Saturday, 2 October 2010

Summertime blues

Round 29: January 2029 (Summer)
Narrated by Josh Royce-Nihill

Primary school is so much easier than high school. Jessica gets straight As without even trying.

I used to be able to do that too. Lately though, my grades have slipped from As to Cs. Mum is "very concerned".

I wanted to head off the nagging, so I promised I'd try to do better.

She wasn't convinced though, so she got Dad on my back as well. That was really fun.

I'm worried about my grades too; I do want to go to college one day so I can become a journalist. But I'm so sick of hearing about it every day from both my parents.

Grandma is worried too. She's trying to help me with my homework but school has changed a lot since she went. I don't know how much she's really helping.

Dad started taking me out every morning to play basketball. He said I was getting lazy and it was spreading to my brain.

I kind of rolled my eyes at that but I like basketball so I went out with him anyway. If nothing else, it was fun.

My grades aren't all the way back up yet but I'm now getting high Cs, as opposed to low Cs, so they're improving. Maybe Dad's basketball theory worked or maybe Grandma helped more than I thought she did.

Grandma has been living with us the past couple of years and I guess it's permanent.

Mum can't cook at all, so now that Grandma's around, we can get decent food even when Dad is at the restaurant.

Dad works some pretty late nights sometimes.

Mum doesn't love it but Dad loves running the restaurant, so she never says too much.

I just hope he never asks me to take over! It's way too much work. But even Dad says it's not something you should do unless you've got a passion for it. I definitely don't have that.

I think he's got designs on training up Jessica anyway. He pretends he doesn't but he takes her down there as often as he can. But she loves it.

If Dad doesn't offer to take her down himself, she begs and begs until he takes her.

She's a weird kid but she's really interested in cooking and that kind of thing.

I think she'd try to cook at home if Grandma would let her.

Grandma and Jessica go out and do other things together instead. They go out and do something at least once a week.

I'm always invited, but I never go. Jessica sucks at bowling. No challenge.

Plus, I think I'm too old to be hanging out with my grandma in public. I just can't risk someone from school seeing me. Especially not Elspeth. She'd never let me live it down.

I was optimistic when Elspeth broke up with Connor, thinking it might finally be my chance. I've liked her for so long and she's always turned me down.

Nothing has changed there though. She's still intent on being "just friends".

I don't know what's wrong with her. We hang out all the time already. Things would be better if we were dating, not worse.

Sometimes I think I kind of Lila as well. We get along okay and well, she's kind of hot too.

But she's kind of crazy as well. She'll be fine one minute and then furious the next, over the most insignificant comment.

And she brags about herself all the time. She's the best at soccer, she's way smarter than everyone else at school, blah blah blah. Who wants to hear that all the time?

Outtakes (a ton of them!):
So do your Sims lie down when hanging out? It seems like mine used to do it all the time but I haven't seen it on anyone older than teen in forever. But Asha did it three times.

I don't know if I'd set Max to a facial overlay and forgot to remove it but he was sleeping with his eyes open at one point and it was really creepy.

Some very random Ruby and Zack spam. Ruby is quite keen on Zack but Zack is not particularly fond of Ruby.

There's a picture theme at N99 right now for favourite families and Laura and Shana have both posted some extended family portraits. It inspired me to do some for my own families. I can see this getting addictive, but I haven't tried it on any of my huge families yet! That's not going to be quite as fun. ;)

Also? Kids bowling is the cutest thing ever! I've never done it before but I will have to include them more often (and also build a non-fugly bowling alley but that's off-topic).

This is animated so cutely. You could really see her struggling to pick up the bowling ball.

Bowling balls are pretty heavy for skinny little 9 year-olds, after all.

I totally love Jessica's technique!

It's not successful, but that's pure enthusiasm right there!

Aw, maybe next time, Jessica!

  • Title is from Summertime Blues by the Who.
  • I'm always far too pleased with myself when I manage to fit everyone in the family into my updates, especially with teens. It's tempting to get caught up in all their drama sometimes, to the neglect of everybody else!
  • I was really surprised when Josh's grades dropped! He has been getting As all this time and now Cs. I think getting some more body skill points playing basketball with Max might have helped. Josh is a Sports Sim, so I have a feeling body points might be what he needs to raise his grades.
  • Josh is still rolling a ton of wants for Elspeth. The boy is obsessed! Lila is quite keen on Josh though, so I guess we have yet another love triangle in Sullivan. I'll have to watch what happens when I play the Sitko family this round. Or the high school, which is coming up sooner.


  1. Awww Jessica is too cute! That pic of her with the big smile at the restaurant is adorable and so is her begging to go back. And wow, look at Elspeth looking more mature! I like her new hair. Too bad for Josh that she doesn't want to be more than friends. But there are more girls out there Josh! Open your eyes buddy! Maybe he'll get over her when they start college... and then watch her want to me more than friends then LOL.

