much time for dates, or for anything, really, so we've been making an effort to get out of the house lately.

We just want to enjoy a bit of quiet time together before the inevitable chaos starts.

Last time we went out, we had lunch and ended up staying at the Blue Lion until what is pretty late for me now; 8pm! I'm usually dead tired by then!

I'm on maternity leave already so I'm alone at home during the day. But a couple of times a week, Ione comes around to visit, which is awesome.

She's my best friend and it's always great to catch up with her, but hearing her labour stories is starting to terrify me, now that the time is drawing so close for me!

Ione says it's all worth it though; she loves those boys more than anything! I can't wait until Gordon and I are holding our own babies in our arms!


Do you recognise that house that Lia and Gordon can see from their bedroom window? Probably not but Lia's parents live there! I imagine that might be kind of a mood killer for Gordon but that sort of thing doesn't bother Sims, I guess, because these two are all over each other!

And just some general Lia; the main reason I scheduled this update for now was so I could fill it with Lia-is-such-a-cute-pregnant-Sim spam, so here's some more!

Awww! These two are so adorable!

  • Title is from Everything Hits at Once by Spoon.
  • I tried forever to use that pose in the first pic on Finn and Victoria once and I couldn't get Finn to look up for the life of me. I try it on Gordon and Lia and he looks up as soon as I direct him to and Lia does it without me even telling her to. So much of this posing thing is luck sometimes! At least I know this pose does actually work now.
  • Lia in the supermarket was inspired by a friend of mine. I don't know if this is common for pregnant women but she had complete strangers rubbing her belly constantly, without even asking first. I was so appalled when she told me! The very idea of it made me want to go into hibernation, should I ever become pregnant!
  • Steve comes home with Gordon every single day. I have 5 other Sims working in journalism but the only one Gordon ever brings home is Steve. So he really is over all the time. I'll be panning around the unit (which doesn't take long, as it really is tiny) and think "Oh, you, again?"
  • Autumn 2024 birthdays tomorrow and you know what that means; the Nott twins will be making their debut! Lia's already given birth in game but the post won't go up until tomorrow. :)


  1. Aww, Lia is a cute pregnant sim. Wow, thanks for the tidbit about them living in the same unit. That was interesting. I take it the original bugginess of the lot is fixed?

  2. Apple Valley, thanks for commenting! I didn't notice that bugginess with the lot this time but I noticed it a couple of rounds ago, when it was still Lia and Olivia living there. So I don't know, lol! It might be fixed or it might be the kind of thing to come and go.

    I like the lot too much to give it up completely though, so I'll put up with it if it comes back!

  3. Lia is ADORABLE! Of course, it seems like we've been waiting a while for this so you know, it sort of makes it all the more sweeter.

    I'm actually excited to see the birthday post. It's like when my friend posted up in her baby blog that her water had broken and she was heading off to the hospital.

    Also, I've heard that people do that to pregnant ladies. Like, wow, boundaries people! Though Lia is pretty cute, so I imagine that it would happen to her when she's out and about, lol.

  4. She really is cute pregnant! What a glowing little mama!

    But her dad needs to move on. That Jamie (I forget her name) was years ago. What shoul dmatter now is that his daughter is happy, married, and ready to become a mother.

    And like your friend, that happened to me all the time as well. People always asking could the rub my belly. I'm think "What, do I look like buda or something?" ROFL Family and close friends are okay, but strangers, not so much.

  5. Lia is cute! She looks adorable with that huge belly. I like her dress too.

    I knew there was some positive about the reserve nature of Finnish people LOL! I've never heard of anyone touching a pregnant woman's belly here.

    I'm really excited about the birthday post too. Maybe I'll stay up late enough to catch it the minute you put it online ;)

  6. It probably is just luck, but I'm curious, if personality might have an effect on the posing compliance, especially with free will on? But do you play with free will off and allmenus on?

    Lia IS so cute pregnant. Maybe it is just the dress, but her belly is huge! And she's got those big eyes too.

    Everything does happen at once--but hopefully not puppies, on top of twins, in a small apartment struggling to pay rent :-)

  7. Lia is such a cute pregnant Sim! I'm really glad to see her happy and about to have the family she's wanted for a long time. :)

    LOL, I love that Jace hasn't made any effort to convince Gordon that he's not scary. ;) But I hope he will let it go soon and put it behind him since Lia has moved on. It's been a long time, but I guess Jace will always feel like he has to watch out for his little girls!

  8. *squeel* Lia is super cute!! I can't wait to find out what she had for babies. I love the little community here with Olivia and Steve living there and her parents used to.

    I hope her dad canay off now that they are married and their babies are here.

