Thursday, 30 September 2010


Round 29: January 2029 (Summer)
Troy Clarke and Nick Moretti are both 26.
Caleb is 47, Josie is 27 and Sarah is 24)

Narrated by Nick Moretti

Troy somehow managed to get a promotion at work. The position was really supposed to go to someone who had basic knowledge about fixing computers, which Troy doesn't have.

But he was on the phone with his boss for a little while and when he got off, he'd been promoted!

I think I'll keep working my way up the traditional way but I have to admit, I was pretty impressed!

Because Troy and Josie both have a little more money coming in now, they've decided to bring their wedding forward a little.

They're still not getting married until February next year but Josie's already dragging him around looking at flowers.

I think he's already over it. He doesn't really care about flowers.

He's not really interested in cake either, unless he can eat it. He just wants to get married and doesn't particularly care how they get there.

He's pretty invested in choosing the honeymoon destination though and he's trying to convince Josie that camping in Three Lakes is the way to go.

Josie is really not into the idea. She wants to go to Takemizu Village, which Troy thinks sounds completely boring.

I ran into some money myself a little while ago, though it wasn't from something great like a promotion. When my grandma died, she left me a couple of thousand dollars in her will.

I decided to spend it on an engagement ring for Sarah.

Grandma died before I got to introduce her to Sarah, which made her death sadder for me. But I think she would have really liked her, so I like to think she'd be pleased.

I guess, compared to most couples I know, Sarah and I haven't really been dating that long. We've been together almost two years and my friends have all been with their partners since college.

But it feels like we've been together longer than that. It feels right and I just don't see the point in waiting. I already know Sarah is perfect for me.

I almost asked her when we went out to dinner last week but I sort of chickened out. I'm pretty sure Sarah will say yes but I'm not quite confident enough to propose in front of so many people.

So I decided to propose at home instead. I told Troy what I was planning and he made himself scarce and took Josie out for the night.

I asked Dad to come over and help me with dinner. I'm actually okay in the kitchen but I just wanted to make sure I did everything right and Dad's obviously much better than me.

I ended up doing most of the more involved stuff on my own though. Dad just made the salad.

We finished about 10 minutes before Sarah was due to arrive so Dad just wished me luck and got out of there.

I was still nervous but not as nervous as I thought I'd be. I was excited-nervous, not about-to-throw-up-nervous.

I've never made dinner for Sarah before, so I wondered if she had an inkling what was going on.

If she did, she didn't let on. She was acting totally normal.

I was hoping to surprise her, so I was glad she didn't seem to know what was coming.

Sarah was definitely surprised!

She was so excited that it looked pretty likely she was going to say yes, but it was still torture waiting for her to actually say the word!

She did put me out of my misery, eventually!

And soon, we were toasting our engagement. We're both so happy!

We called our parents to tell them the good news and we got positive reactions all around! I think Dad was the happiest- I think he feels like he helped a little.

And after we got that over with, we went upstairs. Troy stayed at Josie's place so we had the whole place to ourselves all night.

We won't be getting married until next year but we're talking about it. The guest list is already looking kind of insane and that's just on my side!

None of our parents have suitable houses to host a wedding, and we can't have it here, so we'll probably need to lock in a venue as soon as we decide on a date.

There's so much to plan with the wedding but we're both more excited about what will come after that - setting up a home together and then hopefully starting a family.

  • Title is from Luna by the Smashing Pumpkins.
  • Sarah rolled the marriage want really early. Maybe on their first date! Nick took a little longer and he didn't roll it until this round. Lately, most of my Sims have been waiting to get married till they're much older than Sarah and Nick. But this seems right for Nick and Sarah. They've both had the baby want for a while too, so they're keen to start a family. I haven't set a date for them yet but it will definitely be this round.
  • The champagne Nick and Sarah are toasting with was a gift from Josie! It was so funny; Nick had just proposed and I got a pop-up with Josie leaving a toasting set for Troy as a gift for one of their dates. The timing was impeccable, especially seeing I have never had a Sim leave that as a gift before!
  • Nick keeps rolling the want to buy a vacation home, which seems bizarre for a Knowledge/Family Sim. I guess he wants to take Sarah on a nice honeymoon.
  • Troy at the florist and the wedding centre was fun for me. I used Jaydee's OFB box, which has a a few options under "customer" if you want your Sim to look bored and fed up, lol! I was hoping he'd do his lazy slouch pose for me of his own accord but I've never seen this guy stand up so straight in his life!
  • Josie keeps changing her mind about the honeymoon, because she wanted to go to the beach last round. Maybe I'll roll dice?


  1. I'm hopping up and down on my chair right now!! Nick and Sarah getting married! I'm so excited about this! And I'm so happy that you desided it would definitely be this round, because I don't think I could stand another round of waiting :)

    Lol at Troy and weddingshopping! His expresions are just priceless!!

  2. Yay, I'm so happy for Sarah and Nick! It's great that you're doing the wedding this round so we don't have to wait long.

    I love those pics of Josie and Troy shopping. He's hilarious! Do you have a wedding themed shop in your hood?

  3. Wow, so exciting. Both of the boys getting married!!!! I can't wait to see both weddings and their new homes. I could see Sarah and Nick getting married outside. Wow, sooo excited. Even if Sarah did steal my pixelated boyfriend :)

  4. I'm so happy that Nick is finally happy! I can't wait to see their wedding and the little Nicks they'll have :).....It's eerie how things work out in the game sometimes isn't it?

