Friday, 20 November 2009

Round 23 ROS

New round, new random occurrence scenarios! I've added a whole bunch of extra scenarios, mostly from Laura's ROS which she links to in her sidebar. I've also finally figured out how to use the Randomiser for maximum effectiveness, so it took me a lot less time to roll my ROSs this time!
I'm planning on coming back to this post and linking to the posts where the ROSs come into effect, when they finally do. That'll happen for each of these, except for the flu. That one's going to be too hard to link to, seeing it will happen in several different households.


  1. Death by fire AND a flu epidemic!!! This is shaping up to be a black-apparel round.

    The donation is kind of cool, there's so much you could do with it. It could be used for a one time scholarship fund. I had the London's do that before I started blogging when they rolled that ROS.

    Looking forward to seeing this round played out, and hoping no one I especially favor has any bad luck.

  2. Oh wow, what a neat idea to donate the charity to another Sim in your neighborhood! I've never drawn that one, but I think when I first wrote it, I was just thinking of the charity option on the computer, lol! Yours is much more creative! Love it! :)

    Awww, too many death ones lately! :(

  3. Looking forward to this round.

    As for the flu. I have a major run running around Riverdale right now. No ROS either. So we both my be having a few deaths.

  4. If you didn't have realistic sickness installed the flu wouldn't have been so bad.

    I hate death ROS, because they always mess up my planned storylines.

  5. Yikes, another death! Hopefully that flu epidemic won't result in even more deaths. :(

    I love your ideas for the charity donation!

  6. Maisie, well, I'm hoping the flu epidemic is kind to my Sims! I really don't want to kill anyone else off!

    A scholarship is definitely something I'm considering. I'm not sure if Finn Romilly's parents will be able to afford to send him to college and be able to feed themselves at the same time, so the money going to him is a possibility. I have to check how much money this Sim has, actually! It might not be that much!

    Laura, I didn't get the idea until I was actually writing out this post but I'm pretty excited about it now!

    Riverdale, let's hope the flu leaves Riverdale and Sullivan in tact!

    Monique, true but that's no fun! Actually, if I didn't have realistic sickness, I probably wouldn't even include this ROS in my list. EA sickness is pretty much a non-event. I don't have many storylines planned out in advance, except for who I want paired up with who.

    Shana, fingers crossed!

  7. This is scary! I hope the flu epidemic won't kill more sims, it's sad enough to know that at least one Sullivan resident will leave us during this round.

  8. Cissie, I hope not either. Hate this ROS! LOL.