Tuesday, 30 March 2010

You say it's your birthday, Summer 2023

Okay, this might be my biggest birthday post ever! I've decided to do my graduation posts in the summer instead of in the middle of the year in winter, so that added an extra 5 people to the roster!

As with birthday posts though, it's pretty much all pic spam so it only looks long. ;) Why don't we start with the pregnancy updates?

Tatiana is awake because she's uncomfortable and very pregnant and Jonas is up because he's being a worry-wart again! Not too much longer to wait though; Baby #4 is due in Autumn!

Over at Suffolk University, Victoria has just gone into labour, not that 2 year-old Declan cares at all.

It would be more of a concern if Finn was so disinterested but fortunately, that's not an issue.

And it's a baby sister for Declan! Welcome Caitlin Siobhan Romilly!

Mitchell Carmody is now 4 and has developed his dad's propensity for freckling.

Julia Gray, daughter of Corbin and Pamela (playable NPCs), is now 12 and ready for high school. Oddly for a 12 year-old, she's already thinking about grandchildren! She'd really like to have two of them one day.

Hope Collins will be joining her friend Julia at high school this year. She wants to some day be an ecological guru.

Sarah Carmody is 18 and now living on campus at Novak Hall. Unlike most freshmen, she's already chosen her major; Sarah will be studying History.

Liam Weaver is 60...

...as is Araminta Romilly. She already has 4 grandchildren - how many will she have by the time her kids are finished?!

It's shaping up to be a big year for Victoria. She's just had her second child and is fresh out of university to boot. She wasn't sure what to do with her biology degree but has finally decided to go into Oceanography. Victoria is beginning with the prestigious position of Dolphin Tank Cleaner.

It's a big year for Finn too, for the same reasons. Finn is still planning on getting his master's but he's decided to wait on that for a couple of years. In the mean time, he'll be working at Sullivan Primary School. He, Victoria, Declan and Caitlin have set up house at Harcourt Lofts in Exeter.

Claudia Kirby is staying with her parents until she can sort out her living situation, which is more expensive than she realised. Thankfully, she has the job situation sorted out at least. She's a campaign worker.

Claudia's boyfriend, Jacob Weaver, has also graduated. He's not sure what he wants to do (or what he can do) with his literature degree, so he's washing dishes until he thinks of something better! He's living in a share house with Gordon Nott, until Gordon moves out to marry Lia.

After that, Jacob will be stuck in the house with Amar Hamilton, his other room mate and our final graduate. Amar has an art degree but is quite happy to work at a convenience store. For the rest of his life? Maybe! Amar just wants to rack up some more girls.

Olivia Nihill has taken the big step of moving in with her long-time boyfriend Steve Rider. They are living in his unit (now their unit) in Sullivan.

And now for some graduation pic spam. I may have gone a little nuts but I don't think me going crazy with posing will be earth-shattering news to any of you.

First of all, Claudia and Victoria totally blew my mind! Their noses are different! How have I not noticed this before? I never realised how similar Megan's nose is to Trent's. It looks like Victoria has Megan's nose and Claudia has Trent's, as does Rebecca.

It's harder to tell from front on though but I think Victoria's nose is slightly narrower and Claudia's is a little longer.

Here's the whole Kirby clan. Rebecca is such a Trent clone.

Photo session was moved inside, due to very heavy rain.

I think Finn is the cutest graduate ever. I love him.

Here's the lame family portrait.

And here's the awesome one, except it's with Caitlin V1.0 (see notes at the end), who had blonde hair. If I put it in a frame with the antique camera, I think the eyebrows will be even less noticeable, so I'm probably going to use this one anyway.

Finn with his parents and sisters.

And just so you know, I think Declan is going through the terrible twos.

Then I headed over to the dorms to do grad pics for Amar, Claudia and Jacob.

Amar, obviously.

Claudia, who is so hard to pose. Her mouth goes funny when she smiles. Victoria's does the same thing but not to the same extent.

And here's Jacob.

Aw, bless! He's still not moving in with you yet though, Claudia!

I know they're only half-siblings but do Tatiana and Jacob share even a single feature? They both have brown eyes and I think that's about it.


  • I crashed while I was on Finn and Victoria's lot and of course, had not saved after she had the baby. I had to reload the lot about a million times before they finally had a girl again. I would have just let them have another boy but I'd already grown attached to the name. Caitlin V1.0 was a blonde though, and this Caitlin is a redhead. If I've interpreted the simDNA pop-up correctly, I think Caitlin will end up with Finn's nose.
  • Hope has Emil's nose! I never realised it when she was a child, though I should have because Anna's nose is so different from his. Hope is Family/Pleasure, by the way and Julia is Knowledge/Family.
  • After moving into their apartment, Finn and Victoria have about $11,000 left. That's enough to pay for Finn's master's up front but I'm going to hold off on that for a little while.
  • Claudia will be in her own place by the time you see her next. I was having trouble finding a place for her but I'll have her all moved in in time.
  • I've updated the playable NPCs post, if you're interested. I've been forgetting to note when I've updated it lately so it could be quite different from the last time you saw it!


