Saturday, 13 February 2010

You say it's your birthday, Autumn 2021

Twin watch, 2021! The time is drawing near for Evan and Ione Moretti - just a few months to go now! Thank goodness they've been able to find a house with enough bedrooms with what little money they have - no one will be sleeping in a hallway, at the very least! They're living right across the road from Evan's older brother Caleb and his family. Caleb and Cara have plenty of experience with twins themselves, so maybe they can offer Evan and Ione some pointers!

Abigail and Jesse have moved into the Exeter home recently vacated by the Gottliebs. It's almost unrecognisable now, as Abigail has spent most of her maternity leave redecorating the place with her mother Mina. The house is finally finished, complete with two gender-neutral nurseries for the soon-to-be-born twins!

And we've got some first birthdays this autumn too!

Edmund and Louisa Gentry, two of my playable NPCs have turned 1 and are both pretty adorable.

Also turning 1 is Jessica Royce-Nihill, daughter of Max and Zaria.

For comparison's sake, here's a look at her father when he was little...

...and her mother.


  • Evan and Ione's place isn't decorated yet but seeing they only have $10,000 left to decorate for a family of four, I think they might need a loan!
  • Jessica's got that Nihill chin happening already, I can tell! That's the only feature I can really pinpoint as being from one parent or the other, although it's probably Max's nose she has too.


  1. Cute little ones and lots of twins upcoming! Very exciting.

    At first glance I thought Jessica looked like Max, but then I saw Zaria's toddler one and I don't know.

    I really like Louisa and her lips, very cute!

  2. Maisie, I'm SO excited about the twins! Four new babies! Though pre-school will be rather busy in four years!

    Looking at Jessica now, I think she looks like Max. Zaria's face was rounder and Jessica has the more oval shape Max had (and has).

    I thought Louisa was super cute too. :)

  3. I also think Jessica looks like Max. She's cute anyway.

    The Gentry twins are so cute too, especially Louisa.

    So many twins being born next season, I can't wait!!!

  4. Sari, not long to wait! I've just got two more college households to play through before I do the Winter birthdays. :)

  5. Louisa is THE prettiest sim toddler I've ever seen!

    You're baby boom has been keeping you busy with moving families about for a while now, hasn't it?

  6. Francesca, Louisa is exceptionally pretty, for sure. It'll be interesting to see her as she gets older.

    And yeah, I've had to move so many people lately! I still have to move Luc and Asha in together, so there's at least one more I need to do! No babies for them though (yet), so they're not really part of this current trend!