Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Round 25: Autumn 2022
Next updates: Claudia/Amar and Jacob

(Finn and Victoria are both 21, Declan is 1)
Narrated by Jacob Weaver

Things are a little bit less tense around the dorm these days. We're all getting along a little better. Don't get me wrong, I've got no interest in being friends with Amar again but not being glared at every time I approach my own girlfriend has been nice.

Claudia completely ignores Amar most of the time, but seeing he takes any attention at all from her as an invitation, that's probably for the best.

He still seems to always be with another girl whenever Claudia is around, so maybe he's still up to his old tricks.

But Amar seems to always be with a girl when Claudia's not around too, so maybe not. I don't know how he gets all these girls.

Amar is just kind of a jerk, I guess. Even so, he did get me thinking the other day. I've sort of just been assuming that after graduation, I'd move back to the Kirby farm with Claudia and go from there. Talking to Amar though, maybe I want to wait on that a while.

It's not that I want to go off and screw a bunch of other girls or anything like that. I'm really not interested in anybody but Claudia.

I'm just worried that once we're on the farm, she might want to move things along a little faster than I'm comfortable with.

Amar doesn't look like he's in any danger of settling down yet.

He's just sleazing onto every girl on campus. He's not even discriminating - anyone female and he'll have a crack at her.

The other day in the study room, he was even telling me he might have a shot at Joanna. I tried to tell him she was a lesbian but he didn't believe me. I think I'd know - her girlfriend is Patience's sister. Whatever. Let him make an idiot out of himself if he wants.

I haven't yet told Claudia about wanting to delay moving in together so things are still good between us. It's weighing on my mind though, every minute I'm with her. I just don't know how she's going to take it.

We've talked a few times about how Claudia's always felt a bit behind Victoria and I think she feels it more now that Victoria's living with Finn, with the baby and everything.

Claudia and Victoria are still really close and Claudia visits all the time, so I know she knows that having a baby in college isn't exactly an enviable position.

She's seen how demanding a baby can be on your time, so I don't think she wants to jump right into having babies after we graduate.

I think she just wants to know for sure that it'll happen for her one day. Watching her with Declan sometimes though, I wonder.

Maybe she just really loves her nephew but it makes me feel a little panicky sometimes! I only want to get married once, so I really want to be sure. And at 21, I'm just not there yet.

Speaking of marriage, Sabrina, one of the girls Amar has been sleeping with, is throwing hints around about engagement. I don't know what she's thinking. Amar completely ignores her unless she's in the hot tub with him.

He makes no attempt to hide his other girlfriends from her but Sabrina is still not deterred.

Diana is the girl he's been hanging around with the most, of late. I'd say they're getting serious but rumour has it she gets around a bit herself, so probably not.

I think most of Amar's "girlfriends" get around though. Maybe I shouldn't feel so bad for Sabrina.

I can't help it though. Even if Amar married her, he'd never be faithful. He's flat out admitted that. Maybe she wouldn't care but I don't see the point of getting married then.

I finally sat down and had an honest talk with Claudia about living arrangements after graduation. I told her I thought we were a little young to be setting up house together. I also mentioned that I'd kind of like to try living in the city for a while. I grew up on a farm and it was great. But I don't want to regret never having lived anywhere else one day.

I don't know if she really understands and I could tell she was disappointed and maybe a little bit hurt. She's agreed to go along with it and see how we are in a couple of years though.

She's been acting mostly normally since, so hopefully, she really is okay with this and isn't just saying she is, while bottling everything up to unleash on me in 6 months time.

  • Title is from Popular by Nada Surf.
  • Amar has a very odd obsession with Joanna. He's become friends with her somehow and now, every morning when he wakes up, he's got the want to fall in love with her and kiss her. Um...he's really in for a surprise if he ever tries!
  • And that poor Sabrina girl (who's a Popularity Sim, so you know she's serious about this!) really did roll a want to get engaged to Amar. He treats her so well, so you can see why. /end sarcasm
  • I'll probably have Jacob move in as Gordon's room-mate after graduation (if Gordon is still living there next year - if he rolls up the want to propose to Lia, he might already be moved out by then) because I don't think he and Claudia are quite ready to play house. They've only been together for two years, which isn't a short time really but considering how messed up they both were before they got together, a little more thinking time might be in order! Neither have rolled an engagement want yet anyway, so we'll see what happens.
  • I'm taking a leaf out of Sari's book and saving my grad posts for the beginning of each year, so grad information for these three will be posted in the summer birthdays.


