Sunday, 5 April 2009


Round 14: Days 66-70

Narrated by Samson Clarke

Because my Dad is a rock god now, he brought home this awesome guitar from work! I can't wait until I'm old enough to play it. It's too heavy for me to even pick up right now, let alone play. But it does look really cool.

So I'm counting down the days until I turn 13. Until then, I have to concentrate on my homework. Mum has already started talking about me going to college!

Dad says Mum is very ambitious and that's why she's like that. She even brought home this podium thing from work and set it up on the balcony (she says she likes how her voice sounds up there) so she could practise her cases.

I'm finally 13! Unfortunately, my parents dragged me to the ice skating rink for a family reunion on my birthday.

There was more than just ice skating there. Dad and I got some goofy photos taken in one of the photo booths there.

Seeing I have no money to spend in the shops there, it was just ice skating though. I thought people grew out of this kind of thing by their late 20s. Not my cousin Linnea - such a show-off.

Most of the family seems to have a natural talent for ice skating. Everyone was just gliding around the rink, never once stumbling.

Everyone except my aunt Leontine...

...and me. I really think I've had enough of ice skating for now.

Since then, I've been trying to get to know some of the girls from my school. Alayna comes home on the bus with me most days. She's cute but doesn't seem all that interested.

Maybe working on my dancing will help. Girls like it when guys can dance, right?

I got Naomi to dance with me...

...but not with me, if you know what I mean.

I don't know what Dad's secret is. He's always talking about all the girls he got in high school and in college and all the girls that follow him around now. I don't seem to have his "gift".

I can barely even talk to a girl without her rolling her eyes or sneering at whatever I say!

Random pic:
Samson is very serious about his violin - look at the concentration! I must get him back into it. He hasn't touched it since he became a teen.

  • A very sad family portrait, because I forgot to do a real one. It's fairly representative of the Clarkes though, I think - Georgette reading and Samson being a daddy's boy.
  • Galen rolled an ROS for a family reunion. It was kind of a bust as that lot is way too laggy and they all ended up getting stuck motionless on the rink. But he got the memory of the reunion, soI guess I fulfilled it. Must find or build a better skating rink.
  • Poor Samson. He has none of his dad's inexplicable magnetism. Naomi is flat out repulsed by him (-75 ACR!) and Alayna liked him enough to respond to his booty call (which is not canon, by the way. For the purposes of the blog, I'm pretending it didn't happen) but they've only got 1 bolt. Galen, meanwhile, has 3 bolts with half the female population. Maybe he'll have more luck in college or as an adult.
  • I think I've now completed my journey from being a slight loser to being someone possibly with major issues, because I dreamed about updating my blog last night. I dreamed I was playing the Bentons and Zelda got the want not to go to college. I was very excited, not having seen this want before, and couldn't wait to update you all about it!


  1. Poor Samson! There is always hope for him in college. He's just going through those awkward teen years. Besides, he seems to have the legend of his father to live up to. That'd be hard for anyone to follow.

    LOL at you dream. Don't feel bad. I haven't dreamed about updating my blog yet, but I've had a dream about my sims before.

  2. Nice narrating. I like it. Can't wait for the next 'installment.'


  3. Oh, I was just wondering about lag in that ice skating picture since you seemed to have so many sims in there!
    I really like the ice skating but it does get laggy with me too - I eventually got the Box of Skates from Modthesims so I could have my sims skate without the lag! (

  4. Oh, wow. What a place for a reunion! Haha, poor Samson. He didn't inherit the mojo...

  5. Yeah, nobody seems to like Samson! They should, he's a sweet kid. I'm hoping he meet someone in college or that one of the girls aging to teen in Round 15 takes a fancy to him.

    Simstate, I can actually have that many Sims on a lot with no lag at all and I do so frequently. There are no more people at the rink than there are at a lot of the weddings I have. I don't have problems with lag with the rinks either. This lot is 4x5 though, with at least 3 of those large fountains. I think that contributed to the lag more than anything else!

  6. Ooh, fountains will kill your game for sure! Especially the bigger ones. I can't even run the largest fountain, even if it's only one!

    Awww, what a sweet boy Samson is - and looks just like his daddy! But I'm glad he didn't inherit his daddy's charm, I think he'll do better on his own ;)

    LOL @ your dream! No worries, I've had my fair share of Sim dreams too ;)

  7. I've found a smaller ice rink lot to use, free of enormous fountains. I'd still like a more modern looking one for Exeter though, so I'll keep looking.

    Laura, I think you might be right! I don't think anyone should be taking tips from Galen on love or romance, as successful as he may have been at bedding the ladies!