Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Dance commander

Round 15: Days 71-75
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Warning: nudity

Narrated by Lake Sims

So, this was a surprise!

I thought it was a little unconventional for Ottilie to give me a ring but I guess it's no more unconventional than a girl proposing to a guy in the first place.

I didn't want to make her sweat for too long, so I shook myself out of my daze and accepted.

It's kind of weird. I never thought someone like me would get married but it looks like I am!

Ottilie has already started the wedding planning. She's got this elaborate set-up in the garden and she's constantly going out there to make sure everything is still in place and to see if there's anything else she can add to it.

Although I haven't been allowed to see it yet, she's apparently got her gown and veil already for the big day too.

So we might be living in the middle of the city but that doesn't mean there's nothing for two nature Sims like me and Ottilie to do. Ottilie's started a small vegetable patch outside and Elias is already imagining how great it will look once everything starts to grow.

Speaking of Elias, he seems to have lost some of his sense of style lately. Luckily he has Nathalie to guide him back to the right path.

Not that he goes out much anyway. He's got shows a few nights a week but he has stage costumes for that. Most days, he sleeps in well past sunrise and bums around in his pyjama pants all day. Lucky bastard!

He's still making stock for his store but he's been a bit lazy about going in lately, preferring to leave the day to day running to Drusilla.

It was raining this afternoon. I was pretty excited, because it meant I got to jump in puddles while no one was looking. Ottilie wasn't pleased though. We've had to postpone the wedding for another day. We'll just have to cross our fingers and hope it's not raining again tomorrow.

The garden's coming along. Not far enough along for us to be able to serve the eggplant to our guests tonight (if the rain ever stops!) but it's looking good anyway.

I've also been learning to paint, at Nathalie's insistence. I'd like to help out with Elias's store eventually and I'll need to learn pottery. Nathalie says it'll be easier for me to do that if I have some skills in painting first.

The rain finally stayed away for long enough for us to hold our wedding ceremony. Yeah, I got married in jeans. It's hard enough for my boss to get me to wear dress pants to work and he's paying me.

It doesn't really matter, I guess, as long as we're married in the end. Ottilie didn't seem to mind. At least I wore a tie!

The ceremony seemed to put some of our guests in sort of an amorous mood.

Ottilie and I were thankful we managed to steal away for a bit and toast to each other.

The morning after the night before and married life still seems pretty good. Maybe I can do this after all!

We've recently discovered though, that too much of this...

...can all too easily lead to this!

Lake and Ottilie's reception: what really happened.

It started with just some silly noise-makers.

It continued with some streaking by the bride...

And some kind of naked meltdown.

And then more streaking from the bride, with some guests also getting in on the act.

The groom didn't get the memo that naked debauchery was the order of the day and sat at the dining table, quietly observing the scene.

  • When Ottilie rolled the want to get married last round, Lake rolled the fear of getting married. This round, it had rolled away so I figured he'd changed his mind. The round started on Monday, they got married on the Wednesday and the fear didn't roll back up during that time. Lucky for him, because I would have made him get married anyway, seeing Ottilie wanted to.
  • The reception craziness was caused by the hacked champagne from SimSlice. There was way more nudity than the pictures showed. I think there were more guests that got naked than guests that didn't (including the mother of the bride!) but Lake really did just sit at the dining table for most of the time. I think he may have whipped out a noise-maker at one point but he didn't whip out anything else!
  • This is a new house, if you were wondering, and I love it. It's a Maxis house from BV. The shell is unchanged but I've added walls to the inside to make it four bedrooms instead of two. Nathalie rolled an ROS to move house and they kind of needed to anyway.


  1. I love weddings. And this one looked like some crazy fun. I wonder what the neighbors must think? XD

  2. OMG! What a wedding! I love drunk Sims, lol! :)

    Congrats to Lake and Ottilie!

  3. Now there's a wedding party the guests won't forget for a LONG time LOL

    And more babies, yay!

  4. ROFL naked fun at a wedding! OMG, that's one fun wedding. And now a little one is on the way, awww!

  5. that champagne bottle is an item I'd love to have...what an all-out celebration. They should have gotten married outdoors like my sister's college roommate, who had a nude wicca wedding.

  6. Thanks guys, glad you enjoyed it.

    It really was too funny. The Drapers have no residential neighbours currently, but they are right next door to the high school! Had the wedding happened when school was in session, I imagine some of the students might have got a real eyeful!

  7. LOL, now that was a wedding to remember! ;) I don't have the hacked champagne yet, I think I'll have to download it!

  8. Oh, you should! It was quite funny, although I don't know if they do anything else but streaking and noise-makers.

  9. LMAO I love that pic of the bride with her "drunk face" and the creative placement of his arm blocking her bits and pieces. No such luck in the other pics though. What a great reception though! Glad I didn't have a reception like this in RL, or been to one like this... though I'd have great pics for blackmail *evil laugh*

  10. Yeah, never seen anyone go this crazy after one glass of champagne at a wedding! Must've been spiked with something else.

    I used to use Photobucket for my hosting and then got sick of them deleting all of my posts that had even a hint of nudity. So when I switched to my own hosting, I uploaded all the uncensored versions of my pics, as a kind of "screw you" to Photobucket!

    I probably wouldn't use pics like that these days! Or I might, but they'd probably end up in Outtakes, which I usually do all at once at the end of the round now. :)