  1. First off, wrong song popped in my head. I was thinking Popular from the Wicked Musical.

    I agree, they don't seem ready to play house yet. It will be interesting to see Jacob living in the city.

    I kind of want Amar to try his luck with Joann and get shot down :P

    WCIF Claudia's outfit?

  2. I also thought of Popular from the Wicked musical when I saw the title xD But then it's also the only song I know about with the word "popular" in it :P

    I really like Claudia, though I'm not so sure about Jacob, I think half the reason I like Claudia is that I see some of myself in her xD But yeah, don't rush Claudia, kids, marriage, it really really will shift your life around so a few years on your own/with Jacob WITHOUT those ties will be nifty life-exeperience-wise *nod*

    Am I bad if I like Amar? xD He's cute, but he's also quite interesting <_< So he might not be the most reliable guy around, but if nothing else he seems to mostly go for the not-so-reliable-females on campus!

    Oh! And Apple, I know you technically asked Carla, but since I found it yesterday I thought I'd post the link; http://under-your-skin.com/?p=736 I LOVE LOVE LOVE it, too bad my modern 'hood isn't near ready for me to play with xD (Victorian is just getting there, so I have to try and be good)

  3. Thanks for your comments!

    Apple Valley, funny you should mention Wicked! I was actually wondering if people would think I meant that song - my sister went to see it on Saturday night.

    I kind of want Amar to get shot down by Joanna too. Maybe I'll indulge myself when I play Rose and Joanna's lot. ;) I'll see what happens!

    Valneanne is correct about where I got Claudia's top. Her jeans are from the same site but the creator (Kayleigh) has her files temporarily down. But I'm sure you can find some other untuckable jeans somewhere! ;)

    Francesca, no, I was never planning on Jacob sleeping around all his life or even for very long. He doesn't really have the right disposition for that. Although he can sort of see the appeal in that sort of lifestyle but he knows it's not really for him.

    And thank you. Sometimes, nothing really happens at college unless I make it, so I'm glad I was successful this time.

    Valneanne, heh, I know 3 songs called "Popular" and ironically, the one running through my head right now (and since I wrote this update) is not the one from Wicked, or the one by Nada Surf! It's the Darren Hayes song, which I really don't like but it's wedged itself into my head anyway.

    It remains to be seen whether Claudia will appreciate a few years on her own but I think in the end, she might. As for Jacob, he's a good guy too but he just really doesn't want to screw this up, so he's very cautious about moving too fast.

    Hey, everybody likes a villain, sometimes, right? Amar is fun, I have to say! I'll move him in as a playable NPC this summer. I have a vague idea of what he'll be doing and it will likely affect Claudia's update (which will probably be in the first half of next round).

  4. I agree with Apple on Amar. LOL I want to see him gt shot down!

    Claudia is feeling "left behind" by her sister. I hope she gets over that soon. LOL Having a kid and being is such a commited realationship at such a young age can be smothering. She should just be happy where she is at right now, live her life. Maybe get a roommate after graduation, and she how things progress with Jacob. Middle twenties are a good time to maybe start to become serious.

  5. Riverdale, ha, everyone wants to see Amar get his comeuppance! He definitely deserves to get shot down!

    Claudia mostly just wants the stability that Victoria and Finn have but that's something that needs time to build and they've had 8 years.

    I'm not sure what I'll do with Claudia after graduation. I had planned to move her into the family farm straight away but I was just thinking today that it won't really be necessary. Trent is still young enough to run it himself so I might wait until he and Megan are a little older for Claudia to move in. She could probably do with some time on her own two feet.

  6. Amar can be very charming in his sleazy but at the same time he's obviously delusional... I mean, he thinks he has a chance with Joanna?! I'd love to see him try LOL

    I think it's a great idea to let Claudia live on her own for awhile before she takes over the farm.

  7. Well duh, I was supposed to write "Amar can be very charming in his sleazy way"... note to self, do not leave comments on other people's blogs when you haven't had coffee yet.

