Sunday, 7 March 2010


Round 25: Summer 2022
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Jace Novak is 65, Magdalena is 58 and Tessa is 13.
(Gordon is 26, Lia is 25, Maia is 20, Nick is 19, Rebecca is 13 and Susannah is 12)

Narrated by Tessa Novak

If I had it my way, I would have started dating by now. There aren't many good prospects around here though!

Gabriel is nice but he's not really that cute. He's more like a boy friend, than a boyfriend, you know?

Besides, he's kind of banned from our house right now anyway. Dad caught him helping himself to some of our wine. He's convinced Gabriel is headed for juvenile delinquency.

But seriously, who does that anyway? I told him Dad would be home any second but he insisted it'd be okay.

I asked Dad if I'd be allowed to date, if someone asked me. I'm only a year younger than Maia was when she started dating Jacob, so it seems fair to me.

Dad seemed to find my reasoning hilarious. I can date when I'm 14 and not a day before.

Mum is in complete agreement with Dad, unfortunately. It's not up for discussion. Honestly, I think they'd both be thrilled if I ended up not getting a boyfriend until college, like Lia. I really hope I don't have to wait that long!

Speaking of Lia's boyfriend, Gordon has totally ruined Dad for any guy I ever try to bring home.

Dad just does not trust him and I'm amazed Gordon comes into the house at all, the way Dad looks at him sometimes!

I think the only reason he's even allowed in the house is because Lia is happy with him.

Dad's even still a little bit suspicious about Nick, Maia's boyfriend and he hasn't even done anything wrong!

I really like him though and so does Mum. Mum says Dad will come around once he realises he doesn't need to worry about Maia and Nick.

So Dad is a little over-protective of all of us, but he's pretty awesome too. He took me to the pet store the other day and told me I could pick out anything I wanted!

We ended up with an Italian greyhound, who I named Daisy. I've been given full responsibility for training and taking care of her, so she's pretty much my dog.

I don't particularly love getting up at the crack of dawn to take her out to do her business...

...and I don't love chasing her around the house to stop her from destroying everything, but I do love Daisy! She's getting better every day.

Seeing I can't date yet, when I'm not looking after Daisy, I hang out with my friends Rebecca and Susannah.

We try to do stuff that doesn't cost much money because well...we don't have much money!

Rebecca and I got into trouble last year for running out of restaurants without paying, so we have to save our money for food when we're out.

Rebecca and Susannah aren't allowed to date yet either, but Rebecca flirts with boys anyway. She just makes sure her parents don't find out about it.

She thinks I should do the same thing. I can't lie to my parents though. I'm a terrible liar. I think that's why we ended up getting caught trying to skip out on our bill that time. I probably just looked guilty!


Whee! I got the Flirt.../Text Message option to work! This is one of the hidden interactions that's unlocked with the allmenus cheat and it always used to drop out of the queue for me. Well duh...obviously, both Sims need a phone in their inventory! I didn't notice any change in relationship (I was trying it out with Tessa and Gabriel) but I might try it with a couple who actually have some chemistry and see what happens!

  • Title is from Perfect by Smashing Pumpkins.
  • Gabriel went to the "nectar bar" on his own. I didn't think visitors would use that unless there were drinks already served but I was wrong.
  • I checked Tessa and Rebecca's chemistry with the new teen playable boys (the ones who aged up this round) and got nada. Figures! I probably need to adjust turn ons a bit - I usually leave them as is until I start seriously looking for a match-up.
  • Stupid Gordon still hasn't rolled the want to get married and I think I figured out why - he's secondary Popularity! Lia's getting impatient!


  1. Tessa is something else, already looking for a boyfriend :P It's funny that the teen guys don't have high chemistry. Eh, that's what high school is all about-you don't find your soulmate most times you go through a few frogs.

  2. Apple Valley, heh, I don't know if Tessa so much wants a boyfriend as she does a date. Or several dates. She doesn't spin up specific romantic wants - just the want to go on a date! She's a lot of fun though. :)

  3. Lia and Gordon-- you'd think that he'd roll up the want for marriage just so he could sleep with her, lol.

    And I didn't know you could text message! That's awesome.

    I loved Tessa's voice. I can hear her speaking and she sounds like SUCH a teen.

  4. "Honestly, I think they'd both be thrilled if I ended up not getting a boyfriend until college, like Lia."

