Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Let's get known

Round 26: Winter 2023
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Trent Kirby is 53, Megan is 51 and Rebecca is 14.
(Claudia and Victoria are both 22 and Tessa is 14)

Narrated by Rebecca Kirby

I wish I was old enough to live on my own. I love going over to Claudia's house. She's so lucky. It must be awesome to have your own place to completely fill up with all of your stuff.

Claudia keeps telling me it's not as great as I think it is, and that it also means you have to have a full time job, and pay bills, and clean the house. Yeah, yeah, I know all that. But I'm still jealous.

I guess Victoria has the same kind of thing, with Finn and the kids but I don't envy her so much.

She and Finn make a pretty happy little family together, but it's definitely not what I want for myself by the time I'm 22.

Caitlin and Declan are cute and everything - I love cuddling my little niece and nephew.

But they are also frequently noisy and incredibly gross.

Plus, when Victoria got pregnant the first time, she and Mum were kind of on the outs with each other for a long time. Mum is okay with the kids now but she and Victoria are still a little awkward with each other sometimes. I don't really want to go through that if I can help it. I definitely want to put off babies until I'm well out of college!

If Mum and Dad ever even let me start dating, that is! It's so unfair. Victoria never even asked and she started going out with Finn when she was 13! I am a full year older than that! Whenever I ask Mum, she says we can revisit that idea when I actually find someone I want to date.

End of discussion. I have kind of found someone I want to go out with but I'm not sure if he likes me that way yet, so I haven't asked Mum.

His name is Gabriel and Tessa introduced us. He's really cute. Tessa says if we end up getting married, she's going to take full credit.

Personally, I'd just be glad to have someone else to hang out with while Nathan and Tessa are busy flirting with each other.

I feel a little bit like the third wheel sometimes but I have to go along on all their "dates". Tessa is not allowed to date until she's 15 but she's a terrible liar, so she just omits details instead. She tells her parents she's going to hang out with me and if I'm actually there, she figures she's not lying.

But the good news is that Gabriel asked me out and I said yes. Dad won't care, as long as Mum is okay with it. So I now have to convince her to let me go.

The next day was Saturday but I got up early to catch Mum before she got too busy. Time for Operation Suck Up!

Yeah, I'm shameless. I actually begged.

I have somewhat of a flair for the dramatic.

Mum was a little taken aback. But seriously, where does she think I get it from? She's kind of a drama queen herself.

It had the intended effect though! Mum said it was okay, as long as I was home exactly when I said I would be. It's kind of dumb because it's a day time date anyway so what's the big deal? But I wasn't going to argue!

I'm not normally shy but I felt a little bit shy around Gabriel once we were alone. I think he was feeling the same way, because neither of us really said much at first.

But then we started joking about some of the other kids at school and that sort of got the ball rolling.

Now I'm an awesome skater. I'm kind of naturally good at most things that require balance or co-ordination.

But Gabriel still tried to use "steadying" me as an excuse to hold my hands. I thought he might try to kiss me but he ended up letting them go after a while.

The kiss came a little later. I was trying to be all cool about it but as soon as he pulled away, I almost felt like getting my phone out to call Tessa.

I think our first date went pretty well!

It's a shame I had to end my weekend on such a crappy note. Working at the market was supposed to be a punishment for skipping out on a bill at a restaurant a couple of years ago but I somehow still seem to get roped into helping out at least once a month.

Dad flatters me into it, by telling me what a great cashier I am and I always fall for it.

In truth, I think I may be the world's worst cashier!

  • Title is from Let's Get Known by The Unicorns.
  • Sigh. Okay, so now Rebecca can stop pestering me with First Kiss and Go On a Date wants. I'm going to let her officially date Gabriel, at least for a while, seeing she's 14 and Megan has given her approval.
  • Oh, and some Knowledge Sim Rebecca is! How about rolling a want to do your damn homework every now and then?! The girl has three assignments piled up on her desk right now. Do teens ever roll wants to do homework? The only teen I've ever waited for the wants with was Maia and God knows she never rolled the want.
  • I'm really excited to play Claudia this round, as well as Finn and Victoria. While we're on the topic, is Caitlin's hat with the bear ears the cutest thing you've ever seen or what? I don't think I'll ever switch back to a non-hat infant replacement. Too adorable.
  • Who wants to talk chemistry? It's not that exciting for Tessa or Rebecca, unfortunately. Tessa's got a score of 28 with Nathan and Rebecca has (I think) 30 with Gabriel. But they're 14, so they have plenty of time. Gabriel, if you were wondering, is the same kid that Jace banned from the Novak house last round. Tessa has negative chemistry with him anyway, so that was no loss.


  1. Gabriel may have been banned from the Novak house, but he is cute! And yes, Caitlin's hat is adorable!!

    Most of my teens would have been taken by the social worker if I waited for them to roll homework wants. Tebow Heritage is really serious and neat, and I think he rolls wants to do his homework.

    I loved the ice-skating date, holding hands to steady her, lol, and especially the part about Rebecca watching Victoria with her little ones and declaring she wouldn't get pregnant till after college. That's a good side effect.

