Monday, 2 November 2009

The Carmody-Lachance wedding

Round 22: Winter 2015
Jesse Carmody is 30, Abigail Lachance is 32

It's the morning of Jesse and Abigail's wedding and as she looks out the window over Jesse's shoulder, Abigail is starting to regret their choice of a winter wedding.

On their arrival at Central Park, they're both regretting it! It's almost spring time now! How can it be so damn cold?

But everything is booked now and the show must go on, so they put on their brave faces and think warm thoughts!

And so five whole years after they first got together, in rather controversial circumstances, Jesse and Abigail are finally getting married.

Pascal is so proud of his daughter that he's giving her and Jesse a standing ovation before they've even sealed it with a kiss.

There we is the time for standing ovations and applause!

Presenting Mr & Mrs Carmody!

No one would pick Jesse as a romantic but he is!

He's feeling pretty affectionate in general today and tries to hug his new brother-in-law, Jonas. Jonas wants to wait to see if Jesse treats his sister right post-wedding before they get too friendly.

The most important guest of all, at least to Abigail, is her son Nick.

Nick has come with his dad Caleb, who is (slightly inappropriately) smooching his live-in girlfriend Cara. Nick smiles awkwardly and watches for his mother's reaction.

Abigail seems, thankfully, completely unfazed and is just happy to have Caleb there.

While Abigail was mingling, Jesse has been getting to know his father-in-law a little better and they find out they have the same taste in music.

For a minute, Nick thinks he might have to intervene between his grandpa and stepfather when Pascal scowls after Jesse laughs at his air guitar skills.

Looks like Jesse is pretty good at smoothing things over on his own!

Now it's time for every glutton's favourite part of a wedding - the wedding cake!

Of course a jokester like Jesse isn't going to bother with unnecessary things like cutlery though! A handful of cake is good enough!

Luckily, Abigail agrees!

Fortunately, Jesse thinks better of using his hands at the table and uses the cake forks like everyone else.

Caleb and Abigail might have to work on Nick's table manners. He's hunched over his food, as if he's protecting it from predators. And isn't that gelatin? Guess Nick is not a fan of fruit cake.

Random pics:

Wedding pictures which, as usual, I've framed and put up in the house. I'm not thrilled with the large version of these but they do look good in the frames.

  • Phew! And that ends Winter 2015! I completely forgot to do this wedding! It was scheduled to happen right before I played the Gottliebs but I got all excited about Joanna's round the world trip and then I got all caught up with Leo and doing the Morettis' anniversary party. So I squeezed in a very quick play session tonight for the wedding.
  • I am having an issue with community lot weddings or parties and I am not happy about it. The guests all start to leave as if they're just regular community lot visitors, which is why Cordy and Eliot's wedding reception was so blah. The only way I could keep all these people on the lot was by making them selectable. :\ I'll keep doing that if I have to but it's a bit of a pain. I haven't added any new hacks, so I'm assuming this has something to do with Celebrations? I don't know.
  • Right after Jesse and Abigail got married, Jesse rolled the want for a baby. Abigail and Jesse both want one now, so I'll take her off birth control when I play their house and they can have at it. I am really excited to see how their genes mix!


  1. YAY more weddings!!! I'm so glad to see them married and happy. And soon (we hope) there will be a little baby on the way.

    I don't know why your community lots are acting up. This is so strange. I have all EP's and stuff packs and I'm not having issues. And since I am a control freak for weddings I do select all my guests. LOL So maybe I will not do that on a community lot and see what happens.

  2. What a lovely wedding! :D As for community lots and weddings, I usually just use insim to port people over and do it that way. I also make them all selectable so they don't go running off, LOL!

  3. Doesn't Abigale look lovely! What a pretty dress. Nice to see everyone together.

    And goodness, isn't Nick growing up! He looks exactly his age. What a cutie!

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Riverdale, I was so happy to finally get these two married! It really does feel like it's been 5 years. Under my old calendar system, 5 years would have been one round but this has felt like a very natural progression!

    I never used to have the leaving guests problem until I installed Celebrations (and GL and K&B). I might as well just keep them selectable, I guess. I'm used to controlling that many at a time now anyway, thanks to my schools!

    Mao, I've been using the Community Lot Parties hack by Chaavik, which is very handy for getting a whole bunch of people to the lot without having to individually teleport everybody in. If you use it with SimWardrobe's hack that lets you invite 255 guests anyway! I've linked to the community lot party hack in my custom content post.

    Lunar, I'm glad you said Nick looks his age because I was worried he looked a little older than 12! I love Nick though - he's always been so adorable. I've got my first Nick session of the round coming up soon and I'm really excited to see what he gets up to.

  5. Glad to see these two married and that Abigail and Caleb are okay with each other moving on in their lives. I hope everything works out well for everyone!

    I haven't had problems with my guests leaving, but a lot of times I do make them all selectable because I have problems with guests not sitting down to watch the wedding. So I have to select everyone and make them sit before I start the ceremony or else they'll all stand around in the aisle.

  6. Abigail is now completely unattracted to Caleb (probably because he changed his aspiration to Family, which always suited him better) and she hasn't rolled any romantic wants for him in ages. She still rolls platonic wants for him though, which is kind of sweet.

    I made all my guests sit down first for Kendal and Lake's wedding but it was only Rose that I had to make selectable. I can't remember if I had to then direct them to watch the wedding or if they did it automatically, but it worked pretty well! I should do that more often. This wedding was particularly bad - you can't see most of it but I had a lot of guests wandering the aisles!