Monday, 2 November 2009

Naked eye

Round 22: Winter 2015
Maria Moretti is 72, Filippo is 60, Emil Collins is 43, Anna is 37, Nathan is 5 and Hope is 4.
(Evan Moretti is 26, Ione Romilly is 19, Caleb Moretti is 33 and Cara Nanale is 26)

Emil has been using all his charm on Anna lately, in an effort to convince her to have just one more baby.

How could she not want another kid when the two they have are so great?

At this point in her life though, Anna feels like her life (and family!) is complete just the way it is. With Nathan now at school all day, she can finally take some time out for herself to bask in the sun. It's August, late winter in Sullivan, so there's not a whole lot of sun but Anna will take what she can get.

Anna doesn't really understand why it's so important to Emil to have a third child. Privacy is enough of an issue in this house as it is! She's really going to have to teach Nathan to knock.

Anna is getting sick of the constant baby talk from Emil and is glad that tonight, they'll have Filippo and Maria's anniversary party to distract them. Most of the Collins-Moretti clan are in attendance and Anna is her usual, abrasive self.

Hope isn't usually shy around people but there are no kids her age at the house tonight, so she hangs out in her bedroom with her bunny toy instead.

Nick is the youngest invited guest and is too busy fending off his grandpa's tickles (doesn't Filippo realise that Nick is way too old for that sort of thing now?!?) to pay much attention to Nathan.

Nathan has no such problems. He decides to show his PS3 to his aunt Amelia, not realising that she's kind of a master at the PS3.

But 8:30 comes quickly and it's time for Nathan and Hope to go to bed anyway. The rematch between Amelia and Nathan will have to be saved for another night.

Maria was hoping her son Evan would bring his new girlfriend, Ione. They've only been together for about 5 months but Ione is the only girl Evan has ever mentioned to his parents, so Maria has high hopes.

She corners her in the kitchen the second she can and decides she approves. Maria is really hoping she lives long enough to see Evan give her some grandchildren and so far, Ione is her best shot at that!

She seems to get along great with the rest of the family too, which is another point in Ione's favour!

Outside, Filippo is catching up with David, Caleb and Caleb's girlfriend Cara.

Maria heads outside to join them, just as Cara is planting a big one on Caleb. Maria wishes these two would just get married. They've "lived in sin" long enough.

Filippo and Maria both really like Cara though. She's very sweet, which was just what Caleb needed after that horrible Abigail girl, who broke his heart. Cara is completing her college degree by correspondence, so she's smart too.

Filippo leaves the fussing about marriage and grandchildren to Maria - he's just happy to have his whole family under the one roof!

After the party, Filippo and Maria realise they were so busy catching up with everyone that they completely forgot to pop open the bottle of champagne they bought specially for this occasion! They decide to enjoy it by themselves instead, in the peace and quiet of their living room. Happy anniversary!

Random pics:
Jonas and Tatiana were at the party too but they spent about an hour whispering to each other and flirting before finally leaving. They are one of my more...amorous couples, so it struck me as funny!

Yay! This is Filippo's second lifetime want! He was promoted to Game Designer ages ago and "Reach Golden Anniversary" was the next LTW he rolled after that. I decided to go with 30 years for a Sim Golden anniversary - I forget what it is in real life but 30 years seems good for Sims. Maria and Filippo have been married for 31 years, so this party is a little late!

Gah! Why do none of the hacks work for me? Why is my game completely incapable of keeping these damn witches away? I've tried the Visitor Controller, the DJS Sims hack and now the SimWardrobe hack and none have worked! Oh well...I'm going to have to live with it, I think! I'll just continue to use the Deleter option from InSim to kick them off the lot whenever I spot them.

