Sunday, 14 March 2010

You say it's your birthday, Winter 2022

Victoria Kirby has just entered her second trimester and she, Finn and little Declan are all awaiting the birth of Baby Romilly #2. He/she will arrive in the summer.

Four little ones are celebrating their first birthdays this winter in Sullivan!

First up is Austin Carmody...

...and his twin sister Lauren.

No toddler pic of Jesse but here is Abigail as a little girl.

The Moretti twins are also turning 1! Here's Justin...

...and here's Xavier.

Here's their dad Evan as a little boy...

...and their mother Ione.

  • Argh, those eye ridges will be the death of me! They smooth out but my God, they look so weird on toddlers, especially on Austin! I aged them both up to check they don't look too weird and they don't. Lauren actually turns out so cute as an adult, and she doesn't look anything like anyone else in the hood either, so I'm excited!
  • Justin and Xavier look like they have mostly Romilly features to me, which is fine. There are enough Moretti genes in the pool! But you think it might be time for Evan to get a new hairstyle? I just realised he's had the same haircut since he was 1!


  1. Lol about Evan's haircut, it looks fine :)
    All of your toddlers look adorable, as most toddlers do, and Victoria and Finn look like they're all good as well!

  2. LOL! Maybe he might need a new haircut, but then again if it ain't broke...

  3. Victoria's baby is due after she graduates, right?

    The eye ridges just kind of look like he's squinting a bit.

  4. Tessa, thanks!

    Victoria and Finn should be okay, once they get settled. I still need to go and check that apartment I'm thinking of moving them into, to make sure it's as suitable as I remember it!

    Apple Valley, very true! It still looks good on him, so I probably won't change it for now. Maybe when he's a little older and can't carry it off as well any more!

    Francesca, yes, that's right. She's already "graduated", really but I'm trying a new thing where I leave the Sims in college for the rest of the year and move them back to the hood the following summer (which is when Victoria is due) and reveal graduation details and new living situations in the birthdays post.

    The eye ridges look better in that picture than they do in game. I'm careful with how I frame my shots (even more so) with those eye ridges! But Austin turns out okay, so no surgery or anything like that.

  5. Austin sure looks interesting but most toddlers turn out much better when they grow up a bit.

    LOL about Evan's haircut! I have a few sims who have had the same haircut for decades as well.

    Finn and Victoria are so adorable!

  6. I've been lurking for some time now and I really like your neighborhood :)
    I just wanted to say that I don't think Austin is looking weird at all. He's got something noble about him with that long nose and those worried eyebrows. I think he's my favourite of the whole bunch, but I'm very curious how everyone will turn out.
    But those eye ridges are truly weird. I've never seen those before, but then again I'm a very slow player and haven't had many toddlers yet :)

  7. Sari, yes, I've never had a toddler look worse as a child. I love how all the Carmody kids look so different from one another but they still look related.

    It's really hard to pick hair for the Moretti boys, for some reason, which is probably why I've never changed Evan's. It took me forever to find one I really liked for David and even longer for Caleb.

    orangebreeze, hi, nice to hear from you! I always love it when someone delurks. ;)

    Poor Austin...if he was a real kid, he might be developing a complex about his eye ridges right about now! I'm glad you like him though.

    The eye ridges are fairly odd but not an uncommon feature on toddler Sims with a parent who's been heavily edited in Body Shop. If you don't stray far from the default templates, you don't tend to see features like this.

  8. I'm really looking forward to Baby Romily #2.
    Babies are always something to look forward to.

    Happy birthday to Austin, Lauren, Justin and Xavier!

  9. Tanja, me too! It's why I'm never too disappointed by a pregnancy, even a very inconvenient one!

  10. Yay for babies! I'm all about breeding my sims.

    This weekend I took it upon myself to play my game (instead of studying like I should've been doing). I've played up to mid-spring my first round. Hopefully, I can post some entries and schedule them since RL is taking so much of my time.

    Right now, I have 5 toddler girls (that are so achingly adorable) and three pregnancies that I'm hoping will result in boys.

  11. LaToya, sending you lots of boy vibes! It's always a bit of a pain in later years when you've had a girl streak and then there's no one to set them up with!

  12. The moretti boys look like trouble already, lol!

    I love toddlers, and how cool was it to have the parents toddler pics to compare it too!

  13. bbop, I love toddler comparisons; I always do them. I'm obsessed with genetics so I love to see what features have passed on.

    I don't know how much trouble Justin and Xavier will be but it'll be interesting to watch. They've both got 10 nice points like their parents!