Monday, 8 March 2010

The Royce-Nihill wedding

Round 25: Autumn 2022
Last update: Spring 2021

Max Nihill is 35 and Zaria Royce is 34.

After 20 years together, Max and Zaria are finally getting hitched! Everything is ready, so now all that's left to do is wait for the guests to arrive.

Bridesmaid Cordy and her husband (and groomsman) Eliot are clearly swept up in the spirit of the day!

Inside, Josh is attempting to be a good little host and entertain the guests. Joanna, however, is displaying all of her usual tact and social graces.

Maybe it's best if they just get on with the ceremony.

The bride and groom are, naturally completely focused on each other.

So they don't notice that their son is getting a little bored. Nobody told him how long this was going to take!

It's a little harder to miss Jessica (loudly!) calling out for her daddy while Max and Zaria are exchanging their rings.

They're almost done though, so whatever Jessica wants can wait.

And finally, they're married!

Did Josh actually end up enjoying the wedding or is he just glad it's over?

Jessica doesn't really know what's going on but she has, at least, stopped whining, momentarily distracted by her fingers.

Caterina is thrilled to see her son married - finally! She never thought she'd see the day!

It doesn't look like marriage has changed these two at all!

Across the yard, bridesmaid (and the groom's sister) Olivia is engaged in the very same activity with her boyfriend Steve. Maid of honour (and the bride's sister) Asha reacts with horror, as she hasn't done the same thing and more in public with her own boyfriend.

The newlyweds are similarly disgusted. If anyone is going to play a game of grab-ass at this wedding, it's going to be them!

Oh, Eliot, aren't you hilarious? Do you know what else you are? 36 years old! But the water feature has served its purpose for the day, so no one gets too upset at Eliot's little prank.

It's time for the reception now and Grandma Kit brings Jessica inside. There are a few toys scattered around the living room for her and hopefully, that'll keep her out of trouble!

But who cares about toys when there are all these new interesting people around? So Jessica takes advantage of her freedom while Kit is lured into conversation by Max's uncle Charlton.

At least one of the kids is occupied. Steve has taken it upon himself to keep Josh entertained for the afternoon.

Perpetual bridesmaids Asha and Olivia have plenty of friends in attendance, so they're enjoying mingling.

Luc is up to his regular tricks, checking out any female who happens to cross his path, including Kirstin Sitko.

In the kitchen, Zaria is really enjoying her wedding cake, despite the strange look she's getting from Ione.

She doesn't really care. It's her wedding day and she'll make a glutton on herself if she wants to!

Zaria's just gulped down the last of her cake when she hears it's time for the toast! Wade, Max's best man, takes care of that, though the newlyweds are also surprised by a toast from Asha and another from Cara.

The afternoon ends with the first dance by the newlyweds.

It doesn't take long for the bridal party and the rest of the guests to join them.

Even Josh gets in on it, dancing on Grandma Kit's toes.

Evan and Ione, perhaps realising that this might be their only chance for some alone time (what with the 9 month-old twins they have at home), decide to take their dancing outside.

Little Jessica hasn't been spotted for a while - where could she have gotten to?

Ah. least it's clean?

She's not in there for long anyway. As soon as the guests leave, it's back to normal parent stuff for Max and Zaria. Don't feel too sorry for them though - they will be heading off on a delayed honeymoon this winter, at their holiday house in Cape Elizabeth.


As always, I did some posed pics after everybody left. cute is Jessica, seriously?

Although what's that they say about working with kids and animals? Something along the lines of "don't"? LOL. Jessica and Pachyderm (I don't know - I was apparently smoking crack when I named him) got in the way of every picture.

Extreme close-up because I love this pose but Max's hand is on Zaria's boob. Not that he's not allowed to touch his own wife's boob but it's a little odd with his mother standing right there!

So, am I the last one to realise that Kit has the Remington Harris face template? Zaria and Asha didn't inherit much from her.

I'm really happy with how these turned out this time and everyone was pretty co-operative too (except for Jessica!)

  • Jessica had "Follow Max" in her queue for the entire wedding. It was really sweet.
  • Luc always looks so lecherous. No one can convince me he's not checking out every single woman who crosses his path!
  • This wedding was a tiny bit annoying! I was getting a lot of lag, which I then realised was due to the water feature behind the arch. Unfortunately, I didn't realise that for a looong time, or else I would have got a lot more pics. You know, because this update is so short on pictures! I was also getting weird bugginess with the wedding cake and with the champagne. I think I've fixed that, so next wedding, they should both work properly!
  • Despite all that annoyance, I was pretty happy with how the wedding turned out visually. I love Zaria's dress so much. It's by Xandher at TSR and you saw Anna wearing it in blue a couple of rounds ago.
  • You won't see the honeymoon, unless something happens. Like Zaria's birth control failing for a seemingly impossible third time! If that happens to anyone, it'll happen to Zaria!
  • No birthdays this autumn, so next update will be with the college gang!


