Tuesday, 3 November 2009

She's a jar

Round 22: Spring 2015

Leontine Kirby is 73, Trent is 45, Megan is 43, Claudia and Victoria are both 14 and Rebecca is 6.
(Finn and Jacob are both 14)

Narrated by Victoria Kirby

Finn and I have been going out for about a year now, while Claudia is still single.

I would never say anything to her but sometimes, she can be kind of a third wheel. I love her but she has a tendency to want to hang out with us at the wrong time.

I promised her that we'd hang out together on the weekend, so we headed down to the mall. Unfortunately, Dad made us bring Rebecca. The kid just does not stop.

I wish we could have left her at home with Grandma instead. She's getting music lessons, because she got such terrible grades in music at school last year.

Thank God there's a playground there - that kept her occupied most of the morning!

I was scoping out the place, looking for guys for Claudia and I tried to get this one guy to talk to her. I could barely get him to pay attention to me, let alone do me a favour. It's a shame, because I bet Victoria would have thought he was cute.

I turned around and saw some creepy guy called Elmer flirting with Claudia and she was lapping it all up. I almost stepped in but I held myself back.

They ended up going upstairs to have coffee together, so they disappeared for a while.

I headed back outside with Rebecca and found my friend Jacob, so we hung out for a bit and he listened to me complain about how Claudia has such terrible taste in guys.

I'm glad I didn't say anything to her though because it turns out she can take care of herself. He tried to pull some sleazy move on her and she pushed him away! Ha!

She found us in the food court later, told me she'd ditched the guy and then immediately moved onto telling me about Maia Novak.

She tried to kiss Aaron, even though it's obvious to everyone but her that he's not into her. I feel bad for laughing at her but Claudia made it sound so funny.

Dad is spending lots of time at the market. Mum has been making a lot of cheesecakes recently and Dad is selling them for way too much money.

People keep buying them though!
The market makes a lot of money but I'm kind of glad Claudia has her eye on taking it all over when we grow up. The hours are so long! Claudia can have it!

Now that I'm 14, Mum and Dad let me go out on Friday or Saturday nights with Finn. We have to stay in Sullivan though and be home by 10:30.

He's a little too serious sometimes, like when he pulls out logic puzzles on our dates.

So I make sure we do fun stuff together. He likes doing that kind of stuff too, he just doesn't think to do them when he's on his own.

See? He doesn't even mind it when he falls over!

Once Finn gets going, he's not so serious. I dared him to freestyle at the skating rink the other night and he actually did it! He even put out a little tip jar - he told me that's where my $5 was going once he finished.

Anyway, he was really, really terrible but he got a little fan club going anyway.

He made $155, including my $5 he got from completing the dare!

Finn and I always have the best time when we're together. That's why I want to Claudia to find somebody too - somebody not creepy though!

Random pics:
I did a little photo session with the Kirby girls - I have this one framed and hanging in Rebecca's room. They're all so stinkin' cute!

I was very excited to discover the Cup of Poses works for children and almost used one of those poses for Rebecca but I don't have a facial overlay hack for kids. That is something that is sorely needed. I'm sick of using those same boring Maxis poses for kids just so I can have them smiling.

Squee! Still love the cuddling under the clouds - couldn't fit this one into the update though.

  • Today's title is from a Wilco song. I've seen them live twice and without exaggeration, I can say that they are nothing short of sublime.
  • Megan was baking for this entire update. Now I remember why I stopped running bakeries!
  • The only playable Claudia has chemistry with is Finn. Even if I wanted to break Finn and Victoria up (which I don't!), it's super low chemistry. I think their attraction score is like 12. The poor kid has her panel filled with wants to flirt, go on dates and go steady. Blonde Faux Hawk actually had two bolts with her but he was being a rude ass, so he misses out. This round, anyway!
  • Initially, I only got Finn and Victoria together because they had very low chemistry. I like my Sims to have some romantic history and it made sense to me that they wouldn't necessarily meet their one true love (ie. , the Sim with whom they have the highest chemistry) until they were older. So in my original plan, I would have broken them up by 15 or 16 and they would have moved on. But they've become one of those couples for me that are just right, for reasons beyond chemistry. Some people meet their "one" early and I'm hoping that's what's happened with these two.
  • The rejected kiss between Maia and Aaron is a favourite topic of gossip among my teens right now! They've all moved on from discussing Rose dumping Luc - that was a hot topic well after they'd gone off to college.
  • Current price for one of Megan's cheesecakes is $162 - that's the Very Expensive price. Kirby Market is a Level 10 business, so they can charge their customers through the nose and they keep coming back for more!


  1. I love the pic where Claudia pushes Elmer away. That's an effective way to say no LOL!

    I'm glad you're not breaking Finn and Victoria up because they are so darn cute together!

  2. Victoria and Finn are so cute together. Maybe they're just meant to be, despite what chemistry says. :)

  3. Booyah! Caught up! I really like Victoria's face, it's really cute and she and Finn are adorable together! Poor Claudia... Maybe she'll through some miracle have more luck when she ages? Or maybe townie-guy will find himself hit over the head with a brick... Er, with love I mean XD

    I remember trying out bakeries once, the baking is what did me in then... I might have to try some sort of craft-like business though, if only because it'll annoy me that I have none :)

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Cissie, I was surprised she pushed him away because their relationship was pretty good! He did the Hit On interaction, so I guess Claudia just has better taste than Victoria gave her credit for!

    Shana, that's what I'm thinking. They were going to be throwaway high school partners for each other and I wasn't expecting to like them as much as I do. I've boosted their chemistry now - like one of those couples that grows with each other.

    Valneanne, well done! You must have had a lot to catch up with!

    Victoria's had a bit of surgery, mostly to make her mouth bigger and move it down her face a bit.

    I think everyone knows how much I love Finn and Victoria at this point and I'm glad you guys seem to agree. I'm hoping Claudia blooms in college, if she doesn't find anyone before then. She's a tough cookie and she won't take crap from any boy!

  5. I'm surprised no one mentioned this, but twice towards the top you called Claudia "Victoria." I had to keep re-reading it because I thought I'd missed something!

    Poor Claudia. How difficult it can be to watch your sister falling in love, possibly with her One, and not getting any action.

    But the gossip is hilarious. Silly teens! Better than when they talk about someone burning their mac and cheese.

    As for Finn and Victoria, AWWWWWWWWWW! I would believe those two could stay together forever. How cute they are. I loved seeing them on a date. Very fitting. I could see her daring him to freestyle!

  6. Lunar, thanks for pointing that out! I'm going to fix it as soon as I finish this comment!

    My Sims have been getting better with the gossip lately, probably because I stopped clearing the gossip markers with the Debugger. That makes gossip very boring - you get the aforementioned mac and cheese gossip or exciting gossip about pets!

    I think there'd have to be some jealousy there with Claudia, especially seeing Claudia was friends with Finn first. When I took that pic, I had it in the back of my mind that they might eventually get a little thing going but Finn started pining after Victoria as soon as they all became teens and it was pretty clear who he wanted.

    This was the first time I'd taken Finn and Victoria on a date - previously, they just hung out at each other's houses and at school. I wish I'd done a video of Finn's freestyling. He looked so cute. And he really was terrible (not that they all aren't).