Saturday, 30 October 2010

Something to talk about

Round 29: September 2029 (Spring)
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Adam Gottlieb is 74, Athena is 69, Amelia is 40, Wade is 39, Sophie is 16, Noah is 11 and Emma is 9.
(Jack is 17 and Camilla is 16)

Narrated by Sophie Gottlieb

I just got accepted into Suffolk, but I'm trying not to get too excited about university around Camilla. She's still coming and everything, but it's going to be a very different experience for her than it will be for us.

She'll be stuck caring for her babies most of the time, while the rest of us are going to be having fun in the dorms. It's just so weird to think of someone my age being pregnant with twins!

She's got a little under six months before the babies arrive but to Camilla, it feels like the time is passing by really quickly. She feels so huge already and she can't imagine getting any bigger.

I thought maybe his brother's impending fatherhood might have made Jack a little more reluctant to have sex but he's just as keen now as he's always been.

He hasn't been pushy or anything but he's made himself pretty clear.

I didn't feel ready two years ago but now, I feel like we've been together long enough to take that step. And I love Jack and I want my first time to be with him.

We were both getting pretty excited (and nervous - or at least I was!) about it but getting time alone was a slight problem.

I don't think my parents would be angry at me if they found out I'd slept with Jack, because they're pretty open about that kind of thing. Mum has asked me if it was something I was thinking about.

Which was totally mortifying but I was honest and told her that it was. So on some level, I think Mum is expecting it to happen for me sooner rather than later.

But I still don't want them walking in on me in the act, so I'd really rather they were out of the house when it happens.

Fortunately, my parents announced that they were going away on holiday with my grandparents and they asked if I would mind staying behind with Noah and Emma.

Uh, no, I definitely didn't mind!

All four of them were very sure to inform me of all my duties while they were away.

If I didn't know any better, I would have thought Dad was more concerned with leaving the garden than he was about leaving us!

On the morning they were due to leave, it felt like forever before they, you know, actually left!

They were only going to be gone four days but Grandma was calling to check up on us before they'd even checked into the bungalows.

Mum and Dad were just as bad. Between the four of them, we got at least four phone calls a day, just to make sure everything was alright at home.

They left early Friday morning, which Emma thought meant she wouldn't have to go to school.

Yeah, sorry, but I'm not going to screw up being given so much responsibility by letting her and Noah do what they like for the whole time.

Emma's not so into school lately, so I had to stand over to make sure she did her homework on Friday night. I was glad I'd only have to twice. She was such a whiner about it!

Bedtime was a bit of a battle as well.

Noah was fine. He did his homework and put himself to bed too. Easy.

On Saturday, I spent the whole day hanging out with Noah and Emma and we had a ton of fun.

I was thankful Saturday was easier than Friday. I would have gone crazy if I had to spend more time arguing with Emma.

Once I got them both to bed that night, I invited Jack over and took him right up to my bedroom.

I almost completely chickened out. I kept thinking about Camilla and how much I really didn't want to be pregnant. And I was just nervous in general, I guess.

Jack told me we didn't have to if I really didn't want to and that helped take the pressure off a little bit. He was very sweet about it.

So we just kissed for a while until I felt like I was ready.

It was about as romantic as it could be, with Noah and Emma sleeping elsewhere in the house. We tried to be quiet - last thing we would have wanted would be one of them wandering in to see what was going on!

I don't think either of them heard anything. Emma especially can't keep her mouth shut about anything and she would have said something for sure.

We had a very leisurely and relaxed breakfast.

Emma spent her Sunday in the front yard, practising cartwheels with Jessica and Lauren.

Noah and I spent our day inside, playing endless games of chess. I actually hate chess but I decided to humour Noah anyway, because I'm a nice big sister.

The olds all came home on Monday night and I was so happy to see them. It was fun being head of the household for a while but it was oddly quiet with over half the family gone.

Dad was impressed that it was 9 o'clock and I'd managed to get Emma in bed already. Good to know they have trouble with her sometimes too!

Outtakes and extras:

Uh, so Wade here is congratulating Noah on a grandchild...which neither of them have. Maybe he was meaning to congratulate Adam but he missed. Maybe he needs glasses, lol!

Sophie was a good girl and did not touch her parents' liquor while they were away but I cannot say the same for her cousin Anthony. He helped himself to several drinks, actually! He just strolled right in.

As did Cordy and this stinky townie. They did stay away from the bar though.

I just think Sophie looks really cute here.

Damn, it's easy to do a family photo when the couple only had two kids! I love this one; Wade looks so damn proud of himself and it makes me laugh.