  5. The pictures of Troy being drug around and in the different shops are priceless!
    Congrats to Sarah and Nick! How sweet of his dad to help out like that. What a happy update!

  6. Great update! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Troy's expression/sideways glance at the flower shop! Super funny, and kinda hot! lol

    Ah I'm so excited to see both couples weddings, and good timing, now they won't be living alone too long in their place.

    I really like Caleb, he's just too darn adorable.

  7. LOL! Poor Troy. I think Josie would do better to just plan everything herself and then tell him when and where to show up. ;)

    Nick and Sarah, yay!! I'm so glad they're getting married this round. We need some Nick-babies soon!

  8. Thanks for your comments, all. :)

    Tanja, I'm glad you're so excited. I'm actually pretty excited myself. Having the wedding this round is as much for me as for you guys.

    I'm only just getting into Jaydee's boxes because there are so many options that I find them a bit exhausting. But there are some good animations in those!

    Sari, I don't want to wait too long either! I'm planning the wedding in my head already.

    I do have a wedding themed shop. I downloaded it as is from Sims Connection quite a while ago. Inspired by Maisie, I have men banned from it so Troy was literally the only man on the whole lot!

    Apple Valley, I was so excited when Nick rolled the marriage want. I was a bit disappointed that he didn't roll it last round but I guess he was just making sure.

    LOL, Sarah promises to be good to him. ;)

    Mizzgin03, that's one reason I had Nick and Sarah get engaged only one round after starting to date, as I usually don't do that. I think both of them would want to grab onto this. They've both had their hearts broken at least once, Sarah's Family and Nick's secondary is Family, so I don't think they'd want to date too long.

    gallowaytownship, I can imagine a few guys being patient and sweet while their fiancee drags them around looking at flowers (like Nick, lol) but Troy is not one of them!

    Nick is very close to both of his parents and although he went through his sullen teen phase, like most of us did, he talks to them about everything now. So I can see him asking for his dad's help with this.

    Maisie, I didn't know the slacker thing did it for you, lol! I love Troy.

    Yes, timing wise, this works out pretty well for me too. I don't like playing Sims living alone. That's why I moved Kit in with Zaria. I'd move Linnea in with Luc or Cordy if I thought she or her kids would be at all accepting of that. But it's not realistic.

    I love Caleb too. He's a sweetheart. I wonder how he feels about probably becoming such a young grandfather! I guess this is what happens you have kids so young yourself. ;)

    Shana, LOL, I was actually just saying something similar to Laura at N99. I don't think Troy will be involved in too much more wedding planning! Josie will just get him his tux and then all he has to do is show up. Her mother and bridesmaids will be more helpful and less whiny. ;)

    We so need some Nick babies! They both have the baby want, so I'll probably take Sarah off birth control once they get married and let them go for it. Nick will be so excited...he's wanted a baby since Adrienne got pregnant.

  9. LOL I'll have to find that OFB box. His poses were perfect for him. Who cares what the cake looks like, lets just eat it! Yay for Nick and Sarah! So happy for those 2 and can't wait for the wedding! 2 weddings soon, yay! Too sweet that Caleb helped Nick out with the dinner. I know he was sitting by the phone all night waiting to hear her answer. LOL @ "little Nicks" Mizzgin.

  10. ROFL I loved his favces at teh store. WEdding planning can be a pain for all involved. LOL

    And I'm so excited, there's going to be two weddings! YAY Can't wait!

  11. Danielle, yes, definitely get all the Jaydee boxes! I'm only just discovering their usefulness. I was doing some heavy duty posing with the Carmody update I was shooting last night and I used at least a couple of them.

    Gotta say, I'm with you and Troy on the cake, as long as we're not talking about that fruit cake stuff they tend to use here! LOL.

    Yes, two weddings this round! I've scheduled Sarah and Nick's but they haven't scheduled it yet, so it's not up on the play schedule.

    And I imagined Caleb doing the same thing. He probably told Abigail too, so she was likely doing the same!

    Riverdale, oh, so true! I've never planned my own wedding but I was a bridesmaid for someone who could probably be termed a "bridezilla"!

    I'm excited about the weddings too. I think I'm going to pick all the clothing out tonight!

  12. OMG LOL @ Troy! I think I said this over at N99, but this would be why she's supposed to have her girlfriends help out with the wedding plans ;)

    Awww, I love the way Nick proposed, very private and simple! Yay for the happy couple! And yay that Nick is finally getting married! This has been a long time coming! (For him, I mean, lol!) :)

  13. Laura, yeah, I think Troy will be left out of everything from now on and it'll be just fine by him! I remember being a bridesmaid and we always got less done when the groom was around (but it was also more fun when the groom was around, lol - he wasn't taking everything so seriously).

    LOL, Nick probably feels like it's been a long time coming, even though he's only 26! He's very keen, our Nick!

  14. Aw! Weddings to look forward to. I still can't seem to wrap my head around Sarah and Nick though. Odd!

    And Troy and Josie at the shop were too cute, lol.

  15. Lunar, ha, I don't think Josie thought Troy was being cute!

    I actually had a tough time with Sarah and Nick, when they started rolling wants for each other. I did not want them together. She's been rolling wants for him since freshman year of college and I was kind of annoyed when she tried to ACR him into bed. At that stage, I was planning on keeping him together with Maia but it became clear that they wouldn't work. So I had to let go and then I totally fell in love with them together.