Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Crash on the barrelhead

Round 15: Days 71-75

Narrated by Naomi Novak

My brother James has been studying like mad lately, because he's desperate to get into University. He's such a nerd.

Well, we do get on pretty well, so maybe I shouldn't be so harsh on him.

And he takes care of most of the babysitting when Mum and Dad leave us in charge of Eliot, which leaves me free to do my own thing. So I like James but I just don't really get him. I've never really understood the whole university thing. I can't imagine anything more boring than voluntarily putting yourself through more school.

Heh, this is what happens when I'm left in charge of Eliot without James's help. I just kind of forget about him - he's so quiet sometimes!

Luckily, my parents or grandparents are in charge most of the time.

Looks like I might have just finished a babysitting shift here. I'll admit it. Eliot has had as many naps in that dog bed as Zeke has.

Eliot and Zeke are pretty good buddies, so maybe Zeke doesn't mind.

Grandma is still working on her bug collection. It's pretty much literally all she does.

Well, there's that and then there's the constant showers and baths. Bug hunting is dirty work! She's been totally unsuccessful recently though. She needs two more to complete her collection and she just can't seem to find them.

I talked my parents into buying me a makeover station. I've been thinking I might like to start my own salon when I finish school. There isn't one in Sullivan right now - all hairstyling is DIY! Anyway, Grandpa was my first customer!

I was a little nervous with the scissors.

But in the end, Grandpa looked great and was really pleased with what a great job I did. It made Grandma a little less apprehensive about being my second customer.

But my make-up application skills still need some work.

As do my listening skills. Dad didn't say anything about wanting any make-up.

I fixed it up though and cut off Dad's ponytail, which I've never liked. I think he's getting a little old for a ponytail.

Mum's makeover turned out well too. Much more sophisticated.

I even did my first non-family makeover.

Any spare minute I have, I'm online looking up new make-up and hairstyling techniques. I have a bronze badge in cosmetology already.

I have taken some time out for myself though.

I had a really fun date with Owen at the newly refurbished A Lost Generation.

And hey, all that make-up application practice must be paying off, because Owen thought I looked great!

He even left me this awesome stereo as a gift. Owen's stepdad owns a diner and his family is pretty wealthy.

Eliot is 7 now and he loves sports about as much as I did when I was a kid. It feels like forever since I got out and played some soccer. I've been so busy.

I kind of fill up my sports quotient at work though. I don't even want to think about it when I get home. When I get my salon started, maybe I can start thinking about sports as a leisure activity again.

  • Naomi rolled a want to buy a makeover station. She's never had the want to go to college, so I got her started on cosmetology and she went from there! Her LTW is to be a celebrity chef, but I'm so sick of doing that one!
  • Naomi and Owen will probably be on hold next round. I've already aged her to adult (she's 18) but Owen is still 16.


  1. I know, the same LTWs come up all the time. You mentioned a fix for Uni LTW's...do you mind sharing which site you got it from?

  2. Cosmetology is fun! I used to have one teen sim who had a make over station out front of the house. She would grab people walking past and give random make overs.

    That picture of Eliot sleeping in the dog bed is too cute!

    And the last picture of Naiomi makes me laugh after seeing her scouring the web for fashion tips.

  3. I like the make-over she gave grandpa! I have a lot of fun with the make-over station too, especially when the result is funny.

  4. Ha, Lunar, I didn't think to make a joke about that myself!

    I'm having fun with the makeover station. I've used it before but not in a while and never in Sullivan.

    Francesca, the LTW hack is uni_ltws_sns and it's a Pescado one. It's very handy. I wish I knew how to make LTWs so I could do some for the custom careers I use.