Tuesday, 28 September 2010

You say it's your birthday, January 2029

Cordy is now 4 months along with her and Eliot's fourth child! Eliot is really making sure to enjoy this time because Cordy has made it clear that this will definitely be their last baby!

Eliot and Cordy's twin boys are celebrating their fourth birthdays! Matthew is really looking forward to starting pre-school.

His brother Simon is pretty excited too. The family has pre-school, a new baby and a new house in store, all in the next six months.

Anthony Moretti will begin high school this year and has decided his life's goal is to become a professional party guest, an aspiration unlikely to impress his mother.
Twin sister Veronica has a more respectable career in mind - she'd one day like to work in education.

This year, Hope Collins is joining her boyfriend Malcolm at Suffolk University. She's already settled on a major and will be studying biology.

Best friend Julia Gray will be living with Hope at Novak Hall but unlike Hope, she hasn't decided what to major in yet.

Adrienne Novak has walked out of Moretti Hall for the last time and now holds a degree in Art.

Her parents Naomi and Owen (and her slobby brother Malcolm) were there to congratulate her on graduating cum laude.

Adrienne has scored a job as a designer's assistant at the same fashion house her mother works for. She is living in Exeter with her cousin Ethan and best friend Matilda.

  • Yay, my first post with months! Just keep in mind that I'm in the southern hemisphere, so January is summer for me, and for my Sims.
  • Cordy is, thankfully, only expecting one baby, so it'll only be four for this family and not five! I think Matthew and Simon turned out very cute though kind of different to what I was expecting.
  • Anthony and Veronica surprised me too. I can see much more of Cara in them now that they're older, especially in Anthony. I previously thought he was a clone of Caleb but he's definitely not.
  • I've decided that I won't do profiles for my playable NPCs going away to college unless they end up hooking up with one of my playables permanently. One less profile for me to keep updated! I'll add a separate entry for Julia in the playable NPCs post, once I get a new Gray family portrait done.
  • Adrienne, Matilda and Ethan are living in Sawyer Lofts. I've turned the coffee shop into a pool hall, because apartments run really slowly for me if I try to combine them with shops. :( But I'm kind of in love with the pool hall. You'll likely see a bit of it, because Adrienne and Matilda are both Games Sims.
  • This was pretty short compared to some of my other birthdays posts but next January will be a much bigger one. ;)


  1. Oh, I'm so jealous of you switching to months, lol! So you'll be doing birthdays every month? Have you determined a birth month for all your sims or how is it going to work?

    The Lane twins are really adorable and the Moretti twins are cute. I didn't except Veronica to be so beautiful but I think she looks stunning.

  2. It's really strange to have summer in januari, but I think you think the same about august being summer :)
    I'm hoping to switch to months next round, but I'm still working on the birthday-posts.

    Matthew and Timothy look more like they are twins then Matthew and Simon. But I find that the game does that more, the 2 oldest always look like eachter, and the 3rd one always looks little bit different, I have the same with my Zang-children.
    WOW! Those Morettikids!!! They both look amazing!
    Do you remember where you got Veronica's hair? And Adrienne's?
    Congratulations to Adrienne by the way!
    Hope and Julia are looking great as well.

  3. I will likely be eternally confused with southern hemisphere seasons. I get the concept, I just don't think that way easily.

    Hope is adorable and yay on Adrienne.

    All the twins are looking good really. And I like that Cordy is four months! I was wondering how you were going to do that. I'm definetly liking the birth months better. Pregnancies at the trimester were always a big drawback to me on monthly birthdays. But you've done it great.

  4. Thanks for your comments, guys. :)

    Sari, oh, no, not every month! Most birthdays (those aging up to child and older) will continue to happen at the beginning of each year. If you check out the play schedule, I've listed what's happening in each birthday post, so you might get a better idea of how I'm doing it. :)

    I won't say Veronica is an ugly duckling because I think she was pretty before but I wasn't expecting her to turn out that pretty. She was a surprise!

    Tanja, actually, because of American movies and TV, I find it totally normal to heart about January and August as being summer! I don't even blink, lol!

    I hadn't noticed but yes, you're right - Matthew and Timothy look much more alike than Matthew and Simon. Part of it is the blonde hair but Simon has more Novak features than his brothers do, so there's that too.

    Adrienne's hair is by Nouk. I don't remember where I got it from but she has all her old stuff up on http://www.noukiesims2.net

    Veronica's hair is from

    Maisie, I might add the season in parentheses when I get around to doing the updates, just because so many of you are in the northern hemisphere. :)

    LOL, first entry in and I already love doing this by months! I'm going to do the pregnancy updates at 4 months, 7 months and then the birth. Then the babies will turn 1 one year after their birth. I've had to fudge the months a bit with Asha and Cordy because they got pregnant last round when I wasn't using months yet. It'll be a lot easier for Sims who get pregnant from now on. And I'm expecting at least a few Sims to get pregnant this round ;)

  5. Duh, Tanja, forgot to actually give you the info about Veronica's hair! The tool tip says it's an XM Sims mesh and the recolours are by Cavilez, who I believe is at GOS (but there should be a link to that creator in my hair post - I seem to remember tracking that one down!)

  6. Grrr, blogger et'd my comment :(

    I'm glad Adrienne graduated and is ready to start her post-grad life, I can't wait to see her working. I do hope that Cordy is carrying only one baby. I had a pregnant sim and ACR kept saying 1 baby, but then they had triplets-thanks to my new hack :o

  7. Oh yes, I like how you're doing the birthdays. They weren't listed like that when I checked out your play schedule but it all makes sense now :)

  8. Apple Valley, I'm actually really excited to play Adrienne too! I just realised there's no room in her loft for a sewing machine, so she's going to have to go over and user her mum's though. ;)

    Are you talking about TwoJeffs' Triplets and Quads hack? Do you know there's a non-random version of that? With the version I have, you can choose to have the original amount of babies, let the hack decide or you can choose how many you want. No surprise triplets here! Unless I hit random.

    Sari, good! Glad it makes sense to you now.

  9. Aww, Matthew and Simon are looking cute. Lots of changes in store for them. Anthony turned out to be a little cutie and Veronica looks great! I feel bad for her future students LOL. She's not going to let them get away with anything. Hope and Julia look great and I really love the hair you chose for Julia. Hopefully she won't be as psycho in college. And congrats to Adrienne for graduating with great grades.

    Can't wait to see Sawyer Lofts in action :)

  10. Danielle, I'm so happy with how Anthony and Veronica turned out, because they both got some of Cara in them. I like a good mix of genes and there are plenty of Moretti genes already in this town!

    LOL, the funny thing about Julia and her stalking is that she still has the fear of Jack's death. So she's crazy but she's not Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, at least! I think her hair is perfect for her though. I wanted to change Hope's as well but nothing looked right. So she's keeping that for now.

  11. Stalker Julia grew up really pretty, lol! And the Moretti twins are gorgeous too!

    Oh yes, I'm also eternally grateful that you're putting the season in parenthesis! I'd be lost, lol!

  12. Laura, maybe Stalker Julia can find a boy besides Jack to focus her attention on now! Having played (and actually, just released) the high school update, I can tell you that Veronica is sure not having much trouble in that arena.

    Ha, you're welcome! I hope I keep remembering to do it - so far so good!