Thursday, 19 November 2009

Round 22 Outtakes

All the cute and funny stuff from Round 22 that didn't make it into the regular updates!

Warning: nudity

Liam knows where babies come from and seems not particularly pleased about it.

Apparently, Victoria rejected Troy! Totally missed that!

Just a cute one of Gordon and Lia! I don't know if these two crazy kids will make it back to each other but we'll see.

That was right before Joanna interrupted a rather intimate moment, just so she could come in and emo about her disdain for Gordon's decorating tastes.

My college Sims are hiding that bubble bong somewhere, I swear!

Eliot and Cordy should peek over the fence before they start gossiping - you never know who's listening! I guess whatever Leo heard, he can't tell anyone now (RIP Leo)!

At Cordy and Eliot's wedding, Debbie and Linnea attempted to put their differences aside and sit next to each other. They really hate each other that much though!

They do agree on one thing though - Asha is hot!

Cordy is elegance personified.

"Now I ain't sayin' she a gold digger..."

This was an accidental one but I liked it so I'm sticking it here. I still may frame it for their house.

When Eliot and Cordy left the church after the ceremony, they saw something shocking. I just wish I knew what that was!

"You guys just fix my stuff and I'll just have a snooze out here! G'night!"

How is Jace's store so successful again? That's so rude, Jace!

So I'm starting to think Caterina has a problem with boundaries.

Jesse and Abigail took a beach honeymoon that you didn't see (they were really just testing out my beach campground in preparation for Joanna - will I ever let poor Abigail stay in a hotel?). On said honeymoon, I learnt that even locals are susceptible to the Unsavoury Charlatan!

*snort*. I'm sorry, I'm 12 years old, clearly. These are the very crappy shower facilities at Joanna's camping site, by the way.

Right after Jesse and Abigail got back from their honeymoon, Jesse took a very puddly shower, as is par for the course for Jesse. I directed him to mop it and he looked at me as if to say "So why do we even have a maid?!?!"

The reason you didn't see anyone actually drinking the beer at Evan's party this round: because drinking the beer looks very, very painful!

That seat now needs to be burned.

The following pictures were from the Romilly session.

Some distraction...

Finn's like, "What? I don't see what I'm supposed to be looking at!"

Food is flying towards his face and Finn still looks clueless.

Now he knows and Victoria thinks it's pretty damn hilarious.

Finn has a good sense of humour about it, as he seems to about everything despite his two playful points.

And you can see in that last picture one reason why I didn't use any of these pictures - see-through table! I use the recolour tool to get rid of the grid but am sometimes not so careful where I place it. There was also an epic amount of Finn and Victoria in that update, so I restrained myself a bit! Which is hard because I adore these two.

Josie is such a damn show-off! She's only got 4 dance skill points, so this is quite impressive actually!


  1. Lol oh my! Look at josies dance moves I think that's er impressive no matter the points.

    Love the outtakes!

  2. ROFL I loved the outtakes! And Josie, get down with your bad self! LOL I'm glad she was able to get up from that and walk still.

  3. Funny outtakes! My back starts aching just looking at that picture of Josie and Nick!

  4. Thanks for reading, everyone!

  5. That was cute. A nice start to my morning. XD

  6. Lunar, glad you enjoyed it! It's so much easier doing all the outtakes in the one post. I just start the post at the beginning of the round, save it as a draft and keep adding to it as the round goes on.