Sunday, 28 March 2010

Center of attention

Round 25: Spring 2022
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Eliot Lane is 36, Cordy is 29 and Timothy is 2.
(Augustin and Hanna are both 67, Linnea and Debbie are both 62, Luc is 29 and Asha is 25)

Narrated by Eliot Lane

Once a week, Cordy and I take Timothy to go and see Linnea. Cordy's brother Luc goes over with Asha at the same time, so Timothy gets to see all the family.

Linnea seems genuine to me. I think she really does love Timothy and she wants to be a part of his life.

Cordy won't go see her mother unless she knows Luc will be there. She thinks he acts like a buffer between her and Linnea. If those two want to get into it though, they will, with or without Luc.

Luc's not usually necessary anyway, as they're both a lot better with each other than they used to be. Cordy's just still very wary about anything to do with her mother.

They've definitely made progress. We stay for dinner now, instead of the 15 minute obligatory visits we used to make before Timothy was born.

Timothy is lucky that he'll know of all four of his grandparents. Not everyone does, like Cordy for one. My parents live just up the street and they come by at least every weekend, sometimes a couple of times during the week too.

Weekends are when we have the big get-togethers though - barbeque lunch when it's warm enough, like it has been lately. Hopefully we can make it a tradition!

Debbie's cut her hours right back recently, so she's able to come and see us all the time too.

I do want Timothy to know all of his grandparents but personally? I'd take Debbie over Linnea any day. Linnea was standoffish with me when we met - she wasn't happy about how quickly Cordy and I got serious - but Debbie was warm and welcoming from the start. They're so different and it makes me wonder how they ever stayed in love long enough to get married.

Timothy's been so curious about Linnea's dog lately that we decided we'd get him one of his own. We took him down to the pet store and got a puggle named Napoleon. Timothy was a little wary of him at first, so Cordy got down on the floor with him to show him he was a nice puppy.

That seemed to work. Napoleon's a very tolerant dog, as you can see.

I love things like that about being a dad, showing Timothy new things but I have a great time just hanging out with him too.

Whenever I'm downstairs, I always bring one of his toys down so we can hang out together.

Cordy enjoys motherhood as well - she was so excited when Timothy's first word was 'mama'.

She's been home with him more than I have though, so she's had a tougher time with him. Timothy can be very demanding.

He's very active too. Even before he was walking, we had to watch him every second or he'd be getting out onto the porch or even worse, into the backyard where the pool is.

Thank goodness he loves his toys so much and they keep his attention for a good while. Cordy and I would never get to eat or shower otherwise.

You'd think all that might turn me off more kids but it hasn't. I already want another one!

Cordy and I haven't agreed on when to start trying yet but the original plan was we'd revisit the idea when she stopped swimming. She just made assistant coach so I'm hoping within a couple of years or so, there might be another addition to our family!


Aww! Luc loves Timothy. His panel filled up with Timothy wants the second he arrived on the lot. I love it when extended family members take an interest in new little ones!

  • Title is from Center of Attention by Guster.
  • Just in case there was any doubt, I never have to wait very long to get pictures of Cordy and Linnea fighting. No pose hacks, no talking animation paintings. It was harder to get pictures of them getting along!
  • Cordy and Eliot are probably some of the best parents I've seen in the game. I didn't once see Timothy asleep on the floor or with a dirty nappy. They're pretty good at attending to his needs.
  • Linnea and Eliot have never become friends but Debbie really likes him. She also really likes Asha. When I had Debbie over visiting, she was very keen on talking to Eliot, entertaining Eliot, etc. and she had a few wants for Asha too. She's a Knowledge Sim, so it's not like she's Popularity and she's spinning these wants just because she wants to be friends with everyone. I like to think she wants to be friends with them because they're her children's partners. It makes it all seem so realistic.


  1. First of all: AAWWWWW! Timothy is so cute! I love the picture where he's staring down at the dog from Eliot's lap. This is such a sweet family.

    Luc seems like he might become a good father. I can't wait to see his offspring.