  1. I love the wedding. I haven't done a wedding in so long. Usually a wedding gets a custom made dress that takes at least three different versions, so we'll see. I think either Susie or Verde will be the next to get married.

    I'm dying to see Olivia get married. No, take that back, I'm dying to see her and Steven have babies!

    Zaria's dress was very fitting of her and that pose with the little family was classic.

    I love Jessica's dress btw! And the bridesmaid dresses. Are those all Xander's?

  2. Apple Valley, thank you, I'm glad you liked it. Your Susie might be close to marriage? Wow, I'm kind of surprised! I'm interested to see how that will pan out!

    Steve and Olivia babies! Yeah, I'm kind of excited about that too, as well as doing a wedding for them. Man...I would love to plan a wedding for her.

    Zaria's dress is by Xandher but the bridesmaid dresses are by Maaak and Jessica's is by Uma Design. Both of those creators are also at TSR though.

  3. I don't know how you do it but the weddings in Sullivan are always so perfect! I just don't have the patience for all the details.

    Jessica is such a sweetie, following her daddy the whole time and then falling asleep in the doghouse.

    I agree with Apple Valley, I'm dying to see Steve and Olivia have babies too!

  4. Yay!!!!!! That was so nice. Jessica us a little cutie, and Josh was very mature :)
    Lol at all of bum grabbing!

  5. What is it with bum-grabbing and weddings?? And then the hypocrisy, lol!

    Jessica was perfectly adorable toddling around.

    The detailing on Zaria's dress was so beautiful.

    I never would have known you had lag or issues with the champagne or cake if you hadn't have said, I'm glad it turned out ok in the end.

  6. What a beautiful wedding! I was cheesing through my whole read. I'm so happy for them and glad everything went off without a hitch.

  7. That was absolutely beautiful! I loved the whole thing, and all the pictures you managed to get.

    The kids were so darling in this. I love the picture of Josh playing host. He is SO CUTE, lol. Little Jessica seems to be going through her daddy phase.

    The dress is gorgeous! I love Xander's stuff.

    That first shot of Max and Zaria after the guests have gone is darling. But I also love the shot of the two sisters standing side by side. They look so much alike!

    And Pachyderm, lol! That's a great name for a dog. Hey, my niece and nephew have a cat named Eagle. I used to tease them that they should name their dog Cat and one of the horses, Dog.

  8. Thanks everyone!

    Sari, there is nothing I love more than doing a wedding, so this is all fun for me. No patience required. Well...I could do with some patience with the lag I get and the Sims who just won't look at the camera, even with Look at Player. But by the time I'm running into those problems, everything is already pretty and you guys don't see that! LOL!

    Jessica was a total mummy's girl last time I played this family but she seems to have switched allegiances!

    Babies for Steve and Olivia might be a few Sim years away yet but I'm excited for those two to start a family as well.

    Tessa, bum grabbing seems to be reaching epidemic proportions in Sullivan, huh? LOL.

    Francesca, I'm starting to think Sims are programmed to be more horrified by crude flirting at weddings than they are normally! I've never seen Zaria, Asha or Max react that way to romantic interactions before! I noticed the same sort of think and Evan and Ione's wedding, so there might be something to it.

    The lag I was getting on this lot was nothing compared to the lag I had last night playing one of the new uni lots I've been decorating. Must fix that up!

    Riverdale, aw, thanks! No hitches for Max and Zaria or for me, thank goodness. A little lag but I was waiting to crash like I did for Evan and Ione but I didn't.

    Lunar, thank you, I'm glad you liked it.

    Had I not had so many guests already, I would have invited some more kids. Kids are adorable at weddings (as you can see here) but I usually don't have many because I need to get all the necessary adults there!

    I never realised just how much Zaria and Asha look like until I stood them side by side like that. I think the only difference is that Asha's eyes are larger. Zaria has Leo's eyes.

