Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Round 15: Days 71-75

Narrated by Georgette Clarke

Galen and I have been doing pretty well lately.

The only visitor who's come for him is his old high school buddy, Brandon.

The only female visitors have been for our son, Samson.

No, Galen has been attentive to me and only me. Which is the way it should have always been, all along. So, in short, we were happy.

I had always suspected that Galen might have another child besides Samson but I didn't expect Samson to bring one of them home from school.

Owen didn't even come into our apartment - just played pool in the basement with Samson - but he still managed to cause quite an upheaval in our household.

He told Samson they were half-brothers. Samson didn't believe him at first but when Owen explained that his black hair and dark skin had to come from somewhere and that they didn't come from his mother's side, Samson started to come around.

Samson confronted Galen about Owen. They fought for a long while, right up until Samson had to leave for work, when he stormed out of the door.

I could tell Galen was upset but he hasn't said anything directly to me. I almost want to say something to comfort him but he created this mess himself. Maybe he's the one who will have to live with it.

The next morning, Samson went off to school still fuming.

Having something to focus on other than his father all day didn't help any because he came home just as angry. I'm very worried about him. Samson had planned to go to college but he hasn't been able to concentrate on anything but this whole Galen and Owen drama, so he only earned three of the four required scholarships. I think college might have been good for him. Without that time apart, I think Galen and Samson's relationship might deteriorate further.

  • Maxis should really have made creating drama easier. Apart being cheated on (obviously not possible with a father and son), there's pretty much no way for Sims' relationships to go instantly sour. And dammit, most people would be angry if they found out about a secret half-sibling. All I had to work with was the "argue" interaction. That lowers relationships (though it's useless for mean Sims, as they enjoy it) but it's soooo slow! I got Galen and Samson to be not friends and that's about it. And they somehow snuck back up to 54 daily anyway, when I wasn't looking!
  • This is my favourite family portrait so far. I seem to like the ones that seem very happy happy joy joy when the update they go along with is the opposite. I liked the Bentons' portrait this round too.
  • Samson has aged to adult now and you can check him out in his profile. The cheeks of doom have been disguised, thank goodness!


  1. Oh, I totally agree! Here's what I do when I have a situation like this, where I want them to be angry at each other for a logical reason that won't happen in the game (there are so many!). I use the fight anyone anytime mod, by Squinge, at Insimenator.

    I use the slap usually, and then I close my eyes so I don't see it, lol! It won't leave a memory either. Then it will knock down the relationship and cause furiousness. You can use the poke if you want the relationship knocked down without the furiousness. Or you can have them all out fight, lol. I could see Samson jumping on his dad in a fist fight.

    LOL @ the cheeks of doom!

  2. Samson is actually looking pretty cute as an adult.

    Poor guy though. To find out from his friend about his father's other kids.

    Thanks Laura for the tip. It is really difficult in game to get family members mad at each other.

    I once wanted to have a teen run away, so I tried to get her upset at her mother and step father. Just when I succeeded (using "argue" and "throw drink" with him, and then having him badmouth her to her mother), the girl's little sister aged up and well, there was no way she could be furious at her baby sister.

  3. So Samson doesn't know about Tatiana yet? It will drive him over the edge when he sees her!

    It looks like Galen is playing the perfect husband this time. I guess better late than never!

  4. You did such a great job with the drama. That picture of Galen sitting heavy hearted on the side of the bed speaks a thousand words.

    This was a very interesting plot twist.

  5. Laura, that sounds like a fantastic hack but I'm not sure if I found the right one. Is it the Unconditional Poke/Hug hack or am I missing something?

    Lunar, thank you. I've only had a teen runaway once. He was a Family Teen living with his Romance Sim mother. He got very upset when he caught her woohooing and took off. She reported him missing and the police brought him back. This happened every single day until I sent him to college!

    CissieMae, no, Samson doesn't know about Tatiana. I'm in the middle of playing her house right now and she's about to age to teen. And Galen's been doing his perfect husband act for a couple of rounds now. His family side must be dominant right now!

    Francesca, thank you. I'm glad you liked it. I always thought the Sims looked kind of melancholy when they sit on the bed right before they "Relax", so I'm glad I got to use that animation for something.

  6. Here it is (fight anyone anytime): http://www.insimenator.org/index.php/topic,10576.0.html

    It's a lot of fun! :)

  7. Thanks, Laura. I used it last night. It didn't cause furiousness for me (no hack conflicts, so not sure what's up there) but it did knock down the relationship much faster that "Argue"! Very handy!