  2. Luc with his nephew is SO CUTE!

    And I also loved that picture of Timothy and Napoleon. I actually laughed out loud at that and Jay had to look, lol.

  3. Timothy is a cute kid especially that picture with him and the puggle. Very cute.

    I hate it when a parent and child sim doesn't get along. Victoria Hale and David Hale are like that. They can't talk about everything. All their chats end up being a negative reaction. They aren't even friends in the game.

    It really sucks especially if you are trying to bring them closer.

  4. Thanks for reading everyone!

    Sari, I know, I was so excited to play these three because I love them. I really couldn't ask for a better blend of Eliot and Cordy than Timothy - he's so cute.

    Our minds are running along the same track, because I was thinking the same thing about Luc!

    Lunar, I know, I pretty much died of the cute! He picked him up autonomously and I had to make him selectable so he'd put him down so Linnea could hold him! He really loves that kid.

    Napoleon and Timothy are already great friends. He doesn't seem to mind being choked!

    oasisvalley, Linnea and Cordy's relationship is 100/100 so they're technically friends. I kind of think of it as they love each other but they don't particularly like each other. I'm okay with it in this case, because most of my Sims have good relationships with their parents. It's not really realistic to me that Cordy would though, because she and Luc never saw their parents happy and all the fighting was caused by Linnea's infidelity.

    Luc gets along much better with Linnea but he doesn't get along as well with Debbie.

  5. I concur, very cute family. Hopefully they will have another child. At what age were you going to have your sports sims stop working and switch careers?

  6. Timothy was so cute, especially with the puppy! I hope Cordy and Eliot have another kid, if it's as cute as Timothy is. :D By the way, where did you get the toys that Timothy is playing with? Is it a re mesh of one of the Maxis toddler toys?

  7. Timothy= Adorable! You're right, he's the perfect blend of Cordy and Eliot, although to test that theory, there should probably be others to compare him to ;P
    The picture of Luc and Timothy together is adorable too :P, I think all of your sims are just adorable actually!

  8. I agree with Tessa. I see Cordy and Eliot in Timothy. He's such a little man now! LOL! I loved the pic with Luc and Timothy, that's so adorable. It's also good to hear how Eliot and Cordy are great parents all on their own. They definitely deserve to have a bigger family.

  9. Apple Valley, I wasn't thinking of any age in particular, at least not for Cordy. I think it'll depend on what sport I'm pretending they're involved in. Cordy is a swimmer and they tend to retire no later than early 30s. So had she not reached coaching level this round, I probably would have tried to get her into law next round. She's an assistant coach now though, so I'll probably try to get her into the Hall of Fame and then she'll switch.

    Christina, I love toddlers with dogs. I kept waiting for Napoleon to go and lick him in the face but he hasn't done it yet. I think that might be something only the big dogs do.

    And yes, both of the toys are remeshes of the Maxis logic toy. You can get them from Around the Sims 2. Sandy actually has a ton of toddler toys there, so you should definitely check those out. Some are hidden in nursery sets but she has some on their own too.

    Tessa, oh, I do agree! We definitely need to put this theory to the test. :D

    And thanks, I think they're pretty adorable too. :)

    Simmington, I thought Timothy was all Cordy at first but I can see a lot of Eliot in him too now. Those are Eliot's cheeks for sure.

    I love that they're good parents on their own - it seems such a rarity! But I'd see Timothy getting sleepy and send Eliot in to put him in his crib and Cordy would be in there before he had a chance. Really sweet.

  10. Luc is soo cute with Timothy! I love that shot.

    Timothy is adorable, and I really like Eliot, he seems like such a genuine, nice guy-dad.

    That's good that Cordy and Linnea are starting to get a long, at least a little bit.

    It seems like ages since we've had an update of this little family.

  11. Maisie, Eliot's only got one nice point but he acts much nicer than that, for some reason. I've always seen him as quite sweet. He's very shy as well, so that probably tempers the meanness a lot.

    I don't think Cordy and Linnea will ever have that close mother-daughter relationship but if they can keep it civil, that might be enough.

    It felt like ages to me as well. It almost was, I guess! Summer 2020 to Spring 2022 is almost three years!