  • Title is from Something to Talk About by Badly Drawn Boy.
  • Amelia has been wanting to go on an island vacation for a few rounds now. This would have to have been the crappiest one ever though. The game crashed soon after I took that picture of her talking on the phone, so they didn't actually get to do anything there!
  • Jack rolled a woohoo want on his and Sophie's first date but she didn't roll one until this round. She was too young last round anyway. I'm so glad she didn't get pregnant! I was really worried she would, after Camilla. Sophie is not allowed birth control, but Jack is. Charlie was on BC too but I guess Jack's was more reliable!
  • Sophie will be heading off to college in 2031 - she earned 4 scholarships. It's just occurring to me that I'm not sure where I'm going to put all these kids! When Sophie starts college, there will be 11 other students and it's probably going to be a bumper enrollment for the entire time she's at college. I should probably download some more dorms!


  1. Aah, twins! Camilla, Camilla. Too bad, so sad. I'm glad Sophie didn't get pregnant too.

    If you're still looking for dorms, you can use the LilyRose dorm at MTS here:

    Hopefully, it's what you're looking for. Of course, you can always just place another copy of the lot you have now.

  2. OMG! I'm so glad she didn't get knocked up. Could you imgine BFF's pregnant together. But it cracks me up how teens think. Her friend is preggos but she still wants to woohoo. Gotta love the time when you think nothing bad can ever happen to you. ROFL

  3. Thanks for your comments, guys. :)

    LaurelCrossing, yes, twins! It's going to be a hard road for Camilla now!

    Ha, that's actually the other dorm I have in my hood already. It's a great dorm but I've been using it for so long and am now a bit sick of it. I need to do a makeover to revitalise my interest. ;)

    Riverdale, I know, right?! It makes me think of that TV movie "Pregnancy Pact", where a bunch of high school girls all get pregnant at the same time.

    Heh, teens think they're invincible sometimes, don't they? Must be the hormones!

  4. It is the hormones, but it's also the emotional stage they're in - they're still learning!

    I'm soooo glad she didn't get knocked up as well!

  5. Those Benton boys are getting around! Well, good thing she didn't get pregnant too. I'm surprised her mother didn't take her out and make her get birth control right away. I know that's against the rules, but that probably should factor in-- the power of a concerned mother, lol!

  6. I agree, I'm glad Jack and Sophie didn't get pregnant. I remember when those two were all over Audrey and now look at them. I too need to do some dorm and university rebuilding, it's next on my to-do-list.

  7. Kiri, true, the teen years are all about learning.

    But I'm very glad she didn't get pregnant too! I don't need two pregnant teens!

    Lunar, lol, they are, aren't they?

    I imagine Sophie's talk with Amelia would have been of the "and make sure you use a condom" variety. In real world terms, seeing it was Jack who was on birth control, I guess that's what they would have used.

    Apple Valley, I think I would have been more upset if Sophie got pregnant, as opposed to Camilla, though I can't articulate why. :\

    I haven't yet dealt with Audrey's reaction and I won't get to until the next college update. That will come right after Camilla gives birth, so it's timely to talk about it then anyway.

    I'd love to see what you come up with, when you're done. :D

  8. Sophie's such a sweet girl. She handled the kids so well and I'm glad she got a little fun of her own too. Jack seems like a very nice guy, I like that he didn't pressure her even when she thought she might chicken out.

    What a relief she didn't get pregnant though! I think Tate and Zelda would've probably had some kind of mental breakdowns if both their sons knocked up their girlfriends.

  9. As I said before, poor Camilla!

    I'm glad Sophie didn't get pregnant. You're making me think to have the same rule for bc in SimsVille, but then again, I don't know if I could handle those surprisepregnancies ....

    Sophie really is a sweet girl, she handled her siblings very well when she was in charge. I would love to say she didn't take advantage of the situation, but she did, very understandable though :)
    How did you do it though? The adults on vacation, and the rest at home? Did you move them out temprarly?

    Emma is great!!! I love her faces!

    Again some WCIF's, I hope you don't mind.
    I would love to know where you got their diningroomchairs, I loves them?
    Where did you get Sophie's outfit? the one she's wearing in the update, and the one from the familypicture).
    Which posebox did you use for Adam and Athena? I have several in game at the moment, but I never seem to find the great poses you use.

    I'm sorry again for the questions.

  10. Sari, Sophie really does love Noah and Emma, but they are as annoying as most little siblings are at that age. Especially Emma.

    Jack treats Sophie a lot better than he treated Julia. He wasn't into Julia but it wasn't really much of an excuse. He should have broken it off earlier than he did.

    OMG, can you imagine? Both Tate and Zelda's teenage sons knocking up their girlfriends! Mental breakdowns for sure.