    She makes it sound like that is a fate worse than death LOL! Poor girl ;)

    Jace cracks me up, it looks like his eyes are shooting darts at Gordon. I hope he gets over it someday though because it's difficult for Lia to try to balance inbetween.

  5. Lunar, LOL, I was thinking the same thing! If Gordon's hoping Lia will change her mind about the no sex before marriage thing, I think he might be surprised!

    The text messaging is pretty cute. At first, I thought it was the same animation as when they dial but they use both hands, and they frown and smile while they read it.

    And thank you! It's been almost 10 years since I was a teenager, so I'm glad Tessa sounds authentic enough. :D

    Sari, well, everything's life and death when you're 13! And 18 seems like so far away at that age.

    Jace is keeping mum about Gordon, until he gives him a reason to really distrust him again. But he's definitely keeping an eye on him! Maybe if Gordon proposed, that would prove to Jace that he was serious about committing to Lia. That remains to be seen, I guess!

  6. Tessa just needs to be patient, but I don't think patience and a 13-year old girl go well together! I have to agree with her parents, 13 is little bit too young be dating.

    Jace really has his eye on Gordon! I hope Gordon will propose really soon, and that by proposing to Lia, Jace's opinion will change. But then again, he's just a dad, worried about his daughters!

  7. Tessa's parents may be a bit worried about her dating because she looks older than 13, lol. Her dad's reaction to her asking to date was great. My husband laughs at my teenage daughter's requests quite often (not in a mean way).

    You are tempting me again with the text message flirts (still haven't decides to do the allmenus on cheat). The reason I decided not to do it before was I noticed that it disables free will automatically. Do you keep it off most of the time in game?

    I'm so excited for Max & Zaria's wedding, by the way.

  8. Tanja, exactly! They always want to grow up so fast but I think Tessa might be thankful her parents made her wait a little before she started. That might take a few years though!

    My dads who have all daughters always seem much more protective than the ones who have a son or two as well. I can imagine David Sitko being like this with his girls once they're older.

    Francesca, ha, isn't that usually the way with Sims? Unless they're especially cutesy looking, teens tend to usually look about 16 to me.

    If you use allmenus on, you won't want to have it on all the time. It simply enables far too many options and would be really annoying for regular play. I didn't even realise it turned off free will, because when I use it, I have the cheat on for such a short time. It's turned off by default when you load the game and I actually don't even tend to use it every time I play. But boy am I glad for it when I do!

    Max and Zaria's wedding is up now, though you probably won't see it until at least tomorrow!

  9. Poor girl, no tonly is she not allowed to date there's hardly no good biys to pick from. And really, drinking your friend's dad's wine? Not good.

    I can't get eh allmenus cheat to work. I did what she said to do, but when I click on my sims I have no extra options at all. Am I doing something wrong?

  10. Riverdale, ah, Tessa will live! LOL, she might just have to wait a while. ;)

    When you go into the game, are you typing in allmenus on? It's off by default. You need to manually turn it on after starting the game in debug mode.

  11. I love Tessa! She sounds so cute and fun, and I liked seeing her hanging out with her friends. :)

    Don't worry, Tessa. It won't be too much longer before you can date and then you'll be driven crazy by the boys and wish you weren't dating sometimes, lol! ;)

  12. Shana, this age is really fun to play in general, I think but I find Tessa and her friends especially charming, for some reason.

    And ain't that the truth! This is why I think she'll be glad her parents made her wait, eventually!

  13. I remember having a rule that I wasn't allowed to date until I was 16 and it was THE END OF THE WORLD! Turns out I didn't find anyone I wanted to date until I was 16 anyway, lol!

    I think Tessa will be okay - she should cherish these days with her girlfriends before any of them have a boyfriend. Those were some great times. Once boys/men really come into the picture, it's never the same again. *sigh*

    But Gordon, lol! I'd be scared to show up at that house too! Those are some death glares! And poor Nick, having to follow in Gordon's footsteps, lol!

  14. Laura, yeah, Tessa doesn't actually have anyone she wants to date either - it's just an injustice that she's not allowed to!

    I so miss those days! I don't miss going to school but the kinds of relationships girls have with their friends at that age are awesome. I miss that, for sure.

    Poor Nick...Gordon has made Jace extremely suspicious of this whole boyfriend thing. He'll come around - Nick's a good boy.