Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Blue orchid

Round 15: Days 71-75

Narrated by Vivienne Carmody

Joseph and I had my sister Leontine over for dinner the other night. I'd like to get all my siblings together more often but with Georgette and Pascal living in Exeter, it's a challenge.

But we take what we can get. Betsy and Anna get along really well with their aunt. Leontine even drops over while Betsy's at her after-school job and Anna is home alone for a few hours until we get home.

Anna likes to pretend she doesn't need her aunty babysitting her after school but she's still very much a little girl in some ways. Joseph still reads to her every night when she goes to bed.

And she loves working on her school projects with her Dad too. She's very much a Daddy's girl.

Betsy has been continuing her college preparation and trying to find a nice girl in the process.

She's made friends with Opal Raymond and Zelda Benton but hasn't met anyone she'd like to date just yet.

Anna is another story. Ever since her 13th birthday, she's become boy crazy. Anywhere there's a mirror, she's in front of checking herself out and making sure she looks her best.

Despite their differences, Anna and Betsy still manage to get along.

Anyway, back to Anna, I'm a little worried about her now that Emil Collins has been sniffing around.

Even more worrying is the fact that Anna seems to have taken a shine to him.

Sigh. I think he's too old for her but at the same time, I don't want to make her rebel and go behind my back.

So when Anna told me Emil had asked her on a date, I gave her the cab fare so she wouldn't have to rely on Emil for a lift home. I made sure she had her phone with her too.

They weren't going very far, just to Lost Generation to play some pool but I felt safer knowing that she could contact me if she needed to.

I'm sure there were some awkward moments.

But all in all, Anna said they enjoyed their date. She wouldn't tell me any more than that.

As much as I'm not fond of Emil, I can't say he's cheap! I don't know how he afforded it (his mother has 3 children, with 2 more on the way) but Anna our science geek was thrilled! We had a smaller telescope in the backyard, which we've now given to Betsy to take with her when she leaves for college. She's not sure where she'll be living, but she's happy she'll be able to stargaze wherever she ends up.

  • I have some kind of hack that makes it so that you have a few hours before social workers will show up if there's a child left alone on a lot (assuming they're not alone because everyone has died). So Anna used to come home after Betsy had left for work and she'd be on her own until 5. She was 10 at the beginning of Round 15, so this made sense to me.
  • Emil is totally weird. He'll accept pretty much any kind of flirt but he is so anti-hand holding. Too chaste for him? I don't know.
  • Anna doesn't know either. They're in love now and Sims in love refusing certain flirts is new for me!
  • I have to feel bad for Zelda. She's run that red dye through her hair for nothing! Emil has moved on, the cad!


  1. Oh, I forgot that she like Emil too. Well Anna better be on her guard at school. Will there be a girl fight? lol

    Don't you just hate it when they go all boy crazy?

  2. Oh, so this is the boy who inspired the dyed hair! Uh oh... I can't wait to see the next time at school Will something happen?

    LOL at the hand holding! Maybe he was in a bad move? I've had problems with some of the moves not working. Usually hand holding and caress that I find some sims don't like.

    Perhaps this is signs of issues in their relationship. Zelda might have a chance yet.

  3. Wow, I see a girl fight in the future! Simona will have to keep a close eye on Anna and Zelda at school LOL

  4. Uh-oh, looks like there may be trouble ahead once Zelda hears about this! ;) Maybe Emil is worried about catching germs from her hands? Did she remember to wash her hands before she left the bathroom? LOL ;)

  5. Zelda, if all goes well for her, will probably be off to college this round. Emil is definitely going. So he may well end up alone in a dorm with Zelda, with Anna back in Sullivan. And he's a Romance Sim. He's more attracted to Anna but that's never stopped a Romance Sim before.

    I'm kind of bummed Anna and Zelda won't be at school together. I think next round, I might save the school for last, so that everyone who's going to be a teen is already a teen and I can play them all.

    I think I've figured out the hand holding thing. I was playing Emil's house and it turns out Anna was in love with him but he wasn't in love with her. Mean Sims like him must need to really love someone before they'll do something as sweet and innocent as holding hands, because he does it now.