Monday, 1 February 2010

The Moretti-Romilly wedding

Round 24: Spring 2020

Evan Moretti is 31 and Ione Romilly is 24.

This is long, but there's a lot of pic spam!
Ione and Evan's big day has finally arrived and the guests are slowly trickling in and taking their seats, including the groomsmen (and the groom's brothers!) Caleb, David and Emil.

Flower girl Elspeth and bridesmaids Lia, Asha and Olivia are ready and waiting. The weatherman is predicting rain, but hopefully the sun will stay out at least for the ceremony.

Which is starting now!

Presenting Mr and Mrs Moretti! Now the reception can begin!

And what a wedding reception be without conflict between family members? Evan's sister-in-law Kirstin is really not impressed with any of father of the bride Henry's attempts at conversation.

Mother of the groom Maria sure looks happy. It doesn't take a genius to figure out why.

Cara Moretti doesn't look too happy.

It doesn't matter if Anna and Emil are married and it doesn't matter if they're at least 100 metres away from Cara. Ass-grabbing is just not appropriate behaviour from a groomsman at a wedding!

The rest of the bridal party, at least, isn't getting themselves into any trouble.

Although Ione is thinking her new mother-in-law might be a little...challenging. When she gets to know her husband's sisters-in-law a bit better, they'll have some stories to share!

Lunch time! Elspeth is hungry but she doesn't feel like turkey and she's certainly not going to eat the salad. Gelatin it is!

Once Olivia sees the groom isn't using his table manners, she decides to toss hers out the window as well.

But even she thinks the belching is too much.

At one of the neighbouring tables, Luc is enjoying the view down Amelia's dress. Where is Asha? She might need to tighten Luc's leash.

Asha's been lumped at a table with Elspeth. No one told her babysitting the flower girl was part of this whole bridesmaid deal!

Maybe she could go and sit with Victoria. Victoria was sitting with Wade but he seems to be having a fairly involved conversation with himself. Is that what having a new baby does to you?

Never mind, it's time for the cake cutting now anyway.

Hasn't Evan ever heard of a fork? What if he gets cream on Ione's gown?

It's her wedding day though so she decides to just go with and laugh along with Evan. The cake is white like her dress anyway.

And after living with Evan for a couple of years, she's already used to his slobbiness, not to mention his gluttony. She barely even blinks an eye when he's done with his cake before she even sits down.

Finn gets up from his seat a second too late and completely misses out on cake. Don't they save a slice of cake for immediate family members at these things? Finn thinks they should. He was kind of looking forward to some cake.

Just as the sun is setting, Ione and Evan share their first dance as husband and wife.

Elspeth has already completely lost interest in the reception and has wandered away from the party to catch some butterflies (and yes, the rain came down - lucky they had the tent!)

The rest of the guests are happy to join the newlyweds on the dance floor.
By nightfall, all the guests have left and Ione and Evan are, finally, alone.

Naturally, they have their own plans for their wedding night.

A real honeymoon at the beach or in the Far East is just not on the cards for them but a night at The Vista hotel in Exeter is just as good. Honeymoons aren't really for sightseeing anyway.

When they are finally ready to check out the next morning (or afternoon, by the time they roll out of bed and get dressed), they order far too many waffles for two people from room service and head home with full bellies.

Not long after their very brief honeymoon, Evan and Ione learn they're expecting a baby! From her estimated due date, the baby was most likely conceived on their wedding night. It definitely wasn't planned but they're both thrilled at the idea of becoming parents anyway.

Extras - because I just can't restrain myself!

(click to enlarge)
Of course she did. Sigh. Does birth control work for any of my Sims any more or does it just have some vendetta against the Romillies?

I think you can really see how alike Finn and Elspeth are in profile. Once she grows up, I think we might have a pretty good idea of what Finn would look like as a woman!

Oh, those crazy 10 nice points Sims! If the personality points distribution made any sense at all in TS2, I would say that Evan and Ione's kids are going to be insanely nice. But it doesn't, so their kids will probably end up being curmudgeons anyway, despite having two Pollyannas like Evan and Ione for parents.

I went a bit crazy with the posed pics this time. I did them all at Central Park the day after the wedding, just teleporting people in as I needed them. Anyway, there are an absurd amount. What I'm showing you here are only my favourites - this isn't even the half of it.

The happy couple.

The entire bridal party. Can I just say how geekily thrilled I was to find a girls' formal dress in the exact colour as the bridesmaids' dresses? It's even a similar texture!

