Thursday, 7 October 2010

Teenage riot, February 2029

Round 29: February 2029 (Summer)

Principal Kendal Draper is 53, Joanna Draper is 34.
Students: Audrey Lachance and Jack and Charlie Benton are all 17, Camilla and Lila Sitko, Connor Novak and Sophie Gottlieb are all 16, Josh Royce-Nihill and Elspeth Romilly are both 15, Edward Lachance, Chris Draper and Lucy Gray are all 14, Oliver and Sebastian Gentry are both 13 and Anthony and Veronica Moretti are both 12.

Kendal Draper has been appointed as the new principal of Sullivan High, after the death of previous principal Betsy Carmody. She's up with the sun this morning, trying to stay positive about her first day. She's nervous about taking on the job. On top of regular teaching duties, she will now have to deal with administrative work, calling and meeting with parents and dealing with discipline problems that might arise.

She'll also need a new teacher sooner or later. Joanna is great but the school really needs an additional staff member.

So until that time, Kendal is attempting to stay on top of everything from the very beginning. She's in her classroom nice and early and already has today's essay question written up on the board.

Before classes start though, there is a short memorial outside for Betsy, to which her family have been invited.

Even after years of teaching, public speaking is still a challenge for Kendal, especially in circumstances like these. As principal though, she'll need to do a lot of it.

Betsy's family were very appreciative of Kendal's words and they all thank her warmly after the memorial.

The entire student body was in attendance, though not all of them paid as close attention as they could have.

Sebastian wasn't paying attention at all, at least, not to Kendal.

He makes his move after the assembly is over and is quickly shot down by Veronica.

Veronica has her eye on Sebastian's twin brother, Oliver.

She hasn't quite worked out the whole flirting thing yet.

Unfortunately for Lila, it's just a regular school day after the memorial assembly.

Kendal is trying to prepare her Grade 11s and 12s for university, so they've been working very hard lately.

Some students are keeping their minds (and their eyes) on their work.

Camilla and Sophie have spent most of the lesson daydreaming or gossiping.

If Kendal stands right over them, they might get some work done before lunch.

Joanna has grades 7-10 in the art room and is already quite keen for lunch herself.

All the kids are working on their own personal projects, mostly in painting or pottery.

Lila and Josh have become closer since the beginning of the school year but are still no more than friends. Every time Lila tries to flirt, Josh rejects her.

She pretends she doesn't care when Josh is looking...

...but she's actually finding it all a bit mortifying.

Lucy Gray isn't having much luck with boys either. She's just spotted her unrequited crush from last year, Charlie, with his girlfriend Camilla.

Edward sees the whole thing happening and decides to try to cheer Lucy up a bit.

Lucy and Edward have known each other since kindergarten but she's never paid him too much attention. But Edward is actually a pretty sweet guy.

And Lucy thinks he's quite cute too.

It doesn't take long for Lucy to forget all about Charlie.

Edward is normally painfully shy but just as he and Lucy are leaving the cafeteria, he gets very brave.

Anthony, at 12, seems to already fancy himself a bit of a ladies' man. At lunch time, he takes what he feels is his rightful place near the older girls. Who, of course, completely ignore him.

Twin sister Veronica still has her eye on Oliver Gentry.

She made sure she was looking her very best before lunch.

When he sits across from her, she's determined to not put him off again like she did this morning.

He doesn't seem to interested yet, but Veronica is a determined girl, so she isn't deterred.

In music class after lunch, Oliver seems even more appealing when Veronica learns he can play the drums!

Sebastian's guitar skills (which, truth be told, are better than Oliver's drumming) are not doing anything to endear him to Veronica.

But he thinks it's working.

Veronica has to be singing to him, right?

Joanna is just pleased that this afternoon's music class sounds a lot better than the music classes she heard while working at the primary school.

If only Kendal could say the same about her class. Charlie and Connor were...not good.

Oliver asking Veronica if she'd like to go and shoot some hoops with him. Veronica's not really into sports - she's more of an arty type - but she goes along anyway.

