Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Slow motion

Round 26: Autumn 2023
Last update: Josie/Patience
Josie Benton and Patience Draper are both 21.
(Rob Ashton is 22, Troy Clarke is 20)

Narrated by Josie Benton

When Patience came back from CEU, she didn't want to give up living at the beach. I was kind of jealous of her for our whole junior year, so we decided to rent this beach house together. Patience insists swimming in the ocean does wonders for her figure - as if she's ever been fat in her life!

While she was overseas, Patience got really into sunbathing as well and she tried to get me to take up the habit. I did give it a shot for a while.

I've since given up on sunbathing though. Patience can lay out for hours and all she gets is a little warm. I turn lobster red. I've got my dad's complexion. Thanks, Dad.

I waited until Patience got back to tell her about me and Troy. I was a little worried about how she'd take it, seeing he's her stepbrother and all. She was definitely surprised but I never imagined I'd be with Troy either, so I can't blame anyone else for being shocked.

I was expecting it to be a bit awkward the first time he stayed over but it really wasn't. Patience has been pretty cool about me and Troy.

Going out with Troy isn't like Nick with his boring cars or Will with his...whatever he liked. I used to just pretend to listen and let my eyes glaze over. I don't have to do that with Troy. We like doing the same sort of things.

I still hate losing though. Even to Troy.

Probably because he wins, he acts like me when I win and I'm not exactly a gracious winner.

He's a sore loser like I am too. Once we got together and I realised how alike we were, it made me wonder why I hated him for so long.

Troy deserves some kind of medal for persistence. He's been after me since I was 13. I ignored him for so long!

If someone had told me a few years ago that I'd end up with Troy, I probably would have laughed but I've fallen in love with him.

I'm not really ready for it yet but I can see myself marrying Troy. One day, in the future. Troy still has a year left of uni and I'm looking at four years of medical school after I graduate. Marriage isn't really on the cards any time soon.

I wonder if I scared Troy off from ever asking anyway. I told him about Will and the whole proposal thing. He was sort of quiet for a while but I think maybe he already knew. Good news travels fast, you know?

He didn't seem very bothered by it for long. He was just keen to get out the bar and go somewhere more private.

Troy stays over at my place most nights now. He's only got a single bed in his dorm, because he was a dumbass and didn't rush to grab my room or Patience's room when we moved out. So this is really the only place we have any privacy.

I guess it's possible Patience hears things sometimes, but she can't really say much. Troy and I keep it in the bedroom, at least. You wouldn't think Patience even had a bedroom, the amount of time she spends making out on the couch with Rob.

I never actually got to meet Rob until recently. He and Patience were sort of just...screwing around in our sophomore year and they didn't get serious until Patience's exchange trip last year. He seems pretty cool and Patience is happy. And she's finally stopped pining after Jacob. I totally get the Jacob thing - Jacob's hot, he really is - but enough is enough.

Rob hasn't met Patience's dad and stepmother yet but Patience is planning on bringing him around next time she visits. She didn't want him to make his debut at her sister's wedding - she wants to make sure the focus of the day is on the brides, not on her.

Patience usually only gets to go out with Rob on weekends, because he works nights delivering pizzas. So during the week, Patience orders a lot of pizza!

Rob's obviously not really supposed to come inside while he's on the job but sometimes he can get away with 20 or 30 minutes before he has to get going, if he's not busy.

Occasionally, neither of the guys will be here and Patience and I can have a good catching up session. I didn't realise how much I missed that while she was away, but I really did! She can get a little much sometimes though.

I'd been avoiding mentioning how serious I was about Troy, because Patience tends to make a huge deal of everything and I knew she wouldn't shut up about it. But I slipped and I mentioned the word "marriage" and she was just like a dog with a bone.

Seriously, she just would not let up! I think she's bummed about Rose not having a big wedding where she could serve as bridesmaid because she's already started planning mine!

She shut up once I started mock-pestering her about when she and Rob were getting married. I mean, really! I'm definitely serious about Troy and I'm not kidding about marrying him one day. But that is years in the future! I don't need pressure about it now!

We both have plenty of other stuff to stress about right now anyway. We're in our senior year and we're very excited about our impending graduation! We're both maintaining 4.0s and if I can graduate with honours, that will just be the icing on the cake!

  • Title is from Slow Motion by The Flaming Lips.
  • I cannot believe Josie rolled an engagement want for Troy! Never rolled an engagement want while she was with Will. She's never rolled one of those weird "Hey, wouldn't it be a great idea if I got engaged to my ex?" wants that Sims get on dates for Nick or for Will either. She's pretty single-minded about Troy. I'm glad I've got at least one Sim who's not obsessed with their ex!
  • I am super pissed off, however, that the Troy's "Get Engaged to Josephine" want ROLLED AWAY, even though I LOCKED IT!!! Argh...it's those stupid vacation benefits. Troy got the carefree one, which gives them an extra want and when he lost that, the engagement want was the one he lost. I'm pretty sure he'll roll it again, because he's a Family Sim but it is still very irritating.
  • Patience and Josie have graduated in game but I'll save grad information for Summer 2024, so as to pretend they're still studying at uni until then. ;)


  1. WOW Josie! Color me shocked that she rolled engagement want! She's one that I didn't see rolling that for a while. I'm sure Troy's want will come back, I've had it lose a locked one before and it irritated me. It was a have baby want, which don't always come back after a sim is pregnant.

    Patience and Rob kissing on the couch... guess they're getting more serious.

