Thursday, 1 April 2010

Suffolk University Women's Room + plus posters for download!

I've been overhauling my university lately and while I haven't shown you much here, I did want to show you the women's room because a) I'm kind of proud of it and b) I actually made some custom content for it!

I've since learned that women's rooms at universities aren't as universal as I assumed they were so in explanation, the women's room at my university offered counselling services for women, referrals to family planning clinics and had an extensive collection of feminist literature and art. They also offered free contraceptive and sanitary items for students. Naturally, male students were not allowed to enter.

Just like at my own uni, guys at Suffolk cannot enter the women's room.

My uni didn't have purple painted brick walls in the women's room but when I imagined the room for Suffolk, it did and so it does.

Apart from the free ibuprofen, the coffee and tea making facilities were the main draw of the women's room for me!

Aforementioned feminist literature, plus the freebies over there on the table. Those are tampons on the left and condoms on the right. That tampon box, by the way, has the biggest footprint ever. I was going to put it on an OMSP so I could have a few boxes up there but once you put it on an OMSP, it's really hard to grab the actual OMSP and not the box. So I gave up!

And just a general area for chatting or lounging around.

Those pictures were taken a few days ago. This morning I made some feminist posters in SimPE (I didn't design any of the images; I just put them on the posters) and put them up in the women's room.

I was pretty excited to find that purple symbol! It matches my walls! I'm much happier with the room now.

I thought there was a chance someone out there might find these useful, so I'm throwing them up for download. A closer look at them all:

These three are on the It's Reggae, Mon! poster from University.

We Call It Football, also from University.

This one is on "Pineapple" by Lynn D'Saye, which is from Nightlife (I think!)

"Grilled Cheese" by Renu Tumush, also from Nightlife. If you have the versions of these paintings that lean against walls (as in my pictures), these recolours will also work for those.

You can get them here.


  1. This is a great idea. I never went to college so I don't know if they have these kind of rooms in Finnish universities but they should!

    I love the posters! Now I just need to think of a place to use them. Maybe I'll build a women's room in Brixton U.

  2. Very cool! Thank you for offering the posters for download :). I'll have to snag those when I get home. I need to find that tutorial I had way back when on how to recolor the ingame paintings. I used to make all sorts of stuff.

  3. Totally awesome room!!! It wasn't like this at our university, yours totally kicks butt.

  4. Thanks guys! I'm really happy with it. I don't know how often I'll use it but I'm kind of just happy it's there.

    I think Hope Collins might be the type to frequent the women's room when she gets to college age, actually!

  5. Oh what an awesome idea - I never even thought of making a women's room for my Uni students. Guess what I'll be making when I next load the game? :D

    Thanks for the posters, they are awesome and will make a wonderful addition to my game :D

  6. Adia, you're very welcome! I'm glad when others can get use out of anything I make for my own game. :)