Monday, 29 March 2010

Round 25 Outtakes

I said during the high school update that Rebecca was mortified by Tessa's eating habits. Have you ever seen a Sim look more disgusted in your life? She's even been put off her food!

Maia and Nick can be frequently spotted around the dorm being all cute and romantic. Nobody seems to mind, except Maia's drama professor.

He'd really like Maia for himself and when she rejects him, he actually has the nerve to lower her grade!

But Professor Sleaze is not picky; he'll take anyone! His next target is Nick, who is nothing short of horrified.

Professor Sleaze has trouble with social cues because he doesn't see why Nick is so bothered by a complete stranger trying to make out with him. Doesn't everybody do that?

I think he might be suitably chastised now.

Hey Rob, I didn't have Josie reject Will's proposal purely for the entertainment of others, you know! Well, I did but you're not included in that group. Go away and let Will hang onto his last shred of dignity.

I told you in the comments for this post that I set up Jacob's rejection of Patience because the way it really happened didn't quite make sense. This is how it really happened. I think Patience booty called him and he stripped down and then refused to go any further.

I don't know what he thought she was planning to do with him in her underwear on her bed. Maybe he just wanted to be as stone cold as possible with the rejection! Check out that sad face!

"Hey Mum, congratulations on all those affairs you had!" What the hell, Jonas? You're supposed to be disturbed by your parents' open marriage, remember?

Avert your eyes, people! What a welcome to the family for Maia - being treated to the sight of her boyfriend's stepdad's ass while he's sponging himself down in front of the sink!

  • Professor Sleaze making the moves on Maia and then Nick was completely autonomous. Drama professors, if you've not had the pleasure, literally fall immediately in love with every Sim they meet.


  1. LOL!!!!!!!!!!! I'm laughing so hard right now, my sister is just staring at me like I'm off my rocker :P

  2. OMG!!!! It was so funny. Jonas congratulating Mina on all her affairs pushed me over the edge LOL!

  3. RE: the professor. Why are the crazy ones so dang fine?

    And I love Jacob covering up his man-boobies.

  4. Glad you all enjoyed it, guys!

  5. Oh man these are HILARIOUS!!

    WTHeck Jonas!!! The thumbs up is just the best part!

    I don't think I've noticed before, but Rob is looking mighty fine at the pub!

    And OH MY!!! That professor is a riot!! I've never had the pleasure of dealing with a drama professor, at least not in this regard.

  6. LOL, it was funny enough when I saw that Jonas was congratulating Mina but when he did the thumbs up, I just said "well, you are destined for outtakes, you two!"

    Rob is quite a handsome Sim, yes.

    I've had the drama professor thing before but not for a long time!

  7. Somehow I missed that you'd posted the outtakes. I love these! These were no less hilarious.

    Jacob and Patience in particular, lol! "I don't know what he thought she was planning to do with him in her underwear on her bed. Maybe he just wanted to be as stone cold as possible with the rejection! Check out that sad face!" LMAO! That was a seriously sad face.

    Also Jesse ass-- yum! Haha. Love that Abigale is just like, "Do how's school going?

  8. Lunar, not only has Abigail seen Jesse's ass more times than she can count, she's fairly used to seeing it in the kitchen as well. Left to his own devices, Jesse always chooses a sponge bath over an actual bath or shower. He's silly.

    That Jacob and Patience thing was just nutty. That's why I love my Sims though. ;)

  9. LMAO That's why I got a hack to stop all the congratulating. I just wish they'd stop congratulating on every little thing, like the affair for instance. Or the husband congratulating his wife on moving into a new house when he moved too and is living with her, idiot!

    Poor Patience :(. She looks so hurt.

    I loooove Josie's face when Will was proposing LOL. She's like "oh gawd nooo!" And the faces Nick made when the professor tries to kiss him. Maia just stands there and smiles. Great stuff!

    Oh how can I forget about Jesse's bare ass in the kitchen. I bet Nick and Maia wish they had blinders or something.

  10. Danielle, on occasion, the congratulating has been useful for blogging. I just get rid of the speech bubble and I can pretend they're congratulating each on anything. And it amuses sometimes, LOL.

    Will proposing to Josie and getting rejected is still one of the funniest things I've seen in the game. And I posted one of those Nick and Maia pics with the professor at N99, for Caption This.

    Nick and Maia probably wish they had blinders but apparently, a lot of people reading this would have liked a close-up. When I looked at my stats, more people opened up the full-size version of that pic than any other pic!