Wednesday, 20 October 2010

You say it's your birthday, June 2029

When Cordy Lane felt the baby coming, she was all alone in the brand new family home. Eliot was at work and all three boys were at school.

Cordy managed to get herself to the hospital, where Eliot was called. In the meantime, Cordy had Dr. Sitko for support, as well the on-duty nurse.

As wonderful as the medical staff were, Cordy was still relieved when Eliot made it to the hospital in time.

Some hours later, Charlotte Tabitha Lane was born and her parents love her already!

  • A girl, after three boys! I still want my all-boy or all-girl family of six but I'm kind of happy Cordy had a girl anyway. I'm hoping she looks like Eliot, but we'll see next June.
  • Skin tone is no surprise but Charlotte has brown hair from Eliot and light blue eyes (if I'm reading SimPE correctly, because I haven't done the SimDNA readout for Charlotte yet), which I guess come from Cordy's mother Debbie.
  • Just a bit of info for Apple Valley, but also for anyone who might have run into the same problem: in my last birthdays post, AV asked how I was able to have my Sims interact with babies on community lots, seeing when she tries it, the only option is "Greet". I really didn't know but the other night, I remembered the interactwogreet hack by Pescado. I am 99% sure that this hack is what you need.


  1. Awe, yay for a girl! I'm sure she'll be really sweet.

    I like her name too. Tabitha is really a sweet name that you never hear. Possibly because of Bewitched, but I like it!

  2. Maisie, I hope so! Eliot and Cordy's kids are mostly meanies, lol, although they are all very cute!

    Tabitha isn't used much here either, probably due to the Bewitched factor. Funny how a 45-year-old TV show can still have such an impact! But it's gaining popularity with the hipster crowd, so there are a few young Tabithas wandering around Sydney.

    Charlottes, on the other hand, are a dime a dozen!

  3. Welcome Charlotte! I'm glad Eliot made it there for the birth.

    Sidenote: Where is that sink from in the first picture? Please don't say the Kitchen/Bath stuff pack, lol

  4. Aw a girl ... I know you really wanted a boy to have your first all-boy family, but I'm happy it's a girl :)

    The name is kind of funny, I love it though, but I had a family have their 2nd child yesterday, and I really wanted it to be a girl, and her name would have been Charlotte, but my game gave me a boy :)

    Anyway welcome to this newest addition!

  5. That last pic of the parents holding their daughter is so precious! Congrats and welcome to the world Charlotte!

  6. I love Eliot in his uniform! And I'm glad he made it to the hospital in time. I'm really considering using my hospital for some pics with my next birth (which should be Taesha I think). As an only girl who has three brothers I can appreciate what young Charlotte is in for as she grows up!

  7. Thanks for reading, everyone!

    HeredonCove, no, it's not from the stuff pack, lol! It's actually by buggybooz at MTS.

    But you should consider the K&B pack anyway. It's really cheap now and there's a lot of nice stuff in it.

    Tanja, I'm kind of happy it's a girl too. Asha and Luc gave me a boy, at least.

    How funny! Charlotte would have been Michael if she was a boy. I'll save that name for someone else now!

    gallowaytownship, oh, thank you. That one took a long time and in the end, I had to change the angle because it wasn't working.

    Mizzgin03, lol, who wouldn't? I'm all about the military uniforms in this game! Nick's going to get married in his.

    Charlotte will have three tormentors/protectors, I'm guessing!

  8. Aww, a girl. I was totally keeping my fingers crossed for it being a boy. But you can't have everything, right?
    At least it will be a very happy little girl, whith three older brothers looking after her.

  9. Karolin, well, I hope so! The Lanes are a pretty nice little family, despite the dearth of nice points!

    You can keep your fingers crossed that Charlotte turns out looking like Eliot instead. I'm dying to have a girl with Eliot's looks!

  10. Yay, congrats on the baby girl, too bad you didn't get all boys like you wanted.

    FYI-that hack is 100% what I needed. Tested it out to my great pleasure and happy dancing with the cat.

  11. Apple Valley, oh, good! I'm glad it worked for you. :D

  12. I know you were hoping for a boy but I'm glad to hear you're happy with the girl. It's kind of cool when you think about it, she'll have three older brothers looking after her when she grows up :)

    I love the name Tabitha! I like so many english names but if I ever had kids I guess I'd have to settle for names that suit my finnish last name.

  13. Sari, yeah, I've made my peace with them having a girl. I would have been more annoyed by Luc and Asha having a girl, seeing they've already got one.

    Well, I guess it's a good thing you've got the Sims - you can use all the English names you might not get to use in real life!

  14. Yay a girl! The name is sweet and I'm hoping she will be too. Like I said, somewhere, she has her own personal bodyguards so she'll be spoiled in that sense LOL.

    Yea, I don't hear the name Tabitha much either. I actually don't hear Charlotte that much either. I work at a college and all the names I'm seeing now are Brittney's spelled 100 ways, Caitlyn/Kaitlyn spelled 100 ways and a bunch of "creative" names. And lots of uni-sex names. LOTS! When I was growing up (geez, I sound like I'm 80 lol), I never knew girls named Ryan or Kyle and it's so common now.

    I hope you get your all boy/girl family eventually!

  15. Danielle, yes, if nothing else, Charlotte will be well-protected!

    Working at a college, you probably see all the trendy names from about 20 years ago. I'm a bit behind on trendy names myself, because it takes about 5 years before they start showing up in kindergarten. Charlotte has reached saturation levels here. There is at least one in every grade right now and it's the number 1 girls' name in my state.

    I think it'll have to be one of my soon to be married couples who will give me my four boys/girls. Maybe Nick and Sarah? I think they both want a ton of kids.