  • The title today is from the Luscious Jackson song of the same name - I'm stuck in high school recently, it seems!
  • I have Emil's want for a baby locked, just in case, but I don't think it's going to happen. They generally don't try for a baby when they woohoo and next time I play them, Anna will be close to 40. But stranger things have happened - I'm looking at you, Araminta!
  • Filippo and Maria do not like Abigail! They're at about minus 20 with her, which is odd because as Sims, they really have no idea what went down between Caleb and Abigail. But I'm quite pleased with anyway. Maria especially seems like the type to hold a grudge, even though Caleb is over it now.
  • Unless Ione gets knocked up in college, I don't know that Maria will live long enough to see Evan have kids. It's possible but not likely. Maria aged up before I extended (and shortened) my elder lifespan, so she'll live to 79 max, if my previous elders are anything to go by. She might live long enough to see Caleb have another though - he's got the want for a baby but so far, Cara does not.


  1. The visiting witches drive me bonkers, too. I don't think there's anyway to eradicate them fully. >:(

    Poor Anna, LOL! I loved Nathan blocking his parents nakedness. That is so wrong, yet so hilarious. Shame Maria won't be around to see Nathan and Ione babies!

  2. Knew the title right away! LOL Love that song.

    You are not alone my game will not keep witches away either no mater what mod I use. But I have noticed that on my high school and elemetary school they witches do stay away. I wonder why? But every other lot, not so much.

    They had a nice party and a LTW fulfilled, yay. Hope they have 31 more years together! (well, we know they most likely wont!) lol

  3. To hear what Tatiana and Jonas did at the party is funny. Like at some point they realized, "Hey, you know there's a baby sitter at home, and they think we're here..." Naughty those two! XD

    Cute to see so many family members together, but I'm sure I've said it before I love when you have family get togethers. It's so realistic.

    And it was nice to see Maria meet Ione. Aww... glad she approves!

  4. Aww, I hope she can live long enough to see some grandchildren from him.

  5. Mao, I almost saved that one Nathan with his naked parents in the background for outtakes but it ended up fitting pretty well into this. I think with Emil and Anna, Nathan should probably just thank himself lucky that they were together and not with other people!

    Riverdale, you know, I don't know if witches have ever shown up to my schools either. Maybe because they're owned community lots and I keep them closed? You wouldn't think that would stop an evil witch but perhaps witches are more mindful of the laws of society than I assumed!

    And yeah, probably not another 31 years but maybe another 5!

    Lunar, Tatiana and Jonas's high libido makes me stunned that they stayed virgins until they were both in college because they go at it all the time. Tatiana is on birth control but if she wasn't, I'm fairly sure she'd get knocked up with a fourth pretty quickly. She's still quite young to have 3 kids!

    I don't think I'd done a family get together in a while but Filippo had the want for a family reunion and then I noticed what his second LTW was. That house seemed huge when Evan and Amelia first moved out but it is not as big once you get the whole Moretti clan in there! But anyway, I enjoy the family gatherings too.

    Apple, if Maria wants another grandchild, Ione or Cara are going to have to get knocked up fast! Maria's really getting up there in years!

  6. I can't keep those witches off my lots either, although now that I think about it, it's been a long time since I've seen one. I have the visitor controller set to ban all annoying NPCs, head witches under NPCs, and all witches under Sim Characteristic (I think), and I have someone's no witch mod. Neither of those ever kept them off my lots before, but I haven't seen them lately. Maybe the witches finally got the point in my hood. ;)

    LOL at Nathan walking in on his naked parents! I'm glad to see Maria approves of Ione!

  7. Ha, the witches have yet to get the point in my hood! I wonder if I'd have any better luck if I set the Visitor Controller to ban the head witches by name. I don't think I've tried that yet, though I have tried banning them as NPC and as Type/Characteristic.

    I'm glad Maria likes Ione too - Filippo was already BFFs with her, oddly. If Ione actually gets a job straight out of college instead of sitting on her bum at home for 6 years, she'll have one up on Anna already. Maria and Anna are kind of like Linnea and Cordy - they are supposedly BFFs but they don't get along at alll.