Sunday, 19 April 2009

Catching the butterfly

Round 15: Days 71-75

Narrated by Zelda Benton

One night, Dad told us he was going bug hunting in the cemetery. He heard talk that there was some sort of rare beetle that was plentiful in the grounds and only at night, and once he heard that, there was no stopping him.

He was unsuccessful and after being swarmed by bees yet again, he decided to head off on his way home.

This is where things are a bit unclear.

Something happened between the cemetery and our house.

The police who came by the next morning said Dad's death did not seem suspicious - no signs of foul play or anything - but that we still may never know what happened to him. It was a shock to both Mum and I, to say the least.

The first night especially must have been weird for Mum. She and Dad were married for over 30 years. feels so strange to be talking about Dad in past tense.

I've been trying to keep the house in order and hold everything together for Mum. I'd caused a bit of trouble before Dad died (the hair dye incident) and I wanted to make it up to Mum. And Dad, I guess. I feel like he's watching us from somewhere.

Still, I miss Dad a lot. It just seems so quiet and empty in the house without him.

Mum and I have become almost inseparable. I do my homework on the floor in her bedroom, while she uses the computer right beside me. I don't know what I'd do if I lost her too and I'm afraid to let her out of my sight when we're both home.

Hachiko has helped us a lot! Hachiko is our Black Russian Terrier. We bought him just recently and he's given us something to focus on and he's a really sweet little guy.

He sleeps in the kennel outside ('bout time we used that for an actual pet!) but we've installed a doggy flap in the front door, so he can come inside when he pleases.

Mum took a few days off work after Dad died and I think she spent most of it at Aspirational Laboratories. She used to be really into science when she was a kid, just like Araminta is now, but when she had us, she got too busy. I'm glad she took some time out for herself for a change.

Um, so I guess the hair dye worked. It's a shame he's going off to college. I've already decided not to go. I don't need it for my chosen career and it doesn't sound like it's for me anyway.

We had a mini family reunion the other day, when Araminta, her boyfriend Henry and Uncle Galen came over to visit.

It was good to see everybody, especially my sister. It was almost like old times.

Their visit definitely got me and Mum smiling again anyway, which can only be a good thing.

Extra pic:So this is where Stan really died - right outside the triplex. Did you guys know the Mortality Adjuster on InSim doesn't seem to work on community lots? 'Cos it doesn't! And that ghosts don't really haunt very scarily on community lots? 'Cos they don't!

  • In case you hadn't figured it out, Stan's death was as a result of an ROS. I had to fulfill Xanthia's biggest fear, which happened to be "Relative Dies". Zelda was never in danger, because she's one of my only Film & Literature Sims and I've already had a teenage girl die. So it came down to Stan. I wasn't sure how I was going to off him, so I rolled for it and got Die From Fright. I ended up having to manufacture his death artificially because it just wasn't happening naturally. So R.I.P, Stan!
  • Hachiko is named after this dog. I pretty much turn into a blubbery mess every time I read that story.
  • Zelda has aged to adult and you can see what she looks like in her profile. She's got some chemistry with Tate Kirby, I've discovered, so I might pair those crazy kids together and see what happens!


  1. It's so sad when they lose a family member. *sniff* But I'm glad that they are recovering from it.

  2. I was surprised to see Zelda getting her first kiss from Emil! But she seems like one of those smart girls who won't bother sitting around and sighing about her infatuation over some boy. I look forward to a new pairing with her. She's a cutie!

  3. I'm glad they seem to be starting to get over Stan's death. It was so sad to see him go :(

    Another girl for Emil! The list is starting to get really long!

  4. Oh, this poor family. :( I'm glad they're starting to pick up their lives again, but it's so sad when they lose a relative so suddenly.

    I agree with CissieMae, Emil's list is starting to get long! LOL ;)

  5. I was sad to kill off Stan but I was just glad it was Xanthia that rolled the ROS and not him. I would have hated to kill off Xanthia or Zelda. :( I was less attached to Stan, as he was a former townie.

    Lunar, I don't know if Zelda is smart or just fickle. You can never tell with those Pleasure Sims! But she hasn't rolled up any more romantic wants for Emil. I guess she just needed to get it out of her system, though her chemistry with Emil is higher than it is with Tate.

  6. I'm such a wuss, I really hate it when sims die. Die ROS!

  7. I'm just lucky I've never rolled that ROS for a Sim I really, really like. There's a high possibility I would wuss out.

  8. Condolences to the Bentons. I am so sorry to hear about Stan.

    Hachiko is beautiful!

  9. Hachiko's a very sweet dog too. I've got a thing for small fluffy dogs because I've got three of my own.