Thursday, 4 March 2010


Round 25: Summer 2022
Narrated by Asha Royce

When Luc and I finally found a place together, he came over to my mother's house to help me move out all my stuff.

I didn't think I had that many boxes but Luc could hardly stop laughing. It was mostly clothes. We can't all live in black t-shirts and jeans!

I was really excited to finally be getting out on my own but I was still (am still, actually) worried about my mother. But we're living really close by. We considered a house on the other side of Exeter but then we found one almost just across the road. It was cheaper and bigger than the other one, so it wasn't hard to convince Luc.

It took us all day but finally, we got everything done! We'd only been in the house for a few hours but I was already loving the privacy and having our very own space.

There are three bedrooms and right now, we're using the biggest one as a rehearsal space. We had it soundproofed, so one of us can practise if the other happens to be sleeping. Luc's just happy that he doesn't have to squeeze his guitar and amp into a hallway any more.

Luc made dinner for us. I'm really glad he knows how to cook because I can't really do much more than grilled cheese.

My job is to get in Luc's way while he's in the kitchen.

Ah, the life of a musician! Luc and I never get up until around lunch time. Except on our second day in the house, when we were awakened by the doorbell.

It was Zaria. She's got a normal job, plus children, so she's up at normal people time.

My bridesmaid dress is ready, so she brought that over. I like this dress a bit more than the one I wore for Ione's wedding. That was not quite my style but you know, it was Ione's wedding, not mine. My new dress is a little less conservative.

And I wasn't even annoyed at Zaria for waking me up so early, because she brought us the best housewarming gift ever - a hot tub! I guess I must have been whining more than I thought about how much I wanted one, so Zaria bought one for us.

Luc and I had to test it out as soon as Zaria left. We kind of spent all of our money buying this house and all the furniture we needed, so I thought it would be years before we'd have our own hot tub! It pays to have a sister who's marrying into the richest family in town!

Mum came to see the house the same day. She's gone from hating Luc to wondering when we're going to get married. I was waiting for this. You know, everyone kind of has weddings on the brain, seeing Zaria and Max's big day is coming up so quickly.

I'm not feeling in any rush to get married yet myself. Moving in together was a big step already - one step at a time, I think. I'm only 25. I don't know what the emergency is!

It's not like we even have enough money to plan a wedding right now anyway. We barely have enough money to go out! Luckily, having our own place is still a novelty so we're happy to stay in for now.

We did a little bored though, so we decided to throw a little housewarming party with all our friends.

I got stuck in a conversation with Wade about his trip to Cape Elizabeth. As if I want to hear about vacations I can't afford to take. I had to be polite and feign interest though, of course.

Luc isn't so good at feigning an interest. I don't know if he even tries.

It's a good thing we have so much in common because most of the time, he'd really just rather be talking about stuff he's interested in. I doubt Ione was that interested in hearing about Luc's guitar but she pretended to be, at least.

The only family we had at the party was Luc's sister and of course, my sister. Max came too. I still can't believe they're getting married! They've been together for 20 years already! I really didn't think they'd ever get married. I was so shocked when Zaria told me.

I've never known anyone so desperate to get married as my friend Lia. I told her she should ask Gordon herself, like Ione asked Evan. I'm only kidding around with her - she never would.

Speaking of Gordon, he's marginally less annoying now that he's not around every time Luc and I are trying to be alone. Marginally.

We had all of Luc's former roommates at our party. Gordon aside, I almost wish I'd got to do the roommate thing before moving in with Luc. If I'd moved out of home at 18 like I'd planned, I probably would have. It always seemed so fun at Luc's place.

Then again, it's pretty fun at our house most of the time too, so I don't think I've missed out on too much!

  • Title is from Summertime by the Sundays.
  • I wasn't going to get a chance to write this until later today but I'm sick and ended up getting up just before 6am this morning. So I'm publishing it today after all. I am sick though, so please excuse anything that doesn't quite make sense!
  • Oh my God, these two just roll woohoo wants all day - hot tub, bed, hot tub, bed, hot tub, bed. They are like rabbits, for real! I usually fulfill woohoo wants myself when they pop up but I actually got bored of doing that for Luc and Asha. I gave up and just let ACR take care of it! It was quite insane. I guess they really are enjoying their new found privacy!
  • The hot tub was very popular at the party! I caught Cordy and Eliot in there (I think you can see that she's in her swimsuit in one of the pics) and then Wade and Amelia.
  • I just refuse to believe Luc only has one nice point. Apart from his disastrous conversation with Ione, he just acts so nice most of the time. Mean guys don't give their girlfriends autonomous backrubs in the kitchen!
  • I don't know if anyone can recognise it, because I've swapped out all the windows and doors, and changed all the colours and furniture but this is the house Kendal lived in with her sons and in-laws up until she moved in with Lake. It really needed a makeover and I'm happy with how it turned out. They don't have much on the walls yet though, as I really did spend all of their money!
  • No marriage wants for Asha yet! I'm not necessarily waiting for her to roll it (I didn't wait for Zaria to roll it). I'm just waiting until I feel like she's ready. ;)
  • I thought Asha would become better friends with Olivia but she and Lia gravitate towards each other. Even with Ione's wedding and everything, she and Olivia are only at about 13 daily. So she wasn't at the party.


