Monday, 29 March 2010

Round 26 ROS

Whee, no deaths! I've got some elder deaths coming up though and I am totally sad about at least one of them. :(

Ugh, this 9 to 5 blows! You quit your job to be your own boss. Good luck to you! - I've got an idea for this one already. :D
Get gold badge
Errands - visit 4 community lots before the end of the day
Renovations! - a total makeover for one room of your house
Cheapskate (take someone out on date and skip out on bill)
Win 4 new friends

Nothing particularly game-altering at first glance but I think I might be able to make something interesting out of all of them this round.


  1. Oh my, another dine and dash I see! They really aren't too bad, except for the job quitting one, it'll probably be pretty funny with you writing it though :D

  2. They look mostly fun, the job quitting can be annoying but you seem quite content with it :)

  3. Dang, looks like Zelda just missed that ROS.

  4. Tessa, I seem to draw the dine and dash a lot. I think this is the fourth time!

    Sari, I'm quite happy with the job quitting one, because I know exactly what I'll have this Sim do instead. In fact, I almost had them do the same thing in Round 25 but stalled.

    Laurel, Zelda does what she wants! She doesn't need the ROS's permission to quit her job, LOL.

  5. Sounds like the quitting worked out perfectly! Glad that it's nothing shattering like death or possible deaths. There's been just too many deaths in these parts lately! And no, no, no! I don't want to hear about upcoming elder deaths, if they make you sad, then I know it's going to be rough. :(

  6. Too many deaths? I only had one this round! LOL.

    And yep, sorry to say we will be saying goodbye to at least one really awesome Sim this round! :(

  7. That's one too many!

  8. LOL, well, it was time! All the oldies need to make for all the new Sims. :)