Thursday, 29 April 2010

You say it's your birthday, Autumn 2024

Brendan Lachance is celebrating his first birthday this autumn!

He doesn't seem to share a whole lot of features with his mother, Tatiana.

He does, however, look an awful lot like his dad, Jonas.

Over at the Nott household, Lia is finding labour to be just as painful as she'd been warned. Gordon isn't quite sure what he can do to help!

But these things tend to take care of themselves in Sullivan and Gordon and Lia soon find themselves parents to Georgina Mariana...

...and Annabel Julia.

  • I love how Dominic and Audrey look like Tatiana and Edward and Brendan look like Jonas. To go along with that, Brendan is the first of Jonas and Tatiana's kids to get brown hair, which is a Lachance trait. It comes from Brendan's paternal grandfather Pascal.
  • Nott is a hard surname to work with! But Georgina and Annabel it is. I think I would have had a harder time naming boys. Speaking of, I'm really glad Gordon and Lia had girls! I'd put money on at least one of the girls inheriting Lia's mouth, which looks awful on boys! Babies are always pretty much identical but predictably, both girls have black hair. I was a little surprised to see that Annabel has light blue eyes - Lia is carrying a recessive gene for light blue eyes, which comes from Jace.
  • Sidenote but it's weird that Lia and her sisters ended up with brown eyes in the first place, because both of their parents have blue eyes. Oddly though, Magdalena is carrying a non-expressed gene for brown eyes. Isn't that weird? I didn't think that could happen because I thought brown was always dominant. In TS2's a lot more complicated in real life.


  1. Awww Brendan is SUPER cute! And I totally love the girls' names. Super sugary sweet! I was hoping they wouldn't both have black hair, but that's how it tends to go in the great world of TS2. (and it's pretty dominant in real life too of course).

    How sweet for twin boys and then twin girls, it's like two little perfect pairs. Looking forward to seeing them as toddlers and who they take after.

  2. Yay!!!! I've been waiting for Lia and Gordon's twins to be born! They're adorable, and I love their names :P

    Brendan is a cutie too!

  3. Aww, happy birthday to them all!

    How are you able to tell if they have recessive genes or non expressed genes?

  4. A Tatiana and Jonas child, plus Lia and Gordan's babies? I don't think this birthday post could have been better.

    And AWWWW! I just can't help feeling sorry for poor Gordon and Lia. They didn't get a lot of time to just be together as a couple before they got pregnant with twins, lol.

  5. Thanks for your comments, guys!

    Maisie, yeah, Gordon's a townie, so all he's got to offer is black hair! All their kids will have black hair; I'm assuming these two will want another at one stage!

    Wouldn't it be cute if Justin and Xavier grew up and married Georgina and Annabel? Oh my God, I'm so terrible! The girls are newborns and I'm already matchmaking!

    Tessa, I think I was more excited about this birthdays post than my summer birthdays and I love summer birthdays! Now I'm hanging out for Autumn 2025 so I can age them up and see what they look like!

    Apple Valley, I use the simDNA cheat to check recessive genes. You can check in SimEnhancer or SimPE (somehow - I'm not sure how to do it in SimPE) but the simDNA cheat brings up a little pop-up so you can check in game. It's a debug cheat, so you need to run your game in debug mode to use it. Here's a link so you can see how to do it:

    About the only difference it makes to regular game play is that testingcheats will be on as soon as you load your hood. But I just turn it off before I enter a house and it's fine. I can still use all the debug cheats without turning testingcheats back on. I play in debug mode all the time now and I think Laura does too - neither of us have any problems.

    Lunar, LOL, this is such an exciting birthday post!

    And no, they really didn't get much time together by themselves, did they? They were so crazy for babies and I figured Lia would be the type to get cracking right away so she's never been on birth control.

    All my couples tend to shack up; I'm trying to remember the last couple I had who didn't live together before marriage. It was probably Cordy and Eliot but they waited 5 years before they had Timothy anyway. Lia and Gordon's quiet time isn't going to come until they're all out of the house at college!

  6. So did one of the twins get Lia's eyes? I love it when you especially make Sims in CAS and see those traits carried on.

    Welcome to Georgina and Anabel!!

    And Jonas sure was a cutie.

  7. Aww, Brendan is such a cutie! He looks exactly like Jonas.

    I love the names Georgina and Annabel and they go well with Nott. Some last names are hard when it comes to naming newborns.

  8. Brenden is too cute! And awwwwww, finally the twins are here :)

  9. Francesca, I really hope so! I just checked Lia's simDNA pop-up (I keep screen caps of them) and only her mouth and ears are dominant. Gordon's eyes aren't dominant either though, so the girls have a good chance of getting either. I won't know for sure until they age up!

    Jonas was a real cutie and he's so handsome now. I've got a good idea what Edward and Brendan will look like as adults, because they really do look a lot like him.

    Sari, tell me about it! I have difficulty with the one syllable last names. I had similar trouble with Lane.

    Mizzgin03, I've been so excited for the twins and now I'm just hanging out for them to age up! I'm dying to know what they look like!

  10. Two girls, yay. And your right I wonder who's going to get Lia's lips. LOL I can't wait to see them as twins.

  11. Riverdale, me either! Fortunately, I have some other Sims I'm really excited about playing before then, so they'll keep me busy!