Just the girls.

Just the boys.

The groom's parentals.

And the bride's.

  • This wedding was a complete pain in the ass! They got married the first time and I got through half of the reception and then it crashed. So I had to do it all over again. :\ The crash should not have surprised me but it kind of did anyway. I had a lot of Sims on the lot! I had 26 on the lot the second time around but I had over 30 the first time!
  • So now all of Maria's children are married, which is just as it should be, at least in her opinion. This new baby will be her 12th grandchild!
  • LOL at Luc and Amelia. I've been giggling about that since yesterday. All her clothes are a little boobier on her since she gained weight.
  • I totally need maternity formal wear that's enabled for young adults! I saw a dress I wanted for Victoria while I was dressing one of the other women and then it wasn't in the YA catalog. Red isn't really her colour. I like green for her.
  • Baby Moretti is due in Winter 2021, so he/she will be 6 months younger than Finn and Victoria's baby (and so far, it's just one baby!) Ione has the want for a baby but I was planning on them waiting a little while. Their house is very small and cramped and they don't really have the money to buy another one. So I guess they might be going into debt sooner or later!


  1. Oh!!! That was so gorgeous! I'm so jealous of all your posed pics there at the end, because I always forget to do that! And that's just a really great idea to do the posed pictures after everyone's already left! I'm totally stealing that idea for next time ;)

    What a beautiful wedding! I love the tent outside too, and Elspeth was just the cutest little thing! I never thought to have a flower girl! And all those bridesmaids and groomsmen! Wow, what a BIG wedding! That would totally crash my game all to pieces.

    Can we just make a rule that in our Samantha project, she has to get married in your hood! She just has to! Even if she's already married from another hood, lol! They can get married again in your hood because your weddings are always the best! :)

    Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Moretti! And the new baby :)

  2. WOW! you must have worked very hard on the pictures, this was really cool!

    I loved all the downloaded outfits. and Elspbeth was absolutely adorable as a flower girl. As soon as I get enough sims in my hood i want to do the whole bridal / groom party too!

    I'm speechless, this was so awesome! Your poses at the end were too cool.

    And I have to say, Laura and Carla, I HUGELY support the fact that Samantha should get married in your hood. Since she's going to be there the longest, it makes sense. I think we should just make an official rule that she can get engaged anywhere, but can't actually go through with it until Carla. More than one wedding would be a little unrealistic, at least for Sam.

  3. I'm cool with the wedding for Sam in Sullivan as well. I love your posed pics as well. I've been converting a lot of my pics to the BV Poster to hang on walls. It looks so professional and I don't have to worry about lost files when they move homes. Victoria is getting BIG and wow, looks like they will have double grandbabies really soon. I think the BC doesn't work for you, I haven't had a opps pregnancy from risky woohoo. Usually my sims just try for babies, however I still don't know what happened with Jesse and Fiona-I'm assuming it wasn't risky since I didn't get a pop-up, but I am using the new ACR, so maybe it works differently. Like, I can't find a way to enable YA pregnancy with the new ACR. PS-I think Elspeth stole the show, she's such a cute flower girl.

  4. Awww, what an awesome wedding! I loved all the matching dresses and suits for the wedding parties. :D

    My own wedding was incredibly small and mildly spontaneous (sunset beach wedding), so I never do huge weddings like this! I guess I just missed the "wedding gene", but I really love the weddings you do for your sims. They are always so elaborate, LOL!

    It's a shame the game crashed on you. Especially after you'd already gone through half the thing. I think I would have been cursing a bit at that one. xD

    Ione looked gorgeous in her dress!

  5. Yay! This wedding has to be one of the top weddings you've done. Which says a lot, lol. Loved the whole thing. It was fun, kinda like we were invited too and sitting in the back, then wandering around and watching the crazy family members. Oh, and pointing out the sims we all know just to see their dresses. XD

  6. I don't even know where to begin! This wedding was pure AWESOMENESS!

    You could have had added more and I still would want to see even more! It was all so beautiful, the bridesmaids looked great, the flower girl looked coordinated, all the different heights at the end with the posed pictures was perfection.

    Luc checking out the ladies was quite hilarious!

    Wade chatting to himself was great!

    Ione's dress is stunning!

    Good luck Ione with Maria!! Though she should be appeased for a few months, that is until the little one is born, then I'm sure she'll be hounding for another grandbaby!

    And Cara absolutely cracks me up!