    That's very creepy seeing Max sleep with his eyes open. And aww, I just want to hug Ruby after seeing her be rejected by Jack lol. Love the extended family pic. I have to check out that thread at N99. Been so busy the past week that I haven't had time to read much.

  2. Poor Josh, I was really hoping he would have a chance with Elspeth now, but it just isn't meant to be I guess, she really doesn't think of him that way...But, I said it before, he really should be looking around more, there are so many cute girls in Sullivan, he shouldn't put his hopes on 1!
    I hope he gets his grades up so he can follow his dream of becomming a journalist.
    Jessica is way too cute!! She seems such a happy child too, smiling on almost every picture.
    I think she's adorable! The way she's interested in her dad's business, and begs him to take her with him, her outing with her grandma, ...

    I've seen my sims lie down when hanging out, but now you've mentioned it I never payed any attention if every one does it or just the teens.

    And Ruby really is the cutest with that dog!!!

    I like the familypicture, but since householdpictures are already a huge taks for me, I don't think I'm going to try it just yet, on the other hand, I can already think of some families of who I would love to take an extended familypicture!

  3. I was kind of hoping that Josh and Elspeth would get together now but on the other hand I understand her point of view. If they started dating and it didn't work then their friendship would be over too.

    Those pictures of Jessica bowling are super-cute! I've never taking my kids bowling. That requires a bowling alley which Wellington doesn't have.

    I love the portrait of the extended family :)

  4. Ha ha ha... Your getting lazy and it's spreading to your brain. lol That's a priceless dad right there!
    Those two girls are adorable, and it looks like Kit is a big help around the house with her cooking and helping with homework.

  5. Josh has a lot of things going on. School and girl troubles, yikes. I think Elspeth is wise keeping him at bay, who knows what may happen to their friendship in the future.

  6. Thanks for reading, everyone!

    Danielle, Jessica's going to be one of those kids I'm sad to age up. I have one more round of adorability.

    Elspeth got her 15 year-old makeover. ;) I always mean to do it for the boys as well but I can never really think of anything to make them look much more mature! I'm hoping Josh and Lila might hook up for a little while. We'll see what Elspeth thinks of that. ;)

    The thread at N99 is fun. I'm having to restrain myself from going in and posting all over it. ALL my families are my favourites!

    Tanja, well, there's still time. They're only young and who knows what will happen in the future.

    Jessica hasn't got much to worry about so she is pretty happy. She's even got her future career mapped out at the age of 9!

    Funnily enough, I was playing the Carmody household last night, had Sarah and Nick hanging out and she laid down! She stayed that way for the whole conversation too. I guess she was feeling lazy. ;)

    Sari, yes, Elspeth has a good point. Nothing ventured, nothing gained though. That would be Josh's philosophy.

    I don't do a whole lot of bowling with my Sims either just because I hate my bowling alley so much. I'm going to have to build my own one of these days.

    gallowaytownship, definitely a dad kind of thing but hey, Max was right!

    Kit's getting free room and board, so she's making herself useful. It's handy to have a non-working grandparent around.

    Apple Valley, ah, the life of a 15 year-old, eh? So much drama! I think Josh probably has a bit more drama in store, so he might want to get used to it.

  7. Awww, Elspeth is just getting prettier and prettier... and more and more of a heartbreaker, lol! OMG, LMAO @ Lila! Maybe if she tones it down a bit?

    Oh, wow, I haven't seen a Sim lay down in hanging out in forever! I'd almost forgotten they could do it!

    Jessica is too cute with that bowling ball!

    That's a great whole family picture! Love it! I can't wait to do more of those.

  8. Laura, I know! I think it must be getting more painful for Josh, because Elspeth really is getting prettier. Lila is still super-keen. I was just playing the high school the other day!

    Do you know that as soon as I mentioned this here, my Sims started laying down while hanging out all the time? It's so weird! Asha did it here, Sarah did it in the next update and Josh did it during the high school session.

    I think I'm going to do more of those family pictures today. :D So fun!

  9. Jessic54a is SO CUTE. Love her bowling technique.

    The extended family portrait is very cute!

    And Elspeth is really pretty, especially with her hair down.

  10. Lunar, I love Jessica. She was such a cutie as a toddler that I was sad to age her up. Now I'm going to be sad to age her to teen!

    I never realised it until I changed her hair but Elspeth looks a lot like Ione. I don't know why the hair did it, because Ione's never worn her hair that way. But if you ignore the larger gap that Elspeth has between her nose and mouth (because I did surgery on that for Ione when she was a toddler), they look so similar. And both really pretty.