    How did you get Rob to show up to deliver pizzas, or is he the pizza delivery NPC guy?

  2. Aha! She rolled it! Whoop! Josie has a heart :P

    I love how you had her flip the marriage talk back on Patience , smart Josie.

  3. So much wedding drama! Patience is going to get fat from eating all of that pizza :P

    Psh, if you know he wants to be engaged to her, just do it anyway! That's what I would do!

  4. Thanks for reading, everyone!

    Maisie, I was shocked too! I figured she'd roll the want at some point, because she's Knowledge and they're often quite keen to get married. But I never thought she'd roll it while still at college!

    Rob isn't the NPC pizza guy, nor is he actually delivering the pizza. I spawned Tom's Clothing Tester with the boolprop cheat and used the "dress as NPC" option to have him wear the pizza guy uniform. Then I had them call for a pizza and he answered the door to accept the delivery. The picture of him with the pizza is just him carrying it into the house. He is actually in a custom pizza guy career though - he's paying his way through law school.

    Apple Valley, LOL! Yes, Josie does have a heart! She just needed to find the right guy.

    Glad you liked Josie's reaction to Patience's marriage talk. It just seems like that would be how Josie would handle that situation.

    Tessa, heh, I was thinking the same thing! Lucky Patience has that ocean to swim off all those extra kilos!

    I'm not ready for Troy and Josie to get engaged yet but if he still hasn't rolled the want by the time I am, I'll get them engaged anyway. I don't normally need both Sims to have the want anyway, although I love it when they do and I sometimes wait a bit to see if the other Sim will roll it.

  5. Hopefully, Troy will re-roll the engagement want and him and Josie can start planning a wedding.

  6. Did I say a few updates back that I don't see Josie settling down with anyone? I take that back! I'm glad everything is going so well for her and Troy.

    I like the whole pizza delivery thing. And I'm still anxious to hear about your law school, med school etc.

  7. Oh yay to the engagement want for Josie! I really hope Troy reroll his engagement want!

    I like it how you got Rob to deliver the pizza, it's pretty clever!

    As Sari I can't wait to hear more about the law school, med school etc.

  8. oasisvalley, I definitely won't start planning a wedding until Troy has graduated and probably not until Josie has finished med school. So there's plenty of time for him to reroll it.

    Sari, ha, I went back to check and yes, you did say that. It was after she rejected Will. Josie and Troy are quickly becoming one of my favourite couples.

    I still haven't really worked out the medical school thing and I'm kind of relieved Rob's a playable NPC because it means I can sort of just pretend he's going to law school and I don't have to figure anything solid out yet!

    I should really put a hospital down though, because part of Josie's med school training will be practical observation with another doctor, probably David. Cara will be in the medical career next time I play her, but she's not experienced enough to take on student doctors.

    Tanja, I think he will. He's Family so I can't imagine him not being keen to get married once he finishes college. Although, there was Gordon but his secondary is Popularity. But hey, he rolled it eventually!

    Having Rob deliver the pizza was a spur of the moment thing. I was hoping I wouldn't have to quit the game to go and download the pizza uniform! He autonomously changed out of it after a while (I don't even know how - he walked out of the kitchen and when he came back, he was in his regular clothes) but I'd already got the pics I needed.

  9. Carla, I couldn't stop gawking at the gorgeous interior decorating at the beach house. Blue and white, and so airy and pretty!

    The pictures of Josie and Troy on the couch really convey how smitten she is with him now. The first one, where she is gazing into his eyes, is so adorable. I don't think I've seen that pose where he is gently holding her chin, though.

  10. Francesca, thanks! I decorated this house the night I almost lost Sullivan and I actually lost this house! I had taken pictures of it to whore it out at N99 though, so I was able to copy them and redo it pretty much exactly the same. Except the bookcase. Josie started complaining about not having one during this session and I thought "oh yeah...students might need one of those!"

    The picture where she's gazing into his eyes and the one where he's holding her chin and whispering in her ear are both interactions that only appear on the dining booths. I think they're both from the Love Talk animation but it is adorable and you have to try it out! There's also one called Hot Smooch. There are invisible recolours of the dining booth somewhere at MTS, so you can pretend to have these interactions on couches and the like but it's a shame they didn't think to include them.

    But those two pics were my favourites in this update. I was insistent on fitting them in! LOL.

  11. Oh, I haven't done those booth interactions in so long, I forgot about it. With your allmenus cheat, you can probably have them do the interaction on couches, right? I might look up the MTS recolors.

    Those were both great pictures.

  12. Unfortunately not. Allmenus only opens up interactions that are already available for the object and are hidden, for whatever reason. Love Talk and Hot Smooch just aren't programmed for the couches.

    But I used the invisible recolours last night and they work great! Even easier than I thought they'd be. :D

  13. Troy and Josie! Who'd have thought it'd turn out so well. It is SO fitting that Josie doesn't bother thinking about her ex's. She's the kind of girl who pretty much knows what she wants, clearly. Funny that she wants Troy!

  14. Lunar, very fitting! You know, since she lost all interest in Nick once they had sex and never had much interest in Will at all - it would be odd if she was suddenly obsessed with either of them. Josie's still very concerned that Nick will die - you know, 'cause my hood is just full of 20 year-olds who are keeling over - but nothing romantic.

    Troy and Josie are a surprising couple, to me as well. But they have identical personalities, points-wise, and when they kissed when they were 12 and 13, it was initiated by her! So maybe it shouldn't be as surprising as it is.