She finds that she's actually not bad at all and surprises herself by having fun playing.

Or maybe that was mostly to do with Oliver.


The boys were heart-farting over Veronica for the entire session! She's probably going to end up giving her parents heart attacks! I should probably add that this is the first time I have noticed Connor heart-farting over anyone, lol. He seems asexual half the time - kind of like his dad was in high school!

A close up of Lucy's face, when she spotted Charlie and Camilla together. I don't know why, but I think the tongue makes her look especially heartbroken, lol! She fell in love with him last round but he obviously doesn't feel the same. She did actually slap him (twice!) but I cut it out. It made Lucy look as crazy as Julia (and I don't really see her that way) and it made Charlie and Camilla look like total asses, standing there grinning as Sims do sometimes.

LOL. I don't think I've ever had two Sims get fit simultaneously but it made me giggle!

  • Just some housekeeping first: I've added various things to the blog over the past few weeks, which some of you will have seen and some of you may not have. So in case you haven't ;), there is my Resources post. It's mostly a convenient way for me to keep all my Sim tutorial/utility links together but I'm sure others could find it useful as well. Also in the sidebar, you will now find links to this round's ROS and the Sullivan Yellow Pages, which is a business database.
  • In my new welcome page, you'll also find a link to the new family tree. It works much better than the Tribal Pages one, because I don't have to give any of my gay Sims sex changes to get the tree to recognise their marriages! It is the best family tree program I've found and I would recommend to any of you who are looking for something like that for your own hoods.
  • Okay, back to the update! Veronica has a Romance secondary and Massive Attraction, so she's very popular with the boys. She has at least a little chemistry with all of them. Except poor Sebastian, who she is repulsed by, for some reason. It surprised me, because he has Massive Attraction as well, so she must really dislike him! The poor boy started rolling wants for her as soon as he greeted her this round though!
  • I'm going to let Edward and Lucy date but Veronica can wait!
  • I am most definitely going to need a new teacher soon. Veronica has the Education Minister LTW, but obviously, she won't be ready to start teaching next round. ;) I'm going to have a look at some of my other Sims and see if anyone might want a career change. Hopefully, I'll have a new teacher in place by next round.
  • Most of the older kids were a bit neglected this session but I have yet to visit most of them yet this round, so we'll be hearing plenty from them soon.


  1. ROFL Your high school posts are always so fun and full of action. Teens and their hormones really get things going. Sebastian will find someone soon. But I've noticed a few romance sims in my hood with massive attraction can't stand each other. Go figure.

  2. Wow, I agree Veronica is going to give her folks heart attacks, I can't wait to see who she ends up with.

  3. Thanks for reading, guys!

    Riverdale, I think I've had one boring high school session since I started my playable schools. They are almost always guaranteed to be fun!

    Sebastian has chemistry with some other girls, so I don't think he'll be crying over Veronica for too long. ;) Very strange about Massive Attraction though, because if both Sims have it, it adds 80 points from that alone. I think Veronica's Knowledge primary is probably coming into play here - Romance and Knowledge aren't a good match, generally.

    Apple Valley, I can just see Caleb pulling his hair out already! What will this girl be like at 15?! LOL.

  4. Poor Sebastian! And I agree, Veronica is going to give her folks a heart attack! And I felt so bad for Lucy! She looked so sad! But it all worked out for her in the end :)

  5. This is going to be a lot of work for Kendall, who is a bit shy and introverted. She will do well though I'm sure.

    I was totally remembering Joanna's days at primary in the music room, when I saw those pictures. High school definitely should be better than little kids when it comes to instruments.

    This was a fun update, poor Lucy though. I keep forgetting I want to add the tongues to my game, I like how they look in yours.

  6. Now kids and toddlers can have tongues too -

    Not sure if you saw that. :)

    I'm getting excited about this, I actually want to play today instead of mope and eat Ben and Jerrys.