    Heh, Eagle! The funny thing is in real life, I prefer people names for pets. My dogs are Oscar, Roxy and Harry. But in the game, I tend towards the ridiculous. ;)

  9. I LOVE their wedding! And Zaria's dress is beautiful!

    LOL @ Jessica wanting her daddy during the ceremony. I've been to a few weddings where that has happened, usually right in the middle of the vows. ;) (The funniest one though was my cousin the ring-bearer who decided to spend my aunt's ceremony shouting "Cowabunga, dude!" [this was in 1989 and he was obsessed with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles] and then drop kicking the ring pillow across the church.)

    I love how Zaria and Max are so scandalized by other people grabbing each other's ass, but it's okay if they do it, lol!

  10. Shana, thank you!

    LOL, it just occurred to me that I apparently kept interrupting my aunt's wedding when I was, I think, almost 3. My aunt says I kept calling out "Man talk, man talk" but my mother insists I was more coherent than that by 3 (and she's probably right). Both of them agreed that I was quite loud though!

    Yeah, the butt grabbing! I guess Max and Zaria think they should get some leeway on inappropriate PDAs, seeing they just got married and all! You'd think that would mean they'd be in too good a mood to care what their guests were doing!

  11. Awww! The kids were so cute in this! And what a fun wedding! With the goosing and the soap bubbles, lol!

    Zaria's gown was beautiful! And all the posed pictures looked perfect! Congrats to Max and Zaria! :)

  12. Laura, thanks!

    I think Jessica is one of the most adorable toddlers I have right now and her big brother is pretty cute too. Not quite as sweet though - takes after his dad!

    I went a little crazy with the posed pics this time. I don't even know what I'm going to do with half of them - I just like that I have them!

  13. This was the perfect wedding for these two. Zaria's gown is amazing! I love the photos of it at the end, very elegant and classy. Though her cake eating picture isn't quite as classy as the dress. ;)

    Jessica is SOO cute!!!! I don't want her to age up!

  14. Maisie, thank you! I wanted Zaria's dress to be a little less traditional than what I used for Ione's wedding but still quite elegant.

    Heh, well, Jessica's only 1, so we have a little more time left with her as a toddler. Adorable toddlers have to age up sometime though and it usually turns out well! Olivia was an adorable toddler and look how cute she turned out as an adult!

  15. Aww what a great wedding. And I loved the little Jessica cameos throughout the event. Like everyone already said, she is just too darn cute! I can't wait to see how she looks when she's older.

    Zaria and Asha are so pretty and I love their pic together (along with all the other pics. I love you posed wedding photos :)). They look alike but you can tell Zaria's the older one, even though I don't think you did anything to make her look that way. I'm about to go on a Xander downloading spree.

  16. Danielle, thanks! I love doing weddings and I'm glad you guys seem to like seeing them and reading about them. I think Zaria was one of my favourite brides though.

    Are you not looking at profiles so you don't spoil it for yourself? I wouldn't be able to help myself, lol! Jessica is 4 now (I'm about to play the primary school today and she'll be in pre-school!) and looks much like I was expecting her to. :)

    The posed pics are a lot of fun for me too. You may have noticed just how many I have displayed in most of my Sims' houses! And no, I didn't do anything to make Zaria appear older but I'm glad you think she looks like the older sister anyway. She's shorter (she's like 2 notches above the default teen height) and sometimes I wonder if that might throw people off.

  17. Zaria did make a beautiful bride.

    Hehe I'm trying to be good by not looking at too many profiles so I don't spoil any surprises. But I might have to take a peek at Jessica now that you said she's 4.

    And I know posed pics can be fun and very addicting. I'm using your method to start putting the family photos up in their house but don't have too many yet. I can't wait until their houses are filled with pics from previous generations.

    I think it might be Zaria's eyes that make her look slightly older, to me. Asha has the bigger eyes and, on her, it makes her look younger. And you definitely wouldn't confuse me by having a younger sibling taller than the older. My husband is the baby of 3 boys and he towers over both his brothers by at least 4 inches. They call him their "big, little brother".

  18. Danielle, I thought you might be avoiding the profiles - there are a decent amount of spoilers in there sometimes, in the way of break-ups, couplings and babies.

    I'm at the point with my posed pics that I'm having to be selective with which ones are hanging up, because I literally do not have the space! I end up throwing the old photos into the youngest Sim's inventory but I have no clue what I'll do with them!

    I think you're right about the eyes making the difference. I'm happy it turned out that way because Asha is 9 years younger and in real life, that kind of age difference would likely be pretty visible.

    Heh, my three-years-younger sister is a smidge taller than me.