Saturday, 7 November 2009

Don't you know

Round 22: Summer 2016
Pascal Lachance is 74, Mina is 66, Abigail Carmody is 33, Jesse is 31 and Nick Moretti is 13.

Narrated by Nick Moretti

You'd think my grandparents were the newlyweds around here! I can't believe I witnessed my grandfather grabbing my grandmother's butt.

Yuck. They're so embarrassing! They seem worse than ever lately. Maybe Mum's wedding got to them.

I've been practising a little bit in the technology room at school but all my toy robots are still turning out kind of crappy. I don't think smoke is supposed to come out of them.

I even figured out how to build a robot that's supposed to water your garden for you but there was some smokage (and sparkage!) going on with that too. I'm a little scared to turn them on. I guess I need even more practice.

Even though Mum and Jesse have been together for almost 6 years, Jesse and I didn't really got to know each other until they got married. I always liked him but we've been getting along really well.

Jesse also brought his cat, Galileo, with him. Galileo is pretty cool but our dogs aren't too impressed with him.

Anyway, Jesse is a big kid himself sometimes but he's been pretty good at dispensing advice too.

It was Jesse who told me I should maybe ease up on Maia a bit. I didn't ask him but he said he could just see I wasn't getting anywhere with her. So I've decided that I'm just going to accept being friends with her for now and see what happens. I still don't understand why she kissed me at school if she's so into Aaron but I'm trying not to think about it!

I went to the park on my own the other day and ended up hanging out with Josie.

We used to hang out together when we were younger and to be honest, she was kind of a bully. At the park though, she was actually acting kind of nice!

If she keeps it up, we might have to be friends again!

Not long after Mum and Jesse got married, Mum sat down with me and asked me what I'd think if she had another baby. I guess that'd be kind of cool, to have another kid around. I've never had that before.

Mum thinks now is a good time for her to have a baby because she just got a promotion at work, meaning she has shorter hours and doesn't have to work on the weekends any more.

I already knew Dad and Cara were engaged but Dad came round the other night to tell me they'd set a date for their wedding. They're going to hold the wedding next summer. So pretty soon I'll have a stepmother as well as a stepfather.
I'm just really glad everyone is getting along again. It really sucked when Dad wouldn't even speak to Mum, because it meant while I was living with one parent, I hardly ever saw the other. Now everyone's good and we can visit freely.

Most of us are good, anyway. For as long as I can remember, Grandma and Dad have hated each other. Grandma doesn't try to stop him from coming over or anything but she glares at him the whole time. I keep asking what it's all about but no one will tell me. Nobody tells me anything. I still don't really know why my parents split up. I gave up asking.

My Uncle Jonas brought his kids around the other night, so we could all meet the latest addition, Edward.

Dominic and Audrey are much younger than me but it's kind of cool to hang out with them a bit anyway. Tatiana says they idolise me and I get a bit of a kick out of that!

Random pics:
Sigh! Jesse and Abigail were woohooing for most of this session (seriously!) and she's still not pregnant. They only tried for a baby twice, out of the many, many times they woohooed. Next time I play them, Abigail will be 35 and eligible for fertility treatments so if they try one more time and are unsuccessful, I'll dose her up. It's weird they haven't tried more often though - they both have the want for a baby and both have secondary Family aspirations. I said I wanted to take it easy on babies for the rest of this round, but I was hoping Jesse would get Abigail pregnant at least.

This didn't fit in anywhere and is not really funny or unusual enough for outtakes but I just thought this was incredibly cute.

  • The title is from "Don't You Know?" by Pulp, which is not on YouTube, lamely enough.
  • This is all a tad disjointed - a lot of little things happened and they were a bit hard to link together!
  • I'm having so much fun playing with StretchSkeleton! It's been very cool to finally give my Sims the heights I imagined them having. I always imagined Jesse as quite tall, so I've bumped him up to 1.04, which is 6'/183cm in human measurements, via Laura's conversion table. These Sims in this family are the only non-toddler/child Sims I've done, so everyone else you see in this update, apart from Dominic and Audrey, are at the regular Sim heights.
  • I think Josie's been blissing out on happy pills or something. She does have chemistry with Nick but there was no flirting or anything - she was just being oddly nice!
  • Caleb and Mina are enemies, from the time Mina romantically hugged Filippo (Caleb's dad) at Abigail's graduation party. That also destroyed Mina's relationship with Maria (Caleb's mum), who used to be her stepmother.


  1. I think Josie looks so cute in her adorable neon sweater. It's good to see she's working on being nicer.

    Nick is a little cutie. Poor kid, going through such a mess, it's really good to see everything worked out well and he's making friends with Jesse.

  2. I'm glad this family is doing so well. And OMG, could Jonas and Tatiana's kids be any cuter!!!

    Poor Nick, he's scarred for life after seeing his grandparents act like that LOL

  3. Lunar, Nick has had a lot of confusion in his life. Born in Exeter, spent the first years of his life on the uni campus, moved back to Exeter, Mum cheated on Dad (which he doesn't know), prompting his dad to move out and now he's shuffled back and forth between them and has two new step-parental figures to contend with.

    As for Josie, she's one of those Sims I knew I was going to love from the time she was a toddler. I do wish she was a little nicer, mostly because I'm getting bored of one nice point Sims, but I play a lot of my one nice point Sims as nicer than they are anyway - Eliot, for example and Luc, who I see as a Sim who is prone to fits of jerkishness, rather than being flat-out mean. I haven't decided what Josie's deal is!

    Cissie, Dominic and Audrey are so cute, aren't they? I'm playing through my last summer update today, so I'll do the age-ups at the end and Edward will turn 1 - I can't wait to see what he looks like. I'm hoping he'll lean towards Jonas, as Dominic and Audrey already look like Tatiana and I was looking back at some older pics and Jonas was a really cute toddler!

    I'm pretty sure Nick saw worse than that of his grandparents when he was a little younger but he's blocked it out of his mind! And it's only since puberty that the romancing has bothered him so much. The weird thing is, it doesn't bother him with Caleb and Cara, or with Jesse and Abigail - only his grandparents!

  4. What a scandal! A romantic hug! Definitely worth a lifetime of enemy-hood! ;)

    Very cool on the stretch skeleton. I can't get my hood to load in sim pe to do it. :( I've tried endlessly.

    Yah, sparkling robots, not a good sign! Nick seems a pretty good kid despite having all those step parents, and all that good stuff!

  5. Maisie, SimPE can be a pain. It takes the program a few minutes to load my hood and if I do anything else at all while it's loading, it freezes and won't load at all.

    Filippo actually lost his virginity to Mina back in college, so there's a little bit more history there than just the romantic hug. Of course, Maria the Sim wouldn't care about that but if she was a real woman and she did know, seeing her husband share a lingering hug with Mina might make her go hmmmm, to quote an old song.

    I do not know what's up with the sparking robots. Nick has full mechanical! And he's a really great kid. Such a sweetheart - he's one of my nicest Sims.