Saturday, 25 April 2009


Round 15: Days 71-75

Narrated by Caterina Nihill

Ben and I have decided to take a holiday. We never got a honeymoon (we were too broke at the time!) and although we enjoy parenthood, it's wearing us down something fierce lately.

I've also been trying to get a promotion and have been spending my nights talking to myself in front of the mirror, instead know, sleeping.

The hardest thing will be leaving Max behind. He's too little to really enjoy the holiday. Maybe we'll go again with him when he's older.

But right now, we really need a break, so it's off to the airport...

...and then to the beach! Our hotel was right near the ocean. We just needed to walk outside and there we were. Great for the days when we were feeling too lazy to walk anywhere else!

I know I don't look too thrilled about it but the food was delicious.

And there were plenty of places to get a massage or soak in a sauna. It was so relaxing.

Not to mention the hot springs. It was just what we needed!

The hotel restaurant (which was as beautiful as everything else here) served all kinds of food at all hours, so Ben was able to get lobster for breakfast. I don't know how he could stomach it that early in the morning but to each his own, right?

People should be more careful with their belongings on the beach. You wouldn't believe how much jewelry I found. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets...all sorts of things.

We were even able to keep up our fitness regimes with daily dips in the ocean.

We were so sad to leave at the end but we had to get back home sometime. We were both so much more relaxed.

When we got home, the nanny had put Max to bed so he didn't see us until the morning but I couldn't resist going in and tucking him in.

Luckily, we made it home in time for Max's birthday. He's become a bit of a sports nut (unsurprising, considering who his parents are!) and keeps pestering us to take him to the sports park. We will - we just haven't had the time yet!

The toy box was his birthday present but we let him come with us to the furniture store and choose his bed and desk too. He's very proud of his new room.

What the Hell Was That About?!?!: A Photo Essay

We all know what's happened but Araminta still looks a little confused. I hope whatever he's taken from her doesn't come out of her household funds. She and Henry don't have a lot to spare!

  • Not much happened in this update, so it's pretty short. I was just as relaxed as Ben and Caterina were on their holiday!


  1. I love BV. That was a very nice read. Now I wanna send someone on vacation. It's a nice virtual vacation for the player too.

  2. LOL, I just posted an island honeymoon update, like five minutes ago! Great minds think alike? How funny :)

    You know, I've never had any of my playable Sims pickpocketed before. I also wonder if it comes out of their household funds.

    Now, how do you all get your oceans to look reflective like that? Even with reflections turned on, mine still looks pretty flat. Maybe it's my graphics card?

  3. Now I want to go on holiday!

    I agree, it's very relaxing to play sims on vacation. I love listening to the sound of the waves, I usually close my eyes and let my sims do whatever they want LOL

    I've never had any of my playables get pickpocketed either because I don't let them interact with the what's-his-name.

  4. Ewwww, lobster for breakfast. LOL Maybe if I was on vacation it would sound better... :) The massages and hotsprings sound fun though!

  5. Ah, Twikki is so beautiful and calming. I'm glad Ben and Caterina got to go.

    I really like their apartment/home. It has a nice minimalist appeal.

    I wonder what sport Max will take up, or maybe all of them?

  6. Thanks for your comments, everyone!

    Laura, my graphics card is an Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT 512MB. Not sure what your card is like but that's mine, for comparison. Reflections only refers to the mirrors though, as far as I know.

    I'll get Ben and Caterina to take Max down to the sports park and see what takes his fancy. Sports is a hard one on apartment lots. There's not usually any space for a basketball hoop or a soccer net.

    I've had a controllable Sim pickpocketed before and they lost $250, which is quite a lot of money for Araminta. When I'm controlling Sims now, I always cancel the interaction. Emil almost got pickpocketed last night but I was quicker with my mouse than the Charlatan was with his fingers. ;)

  7. I'm catching up on my legacy reading....and here I am.

    Seeing your pics at the beach make me realize I SO need to update my graphics card! (either that, or my computer, which is my preference.)

    Nice update.

  8. Maxis really did do a good job on the beaches, didn't they?

    When you do get around to upgrading, you'll be amazed at the difference with everything. I ended up ditching some of my custom content when I first upgraded, because it looked terrible with a good video card (I suspect the creators had crappy video cards themselves and couldn't have known).