  8. I agree, it would be so fun to see Amar get shot down by Joanna! ;)

    I think it's good for Jacob and Claudia to take a bit more time with their relationship. I like them together, but they've been through so much in relationships before now that they need to let things go along slowly and see where it leads to make sure they want to be together. I did feel a some sympathy for Claudia though at the remark about her always feeling a few steps behind Victoria. Aw. *hugs Claudia* There's no need to rush, it'll all happen one day!

  9. Sari, Amar has had his advances accepted by almost every girl he's ever tried it with, so he's got a bit cocky. He's amazingly never come across a lesbian!

    I think that's what I'll do with Claudia. The more I think about, the more I think it'll work out better story-wise anyway. I might leave Claudia on her own until Rebecca heads off to college - that way I can continue to tell both their stories comfortably, rather than cramming them together.

    Shana, I'll have to see what happens next time I play Joanna then!

    I think Claudia can be safe and take her time with Jacob. Feeling like Victoria is steaming ahead while she's left behind is not new for Claudia. She's felt like that since she was 12 or 13 and Victoria got her first kiss years before Claudia did. And she's Family secondary, so she's going to want to settle down. Jacob's Family primary though, so that's something he'll want eventually too. Neither of them need to do it at 22 though.

  10. Oh man, Jacob, don't take advice from AMAR! lol!

    Wow, all the doubts from him. It makes me nervous (for Claudia), but I guess it's better that he takes thing slowly then. If he went ahead knowing he was uncomfortable, it would just make things worse.

    And she should too anyway. They have all the time in the world... not that I can really talk on my own behalf, lol!

    LOL @ Amar's crush on Joanna!

    One vote for Nada Surf here! (and what a perfect song for this post, lol!) Never seen the Wicked musical.

  11. Laura, I think Jacob was probably better off when Finn was around to set a good example!

    In this case, Amar is probably right, though probably not for the reasons he's thinking. He and Claudia could both use a little time before rushing into things, even if Claudia doesn't see it that way yet.

    Yay, Nada Surf! I've actually only heard the Wicked song through my sister singing it. From that, it doesn't sound like something I'd like much! I'll stick to Nada Surf. ;)

  12. Amar is turning into a character. Love his obsession with Claudia. It's like he's having all the girls to find his Claudia replacement or to hopefully make her jealous just to see if she still cares for him.

    And moving Jacob out on his own is good idea I think. I mean, he is young, and considering his past, and how hard it was to make a decision, taking his time seems smart.

  13. Lunar, Amar is pretty fun to play, in all his jerkishness. He'll probably be one of those playable NPCs who I actually play, like Matilda. Poor Claudia though - he still tries to hit on her but he's so undiscriminating with who he'll hit on that it's almost insulting.

    I think Jacob will do well to have some time on his own. Apart from taking his time with the Claudia thing, he's always lived in such huge households that it'll be good for him to be in a slightly quieter household for a while too.

  14. See, I don't necessarily see Claudia ready to get married and play house... BUT I do see her mentally thinking, that it'd be great to have a kid, so the kids could play together.

    I mean, what girl doesn't want to have kids at the same time as their BFF? And with twins, Id imagine too... but I think Claudia knows now isn't a good time (from lack of wants).

    These two are cute together. And wow, Amar, what a sleazebag.

  15. Maisie, Amar is gross but entertaining!

    No, I don't think Claudia is really ready for marriage either. I think she mostly just wants to know that it's coming, one day, even if that's a few years away. And if she was living with Jacob, it might feel a little more real for her.

    But I think she knows now is not the time for her to be having babies. It's not even really the time for Victoria to be having babies - she and Finn have just made the best of a tough situation but it's not what they would have chosen.

  16. totally thought this was for wicked too, LOL.

    I don't like Amar's ways. but then again, he's not that much of a jerk about it. At least hes upfront with his women!

    I'm happy for Claudia and Jacob! I liked his line I only want to get married once... so true!

  17. bbop, ha, you can probably pretty much assume none of my titles will ever be from musicals. I'm not much of a fan.

    Amar's a jerk but I guess he's not pretending not to be. That's something!

    Jacob definitely wants to get married but I don't see him being ready in the next couple of years. He's still rolling wants for his exes, as is Claudia so some time would do them both good.