  7. Oooow Veronica, only 12 years old and already the boys are after her!!! She sure is going to drive her parents crazy with all those boys!
    It's really strange with the massive attraction, never payed any attention to it in SimsVille though :s
    I hope you find a second teacher soon. I was actually wondering who the new princiapl would be since you told you were working on yout high school update at N99. It should have been obvious that it would be Kendal, I never think those kind of things through.

    I always love your high school updates, all those teen hormones going all over the place, with some funny things as a result!

    Do you remember where you got Kendal's outfit? I really love it!

  8. Thanks for reading, everyone. :)

    Mizzgin03, Veronica is going to be quite a handful, as if she wasn't already!

    It's best for Lucy that she focuses her attention on boys her own age anyway. Right now, Edward's a better match for her.

    Maisie, Kendal has been thrust into this position. It's not something she would have ever sought out but I think she can rise to the occasion.

    I think Lucy started the day a lot unhappier than she ended it. ;)

    And thank you for the link to the tongues! I hadn't seen those yet. Glad they cheered you up a little. :)

    Tanja, Massive Attraction is why Anna and Emil's chemistry is SO incredibly high. It would be high without it but M.A. makes it insane. But you probably wouldn't notice at all unless you use ACR and I can't remember if you do?

    I ended up wasting my whole day yesterday taking family photos so I did no thinking about my second teacher. LOL. I'll think of someone!

    As for Kendal's outfit, it's a separate top and skirt. I'm pretty sure the skirt is from TSR (maybe Shannanigans, or possibly Xandher) and the top is from someone at LJ. I'll check the exact details later when I load up. :)

  9. Wow! That's a lot of teens. I'm amazed that you keep up with all of them! It's sad to see all the broken hearts, and longing for those who aren't interested. I think Lucy and Edward are so cute together!

  10. I love the teen drama! Everything, especially feelings and relationships, is so extreme for them.

    Edward and Lucy are a cute couple and I'm happy she's not as crazy as her big sister!

  11. gallowaytownship, in a few years, the high school will be even bigger so I'd best get used to it! If you look at my primary kids this year, I've got 10 kids in Grade 3 and 4 alone. Imagine when they reach high school age!

    Sari, it's all life or death at 14, isn't it?

    Lucy is Julia's polar opposite. Apart from the mean/nice thing, Lucy is also quite shy, while Julia is very outgoing. Lucy probably turned out more like a daughter of Pamela and Corbin should have. Fortunately for Edward!

  12. That was a nice touch to do a memorial service at school. Of course, you can only hold pre-teen's attention for so long.

    Poor Lila getting shot down by Josh. And aww, Lucy looks crushed but I'm glad Edward was there to cheer her up. So glad she's not crazy but even the shy ones can end up being crazy. And too funny about all the boys heart farting over Veronica. She's a gorgeous girl dispite the fact that she has the massive attraction.

    Your high school updates are so fun. And wow, you do have a large group of kids that will be there in a few years!

  13. Danielle, thanks for reading. :)

    I remember attending a few memorial services (never for a principal or teacher - mostly former teachers and students who I never actually knew) when I was at high school and we were about as respectful as these kids were. I read something once that compassion for others is at its lowest between the ages of 12 and 16 and that seems to be really true!

    You do need to watch out for the quiet ones, don't you? Maybe Edward should be careful, lol! Josh should probably watch out too, if he keeps spurning Lila's advances.

    Sullivan High is going to be HUGE soon! I think I should still be able to work it with the same school though. There are plenty of classrooms.

  14. Ah teenagers. Insensitive little jokers, aren't they? It's always fun to see what they're all up to though, lol.

  15. Lunar, I always go into my high school lot wondering what I'll write about (though I had a good headstart this time, with Betsy) and they always take care of it for me. They're either being mean, or making out, lol. Lots of fun!

  16. Kendal and Joanna are so short you can barely distinguish them from the students.

    I agree Lucy's does look really heartbroken with the tongue. At least she found some interested in her.

  17. oasisvalley,Kendal is very short! Joanna is actually about average but a lot of the students are tall, and Rose is tall, so she comes off looking short. ;)

    I'm happy for Lucy. Edward is so sweet.