  7. The wedding was INCREDIBLE! I saw your tweet when it crashed, and couldn't wait to read it, but I don't sim on the weekends because my family is home.

    The portraits were beautiful and must have taken a lot of patience, although you are quite practiced now.

    I've never seen the cake eaten up, but with 26 sims on the lot, no wonder!

    The whole update was so nice; I love weddings and honeymoons!

  8. Once again you've done it. The perfect wedding! I don't know how you have the patience to think about all the details.

    Maria has finally gotten all his kids married. What is she going to do now?!

  9. I have to echo everyone else: that was a gorgeous wedding! I loved all the pictures and it didn't feel long at all. :D

    Luc checking out Amelia made me LOL! Some things about him will just never change, I suppose. ;)

  10. Thanks for your comments, everyone!

    Laura, I learnt my lesson about doing group shots while the guests are still there during James and Madelyn's wedding. David kept trying to flirt with and kiss Kirstin and other Sims kept walking into shot and it was just insanity. This worked really well though!

    The tent is just one of the awnings and I wasn't sure whether I liked it at first but looking at the pics, I'm glad I added it. Especially seeing it ended up raining.

    Ha, I would love Samantha to get married in Sullivan! There's nothing I love more than a Sim wedding!

    bbop, Elspeth is a little firecracker. I think I'm going to have to watch out for her as she gets older!

    LOL, an official rule! Like I told Laura, I'd love her to get married in my hood. If no one's got her engaged by the time she rolls around to Sullivan, perhaps she'll have a whirlwind romance here!

    Apple Valley, yup, double grandbabies for the Romillies! It'll be nice for the cousins to grow up together.

    Heh, I was exaggerating a little with the birth control talk but my Sims definitely are not having much luck lately! I've had three accidental pregnancies this round - Zaria, Victoria and now Ione!

    Elspeth totally stole the show when I was playing the primary school too. She's adorable but she's too funny as well.

    Mao, thanks!

    Heh, my family is Italian and most of my friends who are married are either Italian or Filipino. BIG weddings in both of those cultures, so this sort of thing is the norm in my world!

    The crash was annoying but really only because I had to then wait for the game to load again and spent every second of my next try at the wedding worried it would crash again. Thankfully, I didn't have to restage anything because I already had a lot of pictures. Although I did end up using the photos from their vows at their second ceremony. It started to rain in the middle of their first!

    Lunar, thanks! I think this is my favourite of all my weddings so far and it was definitely the most work. I'm very happy with it though, so I think it was worth it.

    And hey, that's pretty much all I do at weddings! LOL.

    Maisie, oh God, don't tempt me! I took almost 200 pictures at this shindig! When I tried to pare it down, I ended up with 90 and I actually uploaded every single one into Blogger and started writing because I still couldn't choose!

    Luc is just Luc, isn't he? If anyone was going to try to get a glimpse down Amelia's dress, which she is rather amply filling out right now, it was going to be him!

    Francesca, ah, the wedding post didn't go up until at least 24 hours after that tweet. That tweet was written just as I was about to comb through all the pics for the update.

    The portraits are pretty easy once you get used to them. The biggest problem I have now are Sims who won't obey the "Look at Player" command but everyone was pretty co-operative this time!

    Yeah, I don't know if I've ever seen the cake all eaten either. There must be 25 servings, because I believe poor Finn was the only one who didn't get any!

    Cissie, thank you! I enjoy thinking about all these sorts of details, so it doesn't seem like work to me.

    Heh, all Maria's kids are married and at the very least on their way to becoming parents. I expect Maria should be feeling very satisfied right now!

    Shana, thank you! And yeah, Luc likes the ladies. He's faithful to Asha now but he does still enjoy looking!

  11. Gorgeous, gorgeous wedding!! I've been waiting for this and it was everything I thought it would be and more. I enjoyed the posed pictures even more! How great to see the family and friends looking so dapper!

  12. Simmington, thank you! I loved doing the posed pictures but dressing everyone for the wedding was so much fun as well.

  13. I have no idea why these four updates didn't show up for me. *sigh* So I'm playing catch up once again. LOL

    Wonderful wedding. I love your wedding anyway. And I don't think your birth control has it in for you. Like Riverdale, I think someing is in the water in Sullivan. The women must stop drinking the water... and beer. LOL

  14. Riverdale, LOL, when I heard those chimes, I thought of your Lily and of that pregnant teen in your hood, whose identity is still a mystery! Your teens and YAs seem really unlucky with accidental pregnancy!