Friday, 5 February 2010

Maria Moretti, 1943-2020

by Gordon Nott, Spring 2020

Maria Moretti, Sullivan resident, suffered a heart attack at her home yesterday afternoon and later passed away in hospital. She was 77.

She leaves behind her husband Filippo (65), children Emil (48), Caleb and David (38) and Amelia and Evan (31), as well as 11 grandchildren.

Maria Moretti (née Davison) moved to Exeter in 1970 and began a relationship with Anton Collins. Shortly before their marriage in 1972, the couple moved to Sullivan where they welcomed son Emil the same year. When their son was just one year old, Anton died, leaving Maria a widow.

Maria met Filippo Moretti in 1981 and twins Caleb and David arrived the year later. The couple married in 1984.

The whole family, c. 1999
They completed their family with the birth of yet another set of twins, Amelia and Evan in 1989.

Maria's five children, in a family photograph at Evan's wedding.
From left, David, Emil, Evan, Amelia and Caleb.

Maria's true joys in life were her children and grandchildren and she wanted nothing more than to see all five of them married with children. She lived just long enough to see them all married, with the last of her children, Evan, marrying this spring.

A recent picture of Maria's 11 grandchildren - Back row: Hope (9), Nick (17), holding 6-month-old Emma, Nathan (10) Middle row: Lila, Sophie, Camilla (all 7) Front row: Anthony (3), Noah (2), Adelaide (2), Veronica (3)

Evan and his wife, Ione, announced the impending birth of their first child days before Maria's death. The baby would have been Maria's 12th grandchild.

  • RIP Maria! I was actually really sad to kill her off. She was kind of hilarious but I was sad mostly because Evan's about to become a dad and now she'll never meet her 12th grandchild. :( But I'd already delayed her death so she could see Evan get married and it's the very end of the round now and she had to go. :\ But I was super sad to do it.
  • I did the picture of all of Maria's grandkids right after I finished playing Jace and Magdalena's lot and I was surprised at how quick it was! Everyone was very co-operative, which was nice of them. ;) Anyway, I won't do it for every single death but I thought 11 grandchildren might be something one might want a record of!
  • One good thing that has come of Maria's death is that Evan and Caleb got $10,000 each from her life insurance, which will enable Caleb to pay off his mortgage and will make buying a new house just that little bit easier for Evan and Ione. The other kids got some money too but the financial situation isn't even close to dire for any of them!


  1. What?? Say it ain't so! I'm so bummed she didn't get to meet the new baby or see Emma grow so that Emma would remember her. Or for ione to get to know her better. Cause I bet that could have been fun.

    Much too sad. She was such a funny sim with her crazy wants and personality.

  2. Maisie, I know. :( She died happy though, look at it that way. All her kids were happily married and she at least knew about Evan and Ione's baby.

    But she was good fun, definitely! She'll be missed.

  3. It's sad to see her go. She was such an entertaining character! RIP Maria.

  4. Oh, that's sad, that she didn't got to see her 12th grandchild, but it looks to me like she had a rich and full life.

    I love the picture of all the grandchildren, and also the one of the whole family in 1999!

    RIP Maria.

  5. Cissie, Maria was nothing but not entertaining! :)

    Tanja, yeah, a life full of babies! But that's what she wanted, so she was happy.

  6. Awww, RIP Maria :(

    What a nice tribute to her life though, seeing all those adorable grandbabies all together! 11 grandchildren is a lot in Sims, when you have to be worried about population control 'n stuff ;)

    I loved seeing all her kids together grown up too!

  7. Laura, 11 grandchildren is definitely a lot for Sims! Although probably not when you consider that she had 5 kids herself and none of her children have had more than 3!

  8. I loved the family pictures, especially all those grandkids together! RIP, Maria. :( But at least she had a full life with lots of babies surrounding her!

  9. I loved the picture of all the grandkids together too. Awww.. RIP Maria.

  10. Lunar and Shana, thanks, glad you liked it! I might have to frame that picture and have Filippo put it up somewhere.

  11. I am sorry to see you go, Maria.

    Oh, I love the picture of the grandchildren all together!

  12. This is the death I've been dreading...I sure loved Maria! RIP sweet mother and grandmother. *sniff*

  13. Simmington, yeah, Maria was great! Kind of a nag, but only because she loved her kids and grandkids and she really did just want them to be happy!

  14. She reminded me of my grandmother in small ways...that's why I was fond of her.

  15. NOOOOOOOO. this sucks! she was a wonderful woman!

    It was really nice of you to keep her alive for the wedding, but 77 was too early! she didn't get to meet the baby!

    but she lived a full life. You really have a knack for taking nice family portraits.

  16. bbop, thanks! Yeah, I would have liked her to meet the baby (babies, actually - Ione is having twins, though I didn't know that when I released this obit) but that's not happening until this year and I like my Sims to die in the correct year. So Maria, unfortunately, had to go!

    Filippo will see them at least - the twins will be his 10th and 11th grandchildren (Hope and Nathan aren't his, because Emil is actually his stepson).

  17. Aww! :-( That was a shock! It was always nice to see her constantly nagging her kids and their spouses for more babies. My grandma had 11 grandchildren, too. At least she got to see her last son get married. Nice obit!

  18. Danielle, yeah, I knew it was coming all round but I tried not to give any hints, so I remember referring to things that were going to happen as if she'd be around to see them.

    I was pretty sad to kill her off, which is why she didn't die until right at the end of the round! I think I originally scheduled it for summer but I put it off so she could see Evan get married. She was so desperate for all her kids to get married, so I wanted her to see that!

  19. This is going to sound really harsh, but I was wondering when she was going to go. It seems like Maria was a lot older than 77 when she passed, probably because she popped up so often to pester the kids about getting married and pumping out more grands for her. But I adore those shots of her kids and grandkids. It already make me start thinking about a couple of CAS elders I have an whether I'm going to bother, especially since none of their daughters have married or given birth, but then they both have at least two more rounds...

  20. Fini, LOL, I actually know what you mean! She had so many kids, so she did tend to show up in a lot of updates, making it seem as if she lived a lot longer than she actually did! I don't think I've had a Sim have so many grandchildren before, or since.

    Thanks for reading!