  2. Wow, he is the same one who got banned. I hope Megan doesn't find out about that-that would be the end of the dates.

    I've had teens roll homework wants, so it can be done...it doesn't matter since I randomly roll their grades anyway, except for university.

    I was wondering about the infant hat. It's so cute.

  3. Wow, she let her go on a date! I didn't know if she would. I really like Tessa's facial expression on this photo - http://www.sullivansims.com/kirby/letsgetknown1013.jpg

    She looks super happy for her gal pal. :)

    How did you get Victoria to feed Caitlyn on the sofa?

    Love the infant hat! I have a giant folder of infant outfits, that I go in to swap out. I really want to make my own, but I can't find a darn tut.

  4. Francesca, I did some surgery on Gabriel so he was fit for human eyes. He was not cute at all before!

    Yeah, I think I'm going to try out the harder grades hack I found at Crystal Creek this morning. I have a feeling I don't even have any serious teens. I remember that's why Finn stood out so much - he's very serious and most of my Sims aren't.

    Rebecca can hopefully keep Victoria in mind if Gabriel ever tries to get into her pants. ;) Or any other boy. Victoria was on BC, so Rebecca realises that even that isn't 100%.

    Apple Valley, yeah, Megan wouldn't be happy to hear about Gabriel and the Novaks. Lucky for Rebecca, Megan and Magdalena don't really get along very well so they don't talk much and neither of her parents has much of a reason to talk to Jace either. Trent is friends with Magdalena, but he's much more laid back than Megan.

    The infant outfit is by Fakepeeps7. There are a few different colours - I just swapped out to a different one this morning.

    Maisie, ha, I swap out my infant outfits too. I find it hard to find really nice ones though. So many are photo skinned and although I don't mind a bit of photo-skinning on other age groups, I like my infant clothes to be hand-painted. I don't ask for much, do I? LOL!

    Tessa is pretty pleased with her handiwork right now. It's kind of a power trip to play matchmaker.

    Victoria is feeding Caitlin on the couch with the help of this very, very awesome hack. . It fixes some other things too but I'm only in it for the sitting while feeding. Prepare for me to overuse it for the foreseeable future.

    With the hack, if your Sim's comfort is less than 50%, they'll sit to feed the baby. For that picture, I had to put Victoria on an OMSP and move her forward a little bit, because she was bleeding into the couch a little. But that's a very cushy couch so she might not have bled at all on a different one, or on a dining chair or something.

  5. I love how prim and proper Megan is, I'm shocked she let Rebecca go! You would think she would have been even MORE uptight after what happened with Victoria.....but I'm happy that she got to go.

  6. Mizzgin, if Megan lets Rebecca date, she's lessening the chance that she'll sneak around. She's going to be watching pretty closely!

  7. That hack looks so cool, I'm gonna try it too. I've been meaning to ask where did you get that baby bottle replacement? It looks so much better than the icky green default one.

    Yay for Rebecca! I was so sure that Megan wouldn't let her go out on a date but she did.

  8. Sari, the hack is really awesome. I've seen other people using it but I'd assumed they were way more clever with poses than I was!

    The baby bottle replacement is by AnoeskaB at TSR but when I was looking for it yesterday, I noticed there's also a similar one at MTS except it has a little cartoon character on it.

    Megan is aware of how her relationship with Victoria has been damaged over the way she reacted to the pregnancy thing, so she doesn't want to make the same mistake with Rebecca. Like I said to Mizzgin though, she's still going to be watching Rebecca and Gabriel very closely!

  9. Rebecca is darn cute, lol. She sounds just like a teen.

    Okay, that hat for the baby is awesome! Love that.

    And you know, my teen sims pretty much always used to roll the wants for homework. Some would even roll it the morning before school like they just remembered, lol.

  10. Lunar, LOL, it must be the sense of justified outrage. I think I spent most of my early teen years outraged over one thing or another!

    And I wonder what's up with my lazy-ass teens then! I'm using harder grades now, which seems to be working well for me, so I'm not so concerned about it. But seriously, my Sims must take after me. I rarely did my homework when I was at high school. ;)

  11. Oh Rebecca, so quick to get out on her own. Isn't that always the way? I agree with Claudia, all it means is BILLS!

    Looks like Rebecca's pleasure secondary is taking over, lol! Yes, some teens do roll homework wants, but it's rare, even for knowledge Sims. I think actually, maybe fortune teens do more often (I have my Delphie Deppiesse in mind, lol!). Like Lunar, yes, if mine are going to roll it, it will be in the morning, the last few minutes before the bus comes, lol!

    OMG, that sitting and feeding mod! I'm going to have to get that! And I love the baby hat too!

  12. Laura, yes, and Claudia totally knows what she's talking about here! I put the poor girl into debt to decorate her house.

    Come to think of it, Malcolm Novak is Fortune and I think he rolls homework wants. I think Finn did too, when he was a teen. Oh well...harder grades is working out better for grade variation than waiting for homework wants anyway.

    I'm so happy I have the sitting and feeding mod. My mother goes insane when she sees people on TV walking around feeding newborn babies so I used to hear her voice in my head when I saw my Sims "YOU'LL DROP HIM!!!". LOL.