Friday, 26 February 2010

Download: Inge's Age Group Tweak, modified by me

Someone left a comment yesterday, asking if I would be willing to upload my age tweak. So for those of you who are a little nervous about SimPE, you can use my edit of Inge's file instead.

With this file, the age stages last as follows:

Baby - 3 days
Toddler - 4 days
Child - 8 days
Teen - 5 days
Adult - 39 days
Elder - 3-33 days

Please note that I have removed the aspiration bonus, which gives Sims extra long lifespans for aging up to elder in green, gold or platinum aspiration. Post-AL, I find that most Sims are perma-plat by the time they reach elderhood, whether they've reached their LTW or not, so having a bonus for that seemed pointless to me. With this tweak, the number of days your elder Sims will live is purely random.

Since I edited this file, I've made some changes to how my Sims age but seeing I do all my aging manually and keep very detailed notes about my Sims' aging, I didn't bother updating the file. If I ever do, I'll upload the new version.

Download it here! Please let me know if you have any problems with downloading it.


  1. Thanks so much, Carla. I can't wait to use this ingame :]

  2. You're welcome. Just bear in mind it won't affect any of your Sims for the age group they're currently in, but when they age up, their next age stage should be the modified length.

  3. It's always been tempting to edit the stages for me! I'm just too worried I'm so used to it now that it would just mess up my consistency and knowledge of the current times.

    I think, though, if I ever start another hood or something... I'm definitely going to try it. Adults just seem to age too quickly for me sometimes.

  4. Oh yeah, the adult age is definitely too short, especially if you're using InTeen and have the reduced fertility working against you. The aspiration bonus for elders was what was really annoying me though. I kind of like that some of them die younger now. Some will die much, much older, so it all balances out and makes it more realistic anyway.

    I have changed the aging in Sullivan at least three times in Sullivan and it hasn't been consistent at all! LOL, as I've been killing off this current crop of elders, I'm noticing some of their ages are off by about 10 years! I don't know how that happened but it did, somewhere along the line! I'm set now, so I'm just trying not to worry about past inconsistencies!

  5. I think I might grab this even though I've modified the mod myself. But since I've changed the age groups a bit (again) I'd have to modify it again so that it made more sense. Our age groups seem to match now so I might as well get this and save myself the trouble. So thanks :)

  6. I'm actually thinking of modifying mine again. I'm getting a little having to manually add a day to every college graduate. Aging them up before they reach the end of the stage doesn't bother me but adding days gets annoying to me, lol!

    I'll probably update this when I finally get around to editing it but in the meantime, I hope you find it useful.

  7. This may be a stupid question, and I'm sorry about that, but where do you put this file, is it just in your downloadsfolder or somewhere else?

  8. Not a stupid question at all. You can put it in Downloads, or in a sub-folder within your Downloads folder. Mine is in the latter, just to keep it all moderately organised.