  1. Feel better soon! I'm sending you some good feel better vibes!

    I'm glad that they are enjoying their new place. It looks really nice from what I could see. Who knows, maybe Asha will roll the marriage want still.

  2. Riverdale, thanks for the well wishes! I'm going to a concert tomorrow night and I would really like to not feel sick during it. Skipping it is not an option, as it's likely to be a one-off.

    Asha's probably less likely to roll the marriage want than Luc (who already has rolled it, as everyone knows) because her secondary is Popularity. In my experience, they're even less likely to roll it than Romance or Pleasure Sims. Which is silly. You'd think they'd enjoy having a big party!

  3. I really hope you are feeling better, Carla (keep seeing your tweets).

    Luc is funny, not even bothering to look interested if the topic isn't his own interest. And Asha's job is to get in the way. Ha! I know how that is!

    My Rihanna is a case-in-point that popularity Sims aren't likely to roll marriage wants. She never rolled one ONCE! And I definitely tried, with dates. Of course, Asha's primary is romance & secondary is popularity, but Rihanna only recently got the secondary romance, and she never rolled marriage wants before that either. I can't remember if Asha is only interested in Luc? That would be nice.

  4. I hope you feel better! We have sickies here too, but it's winter and to be expected! It's just wrong to be sick in the summer, though I suppose you are heading into fall.

    I'm not sure if I've ever played a romance/popular sim, no clue on their likelyhood to roll marriage wants. So is it to be expected that they "will" be married someday, since you remarked that she doesn't have to roll the want specifically.

    I can't wait to see Zaria's bridesmaid dresses!!

  5. Francesca, thank you. The throat was the worst and that's thankfully a lot better now.

    Luc and Asha are each other's top attraction score (and they've gone up to #3 in the list - I realised Luc was turned off by creativity and seeing he's a musician, that didn't make sense). Asha is only interested in Luc and Luc's only interested in Asha. Neither of them roll specific romantic wants for anyone else. So they have that going for them. They're committed but Asha's not ready for that final step yet!

    Some Popularity Sims will roll the marriage want but it seems pretty rare. Steve rolled it on one of his first dates with Olivia, while Olivia rolled it last round. So it can happen!

    Maisie, we're already in autumn here. We consider the first day of March the first day of autumn. It has something to do with colonial days, though I can't tell you what! I always seem to get an end of summer cold though, and my class were all sick over the past few weeks, so it's hardly a surprise that I ended up sick too!

    I think you can probably expect Luc and Asha to get married one day. I rarely wait for both Sims to roll the want (Evan never rolled the want to marry Ione). They're definitely heading that way and Luc really wants to. I unlocked the want for a little while and he rolled it back. This round, he also never rolled the wants to marry other random Sims he's been in love with, like Sims do so often! Asha is, oddly, concerned I'll make her marry Aaron Novak. Um...don't think that's going to happen! And WTF, she's not even friends with him!

    I'm really happy with Zaria's bridesmaid dresses. They're not very traditional, but neither is her wedding gown. I try to personalise at least a little for each wedding.

  6. These two and their new found privacy, lol. Their wants are hilarious!

    It's cute to see all their friends come over for a house warming! It looked like so much fun, and it's awesome because we know all of those sims.

  7. Lunar, hilarious but unsurprising! Asha rolled away the move out want a while ago but I guess she still really wanted to get out of her mum's house!

    The housewarming was a lot of fun but then again, I always love getting all my Sims together. I never loved parties as much in any other hood but I feel very attached to these Sims, so I like them in Sullivan. I'm glad you guys like them too.

  8. The internet ate my comment as I'm 100% sure I wrote one last night! Too late to wish you a great concert now but I hope you had fun :)

    Wow, Luc and Asha are really all over each other. I hope they use a very effective method of BC!

    It's great to see Luc so committed to one woman. I remember those days when he used call Asha his "favorite".

  9. Sari, Pavement was awesome and I'm about 90% better too, to boot!

    Every time they went to woohoo, I was thinking, "BC failure"! Just the sheer number of times they did it upped their chances a bit but they've been lucky!

    I'm very happy with Luc being committed to Asha too, because he pretty much decided it himself. It took him a few years but he got there!

  10. OMG, the boobs on that girl, lol! Sorry, now that that's out of the way... ;)

    It just now occurs to me that they're both musicians! What a cute pair they make!

    But oh yes, I agree about those popularity Sims! They take their sweet, sweet time deciding if they want to get married or not. I love it when they do finally roll it though, it always feels so thoughtful for them. (Knowledge Sims are always tricky for me too.)

    I can't wait to see Zaria and Max's wedding! Or Luc and Asha, whenever they're ready to take the plunge! :)

  11. Laura, LOL! When I was downloading those tops, I was thinking "which of my Sims would even wear these? Oh...Asha would!"

    And yeah, Luc and Asha share a LTW - Become Rock God. They've got silly OTHs that don't fit them - Fitness for her and Sports for him. Luc's Sports enthusiasm is currently at zero. He doesn't seem like the kind of guy who'd even watch sports on TV, let alone play them.

    I know, I was so excited when Olivia rolled the marriage want because seeing she's Popularity, I thought she must really be in love with Steve!

    Luc and Asha nuptials are still up in the air but Zaria and Max's wedding will probably be published on Monday my time. I'm planning on playing through it tomorrow. I'm so excited!