    Tanja, the BC rule does take away an element of control, which not everyone would enjoy. I probably wouldn't like it myself but I can never be too annoyed when my Sims get pregnant. I really love babies!

    Ha, yes, Sophie definitely took advantage of the lack of adult supervision! But Adam, Athena, Wade and Amelia weren't really away. I think it would be kind of cool if Community Lot Time worked that way but it doesn't. So I just kept them out of shot when they were supposed to be on vacation. Athena kept wandering into the picture of Emma with her friends so it was annoying at times!

    I don't mind WCIFs, as long as they're polite, which yours always are. ;)

    The dining room chairs come from Holy Simoly but I have no idea where I got that pattern. :\ It doesn't seem to be at Holy Simoly but it's possible that it's just not pictured.

    The outfit Sophie is wearing in the update comes from Ros's Sims 2.

    In the family picture, Sophie's skirt/leggings comes from here: That's a default replacement but there's a link to the non-defaults in the same post.

    Adam and Athena's pose is from Tuomas's Modeling Box - there's a link to that one in the big list at GOS (which is linked in my Resources post).

    I'll have to check Sophie's top in game for you and come back.

  11. Damn, the tooltip didn't give me any clues as to where Sophie's top came from. If I ever figure it out, I'll let you know.

  12. Thank you for the links and for trying to find out where the top came from.

    I ask you so much WCIF, that's why I always say sorry. But thank you!

  13. so relieved that she did not get pregnant! Typical teen... asks the boyfriend for assurance, and of course, he's like, no way will you!

    btw, I'm pretty sure the birth control only works for the specific sim. So if jack was abducted... hah, I don't really know. I do know I've read that somewhere, but whether it's true.....

    I love Wade's expression/pose in the first photo, looks like he's nudging something, and thinks he's darn right clever.

  14. Maisie, LOL, yeah, exactly! I can just imagine Jack saying that. Teens!

    That's what I was wondering but according to the ACR notes, BC works to stop Sims from getting pregnant and from impregnating other Sims but there is a failure rate. That seems to hold true for my game. Finn is on BC and Victoria isn't and if anyone was going to have another oops baby, it'd be them! I think Charlie and Camilla were unlucky and it worked the way it should for Jack and Sophie, rather than them being lucky.

    I still love Wade in that picture!

  15. Since you read it in the acr notes, then I'm guessing it's true, and what I read was just a person rambling. lol. <-- wouldn't be the first time. ;)

    I'm going to have to use it on my male sims more, I used to, but stopped after reading that, thinking, what's the point.

  16. Yeah, it's been working pretty well for me so far. I have a ton of couples where only the guy is allowed to use the BC and his slobby partner still hasn't got pregnant! Charlie and Camilla have been the lone failure (in the new ACR version with the fixed BC, at least).

  17. Sophie is such a cutie. I've always liked her nose. I'm glad she didn't end up pregnant. I'm surprised she went ahead and had sex with all that running through her mind. That would have been crazy if both the Benton boys got girls knocked up LOL.

    LOL Emma was too cute thinking she could skip school while her parents were away.

    And yes, I love Wade's expression in the first pic. I've always loved Wade, though :).

  18. Dani, Sophie shares her nose with just about everyone on the Gottlieb side of the family, including Emma and Noah. It's more prevalent than the Kirby nose! Sophie is the only one of the three who looks at all like Amelia though. Emma and Noah are little Wade clones (who is an Adam clone, who is a Petra clone!)

    As for having sex even with all the worries, I'd say her hormones were working over time. She had the want to make out and woohoo with Jack, the woohoo want rolled away when she made out with him and then it came back a little later. So that's just how I interpreted some game play stuff.

    I love Wade more since I gave him a beard. Because I'm shallow and my Sims' outward appearances affect how much I like them, lol!

  19. LOL @ Wade! Yes, glasses indeed! :)

    Oh *sigh* Sophie and Jack... I feel terrible for Sophie since I'm rooting for Jack and Audrey, lol! Really though, I suppose I'll give my blessing on whatever plays out. I just hope he doesn't pull a Charlie and get one of them knocked up before he can decide, lol!

    Poor Charlie, he's never gonna live this one down! LMAO! :D

    Oh wow, 11 college kids!!! I've never had that many before, even counting semi-playables. I think I'd pull my hair out!!! :o

  20. Laura, I didn't realise so many people were rooting for Jack and Audrey! I'm actually still hoping for that myself, but I have to see what they do autonomously, or what they start rolling wants for.

    LOL, poor Charlie! He was actually on BC (as Jack was here), so he was spectacularly unlucky when Camilla got pregnant!

    Oh, really? I think the most college kids I've had has been 12 - in the Finn and Victoria era, if I'm not mistaken. It wasn't too bad, because they were split over three households anyway.