  1. Oh my goodness I LOVE Caitlin! Her whole name is perfect! So does she have red hair then or blonde?

    Tatiana is getting so close, I love the graduation picture with her in it, she sure looks fully pregnant!

    Amar is gorgeous. It's really a shame that he's not a nice sim. And I agree Finn is a great looking graduate!! LOVE the smile and the squint to his eyes.

  2. Mitchell is the cutest. I love the way that the freckles look on him.

    Julia makes me want to find a way to add Corbin's DNA to my hood. He makes some good looking kids

  3. Thanks for your comments!

    Maisie, well, you can understand why I had to reload again and again to get a girl then! Declan and Caitlin...it was just perfect and I didn't want to give it up and have to think of a boy name! Caitlin is a redhead, btw, like her mum. The first Caitlin, pre-crash, was a blonde though. I'm short on redheads though, so I'm almost glad I crashed.

    Those H&M meshes are have crazy big pregnancy morphs. There's quite a difference between Tatiana's belly in that dress and then in her PJs at the beginning of the update.

    You know, I was looking at Amar's personality and he's got 7 nice points! I guess some guys just go through a douchey stage and maybe that's what's happening with Amar.

    That smile I've got on Finn there is the "Embarrassed Smile" option on Decorgal's modelling overlay. It should be called "Adorable Smile". I love it so much.

    oasisvalley, I love Mitchell too. I was a little worried about his eye ridges, which were quite prominent when he was a toddler but they've smoothed out nicely.

    I used to think Julia looked a lot like Corbin but she's looking more and more like Pamela as she grows up. She's definitely got that famous Corbin nose though! Is Corbin wandering around Oasis Valley anywhere? I could probably package him up and let you download him, if you'd really like him.

    By the way, I'm slowly but surely making my way through Oasis Valley. I'm up to Round 6 right now. :D

  4. Aww, they're so cute with the new baby. Gosh, crashing games are never fun especially in your situation. I'm glad it worked out though.

    I can't wait to see Claudia's new place. I love how you have some of the grads holding temp jobs until they can figure out what to do with their degrees while others seem to have it all wrapped up.

  5. I agree with Maisie, Amar is gorgeous. That new hairstyle suits him perfectly. Maybe one day he'll grow up and stops acting like a douche bag.

    It's funny, I recently added both Caitlin and Siobhan to my name list. I love those names. Too bad about the crash, I hate when it happens. Glad you could work it out.

  6. Welcome Caitlin, and Congratulations to all the graduates!!

    In my opinion, Victoria and Finn graduating while having two children and surviving MERITS a lot of pic spam. Plus, I know how it is to pretty much adore those favorite Sims.

    I love your birthday posts!

  7. Victoria and Finn are the absolute cutest, shame about the constant restarting for Caitlin. Are Finns teeth (from his solo grad pic) from a skintone or another addition? I got a thing for teeth and I really like his.

  8. I love Victoria and Finn, and I love it that they had a little girl! I hope they now don't have any birth control failures so they can enjoy their 2 gorgeous children!

    Congrats to the newly-graduates!

  9. Apple Valley, you'll see a little bit of Claudia's new place in today's update (Gordon, Jacob and Amar). I'm pretty happy with it, though I put the poor girl into debt to pay the rent and security deposit!

    I hope I can eventually sort out a real job for Amar and Jacob - I've still got no ideas! Claudia's job is probably temporary too, though I can more easily see her doing that for life.

    Sari, a few Amar fans around, heh! There's an Amar update today and no sign of any more maturity so far. Still kind of a douche!

    I almost used Siobhan up front but it sounded better switched in the end. But I love both names too.

    Francesca, I love doing my birthday posts, so I'm glad you like reading them!

    I think such a effort deserves pic spam too but I would have done it even if they'd sat on their asses and partied their way through! LOL.

    rome_raven, thanks, I love them too. Finn's teeth are just a part of the default skin tones I use. They're the same as all my other Sims' teeth but I guess his particular shape of mouth makes them look extra cute.

    Tanja, LOL, well, you know I love Victoria and Finn and I was happy they had a girl too. I've got my fingers crossed that the BC will work for them better in the hood than it did at uni!

  10. Wow! Looks great! Finn and Victoria look lovely, and I just adore Victoria's new haircut! Caitlin Siobhan (Ha! I know how to pronounce that, I'm irish! :P )looks lovely, even though I'm sure it caused you a lot of trouble to re-load all of that! And yes, Corbin does make some good looking kids.
    Amar's okay I guess... but I like Jacob better :D, and Araminta looks great. She totally works that elder look!

  11. Tessa, Victoria's face makes it hard to choose just the right hairstyle sometimes but I think I'm getting used to working with it, because it wasn't as hard this time as it was for me when she aged to teen or YA.

    I only had to reload the game once, thankfully - the rest of the time I just had to reload the lot. I would have been much more angry if I had to reload the game, because mine takes almost an hour to load!

    Jacob is cute. He didn't turn to be as much of a pretty boy as I thought he was going to be when he aged to teen. He's still a little pretty though. ;)