Saturday, 6 February 2010

Round 25 ROS

Yay, I don't have to kill anyone! Two rounds in a row! I'll probably have to kill like 8 people next round now. :(
  1. Change of heart: change your turn-ons to match the Sim you are most attracted to, whether that's your spouse or not... Hopefully, this works out in favour of this Sim's partner!
  2. PMS - annoy the next walk by 3 times Depending on who the walk-by is, this could end up being very appropriate!
  3. Weekly night in - poker, movie, sports, pool, chess, LAN party - Not sure what I've got planned here but I think it will be fun, at least for the Sim!
  4. Travel for 1-2 years - You can always tell which ones are my ROSs, because of how boringly they're written! I only just added this one the other day though, so give me a break! I'm going to have this Sim do a trip similar to what Joanna did, where he/she is away for an extended period of time. I'm still thinking over exactly what I'll do but I won't go for the mementos this time, seeing I've done that. A working holiday, maybe? I'll think up something!
  5. Fire! Place two intense fires on the lot. - Fingers crossed this isn't a deadly fire because apart from an elder, I actually don't have to kill anyone this round! And I really love this Sim and have plans for them!
  6. Cheapskate (take someone out on date and skip out on bill) - I'll probably do this as an outing instead but it'll be a fun, easy diversion!


  1. Yay for not having to kill someone! That's always a good thing. That travel thing looks interesting, I might add that to my ROS list.

  2. Glad there isn't much planned for death this next round! Hopefully the fire is a no biggie. Lock all the doors and keep them outside haha.

  3. Yay for no deaths! The change of heart one is always interesting. PMS, lol! I love that! I hope the fire one doesn't cause too much trouble!

  4. Sari, sure, go ahead! I'm kind of excited about who I rolled that for, even though I still have no idea what I'm going to do!

    Maisie, hey, good idea! The ROS doesn't say anything about the Sim having to be in the same room as the fire!

    Laura, the last Sim who got the PMS one was Collette. LOL. No one could suit that more than her!