    I vote no on puppies. Considering they can't always cover rent it wouldn't be too wise to buy another mouth to feed

  9. I looked at the picture with the view out of their window being Lia's parents' house and though to myself, they may want to invest in some curtains. But hey, if they don't don't care, who is anyone else to complain.

    From what I've been told by friends and family who have been pregnant, it seems as if people think that as soon as a woman is pregnant, her stomach becomes public property for anyone to touch. My friend was completely freaked by this idea and made sure she stood as far away from strangers as possible.

    Can't wait to see the twins make their grand appearence.

  10. On I forgot to comment on the belly. I loved that someone tried rubbing it at the supermarket. So true to real life. I didn't have many strangers try. I'm scary and unapproachable. Rofl. Seriously though a lady tried at Target, saw my face and thought better of it. Wtg Lia for holding her own. My sister doesn't stop strangers and then gripes about it later feeling all taken advantage of. Lol

  11. Thanks for all your comments, everyone!

    Lunar, Lia really rivals Tatiana for my favourite pregnant Sim - so sweet!

    LOL, my friends and I were the same when we got the text message that our friend had gone into labour. We were all excited like it was our baby.

    I shouldn't be surprised about the belly thing but I was. There are a lot of people here with no clue about personal space! But yes, Lia probably looks very approachable and sweet to strangers, so it would happen to her more!

    Riverdale, I think Jace will get there eventually, though I don't know if he and Gordon will ever be best friends. But he's got two grandchildren to focus on now and he really should be watching out for Tessa, because she's allowed to start dating this year. I suspect she'll give him way more trouble than Lia or Maia did!

    Sari, wish I could remember where I got that dress! Probably MTS, where I get everything else!

    Australians could take a few lessons from the Finnish about being a little reserved, it sounds like!

    I think I usually put my posts up when it's about 1am your time. It went up half an hour ago, but it'll still be there in the morning if you don't manage to catch it.

    Francesca, oh, no, I play with free will on and allmenus off. I turn free will off for pictures sometimes but it doesn't stop the head moving because that's not a queued action. Personality is an interesting theory but I don't know. Finn with his 10 nice points should be the most co-operative Sim out there in that case but he hasn't been so far! LOL.

    It is just the dress with Lia's belly - the H&M preg morphs are especially big, so I use them for twins when I remember. I love Lia's eyes. I made her great-grandmother with and I'm really pleased they've passed on. I hope at least one of the twins gets them.

    Thank God dogs can't try for baby autonomously, eh?

    Shana, Lia's only 27 but she has wanted a family for an absurdly long time! As soon as she was out of college, she rolled up the baby want! Gordon has been just as keen actually, though it took him longer to roll up the marriage want.

    I think Jace likes to keep Gordon on his toes. But I also think he may have made his point and he can probably back off a little now!

    Maisie, I was so excited for Lia to give birth! I'm always excited for that and I'm always excited about twins but Lia having twins - excitement overload!

    Lia appreciates your vote. It's Gordon that's crazy for puppies. I wonder if that's a Nature OTH thing.

    And LOL, my sister tells me I look scary and unapproachable myself, so maybe this isn't an issue I'll run into! She probably will though - it sounds like your sister is kind of similar to mine!

    rome_raven, yeah, Gordon and Lia probably do need some curtains! I can't imagine Gordon and especially Lia, being the types to not care!

    I don't know what it is about pregnant bellies that makes people go insane but it really is like the belly becomes separate from the woman and is now public property. I know people do that with young babies too - just go right up and start touching them - so I guess it's an extension of that!

  12. Yea, people rubbing complete strangers’ bellies without asking are just strange and rude. I'll probably end up in jail if someone tries that with me whenever I get pregnant lol. But I might be in the scary and unapproachable category too lol. A few months ago, a lady called in a radio station to talk about how some random lady started rubbing her stomach while they were on the elevator. She retaliated by rubbing the other woman's stomach (who wasn't pregnant) and the woman had the nerve to give the preg lady a strange look! Hey! You started it lady lol.

    Anyway, I'll jump on the "squee" train and say how adorble Lia is! I enjoyed the pic spam at the end and the whole update. I'll have to remember those H&M meshes for whenever my sims start making babies and are expecting twins. That's if I ever get time to actually play! If only I could install the game on my work computer, my updates would come so much faster :).

  13. Danielle, yeah, I don't think I'd take too kindly to a stranger rubbing my belly either, so it's probably a good thing I'm scary and unapproachable! That story you heard on the radio is hilarious!

    Lia is too cute, isn't she? I forget the H&M meshes 9 times out of 10 when my Sims are due with twins. One of my Sims had another set recently and I completely forgot. Duh.

    Heh, Sims on the work